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Hungry Bear Breakfast
The Grizz!$12.992 sweet cream pancakes, 3 eggs*, 2 slices of bacon, 2 sausage links & a ham steak, served with your choice of potato.
Bigfoot Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs*$13.99Served with 3 eggs, strip-cut hash browns, country red potatoes OR fresh fruit & 2 housemade biscuits.
Classic 2-Egg Combos
All Classic breakfasts come with 2 eggs*, plus strip-cut hash browns, country red potatoes OR fresh fruit and a housemade biscuit. Egg whites are available.
Chicken Fried Steak$10.99Tender steak, breaded and deep-fried then smothered in our country gravy.
Patty Sausage$9.99We make our own, in-house from a recipe passed down through generations of Italian families. Mild or spicy.
Portuguese Linguica Sausage$10.69A special recipe that originated from Central California Portuguese settlers.
Chicken Apple Sausage$10.49A delicious blend of smoked chicken, sweet apples & seasonings.
Link Sausage$9.693 large links of our specially seasoned pork sausage.
New York Steak*$13.9910 oz USDA Choice cut.
Hickory Smoked Ham$9.99We use a generous, thick-cut slice for this traditional breakfast favorite.
Thick-Cut Smoked Bacon$9.69Our hickory smoked bacon is some of the best you'll ever have.
Corned Beef Hash$10.49Slow-roasted corned beef brisket, shredded then griddle-fried with potatoes. This is Not from a can folks!
No Meat, Just the Eggs Please$8.29
Pancakes & More
Our one of a kind, buttermilk & sweet cream batter makes a hearty waffle or decadent pancake OR try our Harvest cakes, a hearty blend of 7-grains. 2 Cakes - $7.29, 3 Cakes - $7.99, Waffle - $8.29, Add Fruit & Whipped Cream - $2.49 OR Substitute Harvest Cakes - $1.49.
Orange Juice$4.99Squeezed Fresh Daily. We squeeze up to 10 oranges for a large glass!
Pineapple Upside-Down Cakes$8.49We start with our secret recipe sweet cream pancakes, add brown sugar marinated pineapple chunks and grill them golden. Topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.
Trail Cakes$8.49Two harvest cakes with Ocean Spray® Craisins® and dried mixed nuts stirred in, grilled golden brown and topped with fresh strawberry.
Hearty Party Cakes$8.49Two harvest cakes with chopped thick-cut bacon mixed in, then grilled until golden brown, drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with fresh strawberry.
Cinnamon Roll French Toast*$8.993 slices of thick-cut cinnamon roll dipped in French toast batter and grilled then topped with powdered sugar and drizzled with icing. Served with fresh fruit.
Thick-Cut French Toast$7.99
Bear's Choice$9.69You Make It Just Right! Two eggs* plus: Choose one: Pancakes, Sweet Cream Waffle, French Toast OR 2 Biscuits & Gravy Harvest Cakes - Add $1.49. Choose one: 2 slices thick-cut bacon, 2 sausage links O
The Volcano$9.99All stacked high! 3 cakes, 2 link sausage, 2 slices of bacon, 2 eggs*.
Omelettes & Scrambles
All 3-egg omelettes & 2-egg scrambles are served with your choice of strip-cut hash browns, country red potatoes OR fresh fruit and a housemade biscuit, unless otherwise noted.
Fiesta Scramble$9.99Scrambled eggs, tortilla strips, pickled jalapeño, cheddar cheese, onion & cilantro, topped with black olive & avocado. Served with a warm flour tortilla & housemade salsa.
Southern Scramble$9.99Split biscuