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12 Award Winning Soups
Chicken Potpie$4.25Side (8 oz.)
Chicken Potpie$5.35Cup (12 oz.)
Chicken Potpie$6.50Bowl (16 oz.)
Chicken Potpie$10.50Extra Large (32 oz.)
Chicken Potpie$6.50Bread Boule
Corkscrew Chicken$3.95Side (8 oz.)
Corkscrew Chicken$4.95Cup (12 oz.)
Corkscrew Chicken$5.95Bowl (16 oz.)
Corkscrew Chicken$9.65Extra Large (32 oz.)
Corkscrew Chicken$6.50Bread Boule
Lemon Basil Chicken$4.40Side (8 oz.)
Lemon Basil Chicken$5.60Cup (12 oz.)
Lemon Basil Chicken$6.75Bowl (16 oz.)
Lemon Basil Chicken$11.25Extra Large (32 oz.)
Lemon Basil Chicken$6.50Bread Boule
Potato Cheddar$3.95Side (8 oz.)
Potato Cheddar$4.95Cup (12 oz.)
Potato Cheddar$5.95Bowl (16 oz.)
Potato Cheddar$9.65Extra Large (32 oz.)
Potato Cheddar$6.50Bread Boule
Mulligatawny$4.25Side (8 oz.)
Mulligatawny$5.35Cup (12 oz.)
Mulligatawny$6.50Bowl (16 oz.)
Mulligatawny$10.50Extra Large (32 oz.)
Mulligatawny$6.50Bread Boule
Lobster Bisque$4.75Side (8 oz.)
Lobster Bisque$5.95Cup (12 oz.)
Lobster Bisque$7.25Bowl (16 oz.)
Lobster Bisque$12.25Extra Large (32 oz.)
Lobster Bisque$6.50Bread Boule
Seafood Chowder$4.75Side (8 oz.)
Seafood Chowder$5.95Cup (12 oz.)
Seafood Chowder$7.25Bowl (16 oz.)
Seafood Chowder$12.25Extra Large (32 oz.)
Seafood Chowder$6.50Bread Boule
Pumpkin Pie Bisque$3.95Side (8 oz.)
Pumpkin Pie Bisque$4.95Cup (12 oz.)
Pumpkin Pie Bisque$5.95Bowl (16 oz.)
Pumpkin Pie Bisque$9.65Extra Large (32 oz.)
Pumpkin Pie Bisque$6.50Bread Boule
Santa Fe Chicken Chili$4.25Side (8 oz.)
Santa Fe Chicken Chili$5.35Cup (12 oz.)
Santa Fe Chicken Chili$6.50Bowl (16 oz.)
Santa Fe Chicken Chili$10.50Extra Large (32 oz.)
Santa Fe Chicken Chili$6.50Bread Boule
Tomato Cabbage$4.25Side (8 oz.)
Tomato Cabbage$5.35Cup (12 oz.)
Tomato Cabbage$6.50Bowl (16 oz.)
Tomato Cabbage$10.50Extra Large (32 oz.)
Tomato Cabbage$6.50Bread Boule
Vegetarian Split Pie$3.95Side (8 oz.)
Vegetarian Split Pie$4.95Cup (12 oz.)
Vegetarian Split Pie$5.95Bowl (16 oz.)
Vegetarian Split Pie$9.65Extra Large (32 oz.)
Vegetarian Split Pie$6.50Bread Boule
White Bean with Turkey Sausage$4.25Side (8 oz.)
White Bean with Turkey Sausage$5.35Cup (12 oz.)
White Bean with Turkey Sausage$6.50Bowl (16 oz.)
White Bean with Turkey Sausage$10.50Extra Large (32 oz.)
White Bean with Turkey Sausage$6.50Bread Boule
Cobb$6.75Whole Salad
Cobb$4.75Half Salad
Asian$6.75Whole Salad
Asian$4.75Half Salad
Chicken Caesar$6.50Whole Salad
Chicken Caesar$4.50Half Salad
Greek$6.50Whole Salad
Greek$4.50Half Salad
Lemon Caper Tuna$6.75Whole Salad
Lemon Caper Tuna$4.75Half Salad
Loco Burrito$6.75Whole Salad
Loco Burrito$4.75Half Salad
Sonoma$6.75Whole Salad
Sonoma$4.75Half Salad
Summer Berry w/Mozzarella$6.75Whole Salad
Summer Berry w/Mozzarella$4.75Half Salad
Chicken Greek$6.50Whole Sandwich
Chicken Greek$4.50Half Sandwich
Chicken Toscana$6.75Whole Sandwich
Chicken Toscana$4.75Half Sandwich
MTB (Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil)$6.75Whole Sandwich
MTB (Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil)$4.75Half Sandwich
Pesto 3 Cheese$6.25Whole Sandwich
Pesto 3 Cheese$4.25Half Sandwich
Southwest Turkey$6.50Whole Sandwich
Southwest Turkey$4.50Half Sandwich
Tuna Salad With Lemon & Capers$6.75Whole Sandwich
Tuna Salad With Lemon & Capers$4.75Half Sandwich
Turkey Club$6.75Whole Sandwich
Turkey Club$4.75Half Sandwich
Veggie Wrap w/Guacamole$6.50Whole Sandwich
Veggie Wrap w/Guacamole$4.50Half Sandwich
KidZ MealZ!
Kidz Soup & Sandwich$4.75
Dessert & Sides
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.50
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$1.50
Chocolate Chunk Brownie$1.95
Veggie Chips$1.79
Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips$1.79
Multigrain Tortilla Chips$1.79
Jalapeno Tortilla Chips$1.79
Extra Sourdough$0.45
Extra Multigrain$0.45
Extra French$0.45

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