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Popp's Casseroles
"you've found the originals"
Dusseldorf$10.99sizzled sausage, bacon, potatoes, onions, gruyere & jack cheese
Sante Fe$10.99sausage, jack cheese, green & red peppers, onions, black olives, sour cream, golden potatoes
Rockbrook$10.99chicken tenderloins, jack cheese, mushrooms, red onions, tomatoes, golden potatoes, herbed ranch dressing
Black Forest$10.99chicken, ham, broccoli, cheeses, golden sliced potatoes, onions, tomatoes, hollandaise
J. Doe's$10.99chicken, canadian bacon, asparagus, jack cheese, golden potatoes, a crepe pirouette, hollandaise.
Denver$10.99ham, american cheese, onions, green & red peppers, golden potatoes
New Hampton$10.99sizzled chicken tenderloins, jack cheese, golden potatoes, onions, hollandaise
The French Connection$10.99shrimp scampi, asparagus jack cheese, golden sliced potatoes, hollandaise
C. Lindberg Casserole$10.99sizzled potatoes, pot roast engravy, gouda & jack cheese, green onions, tomatoes
Omaha$10.99ground beef, american cheese, mushrooms, golden potatoes, onions, tomatoes, pickles
Kansas City$10.99sizzled beef, jack cheese, golden potatoes, onions, mushrooms, tomato
San Francisco$10.99ham broccoli, jack cheese, tomatoes, onions, hollandaise, golden potatoes
Garden City$10.99steamed vegetables, steamed potatoes, jack cheese, onions, heart healthy
Hot Potato Wraps
Ron's Am Wrap$8.99warm eggs, bacon & sausage, cheese mix, warm mashed potatoes.
El Hefe's Wrap Of Fire$8.99let it burn burn burn ....a wrap of fire.....warm mashed potatoes, beefy chili, jalapenos, ranch dressing, cheese.
Pot Roast Wrap$8.99warm meltaway pot roast, warm mashed potatoes, gravy tortilla wrapped.
Honeyfried Chicken Wrap$8.99honeyfried chicken slices, warm mashed potatoes, cheese mix, green onions, tomatoes, ranch drizzle.
J. Appleseed's Wrap$8.99warm ham, eggs, baked apples inside, warm mashed potatoes, cheese mix
"The Swiss Hotel Salad"
"our house signature salad" kitchen tossed "spring greens", romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce & fresh grated gruyere, toasted hazelnuts & crispy bacon tossed in our house creamy herb dressing & topped with tomato concasse
Ron's Honeyfried Chicken Salad$9.99slices of warm honeyfried chicken breast atop a fresh green swiss hotel salad
Ron's Honeyfried Chicken Salad$6.99halfsize honeychicken swiss hotel salad with a muffin
Salmon Swiss Hotel Salad$11.99lox of salmon atop a fresh green swiss hotel salad
The Beefeater Swiss Hotel Salad$10.99sizzled steak tips & tomato concasse atop a fresh green swiss hotel salad
Green Grocer Salads
creamy bleucheese, creamy herb ranch, caesar, peppercorn vinaigrette, french bumbleberry vinaigrette, creamy cucumber, honeymustard, strawberryrhubarb vinaigrette the little side salad menu all $2.99 with butterbun. swiss hotel, little caesar, ritz salad,
Las Hadas Salad De Mexico$10.99a beautiful salad de mexico. magical rows of greens, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives & spiced beef with hot cheese crepedilla triangles. served with sour cream & avocado & special creamcucu
I Wish I Was In Laguna Salad$10.99"karen's favorite" a bowl of greens tossed with 25 little golden coconut shrimps& mandarin oranges & macadamia nuts & rice noodles in andrew's tangy sweet coconut dressing. served with a mu
Raspberry Chicken Tender Salad$10.99raspberry englaced chicken tenderloins top your bowl of greens mixed with cucumbers & feta cheese & roasted red peppers. a james beard fantasy..served with muffin
Salad Winstead$10.99chargrilled chicken breast tops spring & romaine lettuces tossed with artichoke, roasted red peppers, sweet red onions & toasted pine nuts in our house fresh herb itailian vinaigreette. served with a
