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Pork & Shrimp Spring Rolls$7.50Rice noodles, bean sprouts, mints
Shredded Pork Spring Rolls$8.50Lettuce, mints
Chinese Sausage & Eggs Spring Rolls$8.50Peanuts, jicama carrots
Egg Rolls (4)$9.50Deep fried pork rolls
Crispy Shrimp Cupcakes$9.50Coconut milk flour, ground shrimp
Chim Cut Ntt6"ng- Roasted quail$11.50Vietnamese coriander
Crispy Shrimp Wraps$9.50
Mixed Salads
Green Papaya Salad$12.50Shredded young pupa yo, smoked beef, cut basil
Lotus Roots Salad$13.50Shrimp, lean pork, mints
Jelly Fish Salad$13.50Shrimp, lean pork, pickled daikon, celey
Thai - Beef or Seafood Thai Salad$13.50 - $15.50Chilies, lemongrass
Beef Chanh - Lemon Cured Beef or Shrimp Salad$13.50 - $15.50Green papaya, carrots, onions
Deboned Chicken Claws Salad$14.50Jellyfish, Vietnamese corianders
Ca Ahi Tuna Song$18.50Red snapper or a hi tuna salad, lemon cured, banana blossom, celery
Catfish or shimp tamarind based$16.50Taro stem, rice paddy herbs - sen bass $8.00
Vung Tau Signature Catfish$16.50Celery, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lemongrass
Thai Style Soups Shrimp or Seafood$15.50 - $18.50Lemongrass, straw mushroom, tomatoes
Sea Bass or Striped Bass$24.50Cilantro, onions, tomatoes
Combination Seafood & Vegetables$14.95Shrimp, calamari,fishcakes, bokchoy, napa cabbage, broccoli
Grilled Onion Beef Rolls$17.50
Shaking Beef, Lettuce, Tomatoes$16.50
Stir Fried Beef, Tomatoes, Cucumber. Celery$14.50
Slow Cooked Pork Belly, Whole Egg$16.50
Charbroiled Pork$14.50
Pork ribs Simmered in Fish Sauce & Garlic$14.50
Charbroiled Baby Pork Ribs$16.50
Sauteed Spicy Lemongrass Chicken$15.50
Charbroiled Chicken$15.50
Yellow Madras or Spicy Red Chicken Curry$15.50
Sauteed butter or Curry Lemongrass Frog Legs$14.50
Catfish or sea bass caramelized garlic, fish sauce
Catfish or Sea Bass Caramelized Garlic$15.50 - $21.50Fish sauce
Sea Bass Fried Topped with Thai Sauce$21.50
Sea Bass Steamed$24.50Glass noodles, wood ear mushrooms
Whole Pompano - Deep Fried$16.50 - $22.50Whole pompano or whole striped bass
Steamed Whole Striped Bass$26.50With shitake, ground pork or with thai dressing
Catfish Cutlets$14.95Glazed in tangy thai sauce
Charbroiled Whole Catfish or Striped Bass$35.00Greens, mints, rice paper
Shrimp Curry$16.50Yellow madras or spicy red
Whole Shrimp$18.50Wok tossed with garlic, onions
Jumbo Water Prawns$21.00Simmered in garlic &fish sauce
Tiger Prawns$33.00Wok tossed in our signature tamarind sauce
Fried Calamari$15.50Garlic, onions
Wok Tossed Calamari$15.50Cucumber; celery, tomatoes
Cua Rang Me Tamarind sauce
Garlic Salt Pepper$15.50
Creamy Curry$15.50
Vegetables$10.95Bokchoy & Shitake Mushrooms
Chinese Broccoli$10.95
Long Beans$10.95
Morning Glory$10.95
Sugar Snap Peas$10.95
Mixed vegetables$10.95
Vegetarian Menu
Tofu Spring Rolls$7.50
Deep Fried Vegetable Rolls$9.50
Tofu$8.50Jicama carrots spring rolls
Tofu with Basil$10.50Shredded green papaya salad
Tamarind Vegetable Soup$11.50
Thai Style Soup$11.50
Rice Noodles$10.50Tofu, mushroom, tomatoes, lemongrass
Pan Fried Egg Noodles$11.50Mixed vegetables
Rice$10.50Yellow Madras or spicy red curry
Rice Cooked in Earth Pot$10.50Mushroom, ginger, tofu
Tofu, Pineapples, Tomato Sauce$10.50
Tofu$10.50Chillies, lemongrass, curry
Eggplants$12.50Tofu, basil, sauce
House Made Lemonade$3.95
Sparkling Lemonade$3.95
Sparkling Salted Plums$3.95
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice$4.50
Young Coconut Juice$4.25
Thai Iced Tea$4.25
House Made Soymilk$3.50
Soft Drinks$2.75
Iced Tea$2.50
Vietnamese Iced Coffee$4.50
Jasmine Tea$2.00
Bean Drinks
Sweetened Kidney Beans$4.50Tapioca, coconut milk
Sweetened Mung Beans$4.50Jelly, coconut milk
3 Colored Beans$4.50Tapioca, coconut milk
Combination Beans$4.50Jack fruit, coconut milk
Sweetened Mung Beans$4.50Tapioca, coconut milk

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