Support Black-Owned Vegan Comfort Food On a Budget | Southeastern US #2

8. Plant Power Cafe & Juice Bar, Chattanooga, TN

You hear that Plant Power Cafe & Juice Bar is a paradise for vegan pizza, burger, taco, and wrap lovers. You think this would be a perfect place to get food at so ride up there. But what you could not comprehend is the greeting of the waiter: did you bring a dice? You hesitate for 1 sec, respond no, wondering if the past few months quarantining at home makes you a linguistic fool. The waiter laughs a little and says that it must be your first time eating here. You still don't understand the whole situation until you see the menu. They have "turkey", veggie deluxe, jackfruit, "fish", mushroom, black bean, and tofu in all FOUR forms. It is not until then you realize you are inflicted with decidophobia, or choice phobia disorder.

Oh by the way, dining in is available with facial covering while waiting on food and ordering.

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