Oriental Chicken Salad$10.99a grilled marinated chicken breast atop a bed of mixed spring greens tossed with red onions, green peppers, tomatoes & rice noodles. drizzled with a sweet & sour oriental vinaigrette. served with a m
The Ritz Hotel Salad$10.99a mix of greens with slices of chargrilled chicken & french canadian bacon julienne. tossed with sliced red strawberries & almonds & brushed with strawberryrhubarb vinaigrette. "your palate will
The Ritz Hotel Salad$6.99a mix of greens with slices of chargrilled chicken & french canadian bacon julienne. tossed with sliced red strawberries & almonds & brushed with strawberryrhubarb vinaigrette. "your palate will
Chicken Taco Salad$10.99a beautiful crispy taco shell filled with greens & cheese & great taco salad stuff & beefy chili. topped with sizzled golden chicken tenderloins
Brown Derby Cobb Salad$9.99made famous at hollywood's brown derby restaurant. romaine & green leaf lettuces are topped with bacon bits, hard cooked eggs, avocado, spring onions, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, grilled chicken breast
Brown Derby Cobb Salad$6.99made famous at hollywood's brown derby restaurant. romaine & green leaf lettuces are topped with bacon bits, hard cooked eggs, avocado, spring onions, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, grilled chicken breast
Classic Caesar Salad$10.99romaine lettuce with fresh grated parmesean & herb toasted croutons tossed in our house caesar dressing. encircled with red tomatoes & artichokes & hard cooked egg. served with a muffin
Spinach Salad Crillon$10.99a green grocer mix of spinach & romaine. tossed with warm crispy bacon bits & smoked red onions & sweet & sassy italian divinde...encircled with sliced hard boiled eggs & served with a muffin
The Melting Pot
switzerland, germany, italy, austria, france, lichtenstein
French Dip "Viva! Le France!"$10.99sliced roast beef on a roll with briny aujus for dipping. served with krispy krinkle fries
Cheese Frenchee$8.993 crunchy golden cheese stuffed bread triangles served hot & gooey with krispy krinkle fries
Veggie Burger Or Portabello Burger$9.99a meatless burger dressed with lettuce & tomato & red onions & served with krispy krinkle fries
Eiffel Tower Fruit Club$9.99layers & layers of banana bread & creme cheeses with slivered fruits & fresh banana atop. served with a cup of soup & ron's chunky chicken salad
Gourmet Grilled Cheese$9.99a triple decker of marble bread & 5 cheeses. served with extra dill pickles & krinkle fries
Spinach & Tomato Melt$9.99predominately layers of fresh spinach & cheese paired with today's fresh marble bread with a ranch drizzle. grilled & garnished with tomatoes & served with fruit melange
Egg Salad Basil$8.99on ciabatta bread served with seasoned krinkle fries or fruit melange
The Sparetime Melt$9.99slices of roast turkey atop a slice of ciabatta bread. drenched in cheese sauce america & a little swiss hotel salad
Sassy Grilled Pork Tenderloin Filet$9.99slices of grilled pork tenderloin filet served on a cloverwheat bun with krinkle kuts & a cote of bbq
Lausanne Chicken & Cheese Fondue$10.99sizzled chicken chunks served with foccacia bread cubes for dipping in fondue cheese sauce. served with a little swiss hotel salad
Mr. Green Jeans$9.99sizzled asparagus spears & jack cheese with tomato on marble bread with pesto...served with krispy kirnkle fries
Lox Plate "Nosh"$10.99salmon lox & bagel with cream cheese & onion hashbrown potatoes & sliced tomatoes on deviled egg salad
Dad's Braunschweiger Sand.$9.99braunschweiger slices with sliced eggs & red onions on marble bread with a russian sauce & a little swiss hotel salad
Kolache Kombo$8.992 sweetly baked kolaches kombo'd with a bowl of soup & a cote of ron's chunky chicken salad & a bowl of soup dujour....
