COVID-19 Swab Test Robot's Monologue

Hey there! I've been waiting for you to finally meet me in person!

My name is SwabBot, and I was born in Singapore several days ago. I know many of my cousins were already born long before me, but I am the first self-administered robot that executes nasal swabbing for COVID-19 diagnosis. With that being said, you can control the entire sampling process within half the amount of time needed for a manual swabbing!

Let's start by making you comfortable with your nostril attaching to the nosepiece in front of you. Don't forget to hold on to the handhold. You can then activate me by pushing the button under your chin. I will then move the nosepiece to enlarge your nosepiece, gently extent the swab to your nasal cavity, and safely rotate it. I know the procedure is painful for most of my human friends, so I'll stop furthering if there is any resistance along the way. Also, if you feel uncomfortable at any point, just move your head away from me.

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