Xi'an Cuisine Prices and Locations

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Cold Dishes
Sliced Marinated Beef$6.00
Sliced Marinated Lamb$7.00*
Tofu Skin & Celery In White Vinegar Sauce$2.00
Tofu Noodles In Hot Oil$2.50*
Lotus Root In Ginger Sauce$3.00
Thin Potato Slices In Sour & Spicy Sauce$2.00
Lamb Intestine Soup$5.50
Lamb Soup$7.00with baked bread roll
Beef Hand-Stretched Noodles In Soup$8.00
Lamb Hand-Stretched Noodles In Soup$8.00
Wide Rice Noodles In Black Vinegar & Garlic Sauce (Cold)$5.00
Flat Bread $3
Lamb with cumin powder in flat bread
Pork In Flat Bread add jalapeno peppers / cilantro
Marinated Beef In Flat Bread 
Beverages $1
Canned Soft Drinks 
Bottled Water 

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