Popp's Blt America$8.99"american" 5 lean slices of bacon & tomato & iceberg lettuce. served with seasoned krinkle fries
Golden Chicken Finger Dinner$9.995 plump golden chicken fingers served with honeymustard or bbq dip & krinkle fries & cole slaw
Rons' Chicken Salad Plate$9.99the chunky lowa chicken salad recipe a cote' served with ron's large cinnamon roll or pastry dujour&fruit.
Chef's Soup & Half Sand$7.99a large chef bowl of soup & half sand. choose tuna salad or ron's chicken salad or deviled egg salad
A Walk In The Woods$9.99a cheeseychargrilled portabello served foccacied with a garlic aioli drizzle & tomatoes & krinkle fries
The City's Best Fish Sandwich$9.99large golden cod filet with cheese served on a cloverwheatbun with the works. creamy cole slaw & krinkle fries
St. Jude's fish-n-chips$10.99"st. jude...saint of desperate needs" 4 crispy halibut filets. premium white fish. served with cole slaw & krinkle fries
Swiss Steak Sand$9.99a tender baked swiss cutlet engravy served on a bun with red onions & tomato. served with krinkle fries
Cranky Turkey Foccacia$9.99slices of roast turkey breast with cream cheese & cranberries served on foccacia bread with krinkle fries
The Old Country Clubhouse$9.99all the regular trimmings made the "wheatfields way" served with krispy krinkle fries
Twin Pot Roast Butterbuns$9.992 pot roast butterbuns served with krinkle fries & dill pickles
Eggstacy Sand$8.99simply lowa....2 fried hard eggs 2 crispy bacon & cheese & mayo on marble bread served with hashbrowns
Hobo's Sand$4.99fried egg sandwich 2 oh eggs mayo on whole wheat bread with pickles
Ron's Chicken Salad Sand$8.99lowa chunky chicken salad served on house ciabatta bread with seasoned krinkle fries
Marinated Chicken Breast$9.99chargrilled on foccacia with spring greens & roasted garlic aioli served with seasoned krinkle fries
Wheatfield's Reuben$9.99swiss cheese stacked between layers of pumpernickel bread & kraut & sliced corned beef. served with a pommerey thousand island dressing. served with krinkle fries
Omaha's Blackstone Reuben Stack$10.99the original omaha triple decker served with a thousand island drizzle & with krinkle fries
Cheese Monster Burger "Croque Monsieur"$8.99choose any cheese of the house. served with krinkle fries
Monterrey Chicken Melt$9.99chicken breast & ham & jack cheese on sour dough. served with krinkle fries...
The Monster Burger$8.99a half pound hand patted beef burger "a monster size" served with krinkle fries
Krab Melllt$10.99our krab salad recipe on 2 english muffin halves drenched in hot gooey jack cheese. served with fruit melange
Russian Stack$10.99a slice of marble bread & a slice of black rye with sliced turkey breast & ham with swiss cheese & bacon & hard cooked eggs & tomato. "boarded" with a top secret russian sauce & russian has
Zesty Burger$9.99"ask andrew about this one" a half pound monster burger with bbq & cheese & bacon atop with krinkle fries
Albacore Tuna Salad Sand$8.99on ciabatta bread served with fresh fruit melange
Albacore Tunamelt With Krinkle Fries$9.99
Albacore Tunamelt With Cheesesteak$10.99a large crusty bun stuffed with slices of beef & jack cheese, onions, peppers
Meat & Potatoes
Hot Roast Beef Sand$7.99 - $9.99& mashed & gravy "meltaway pot roast"
Hot Roast Turkey Sand$7.99 - $9.99& mashed & gravy "slow roasted turkey breast"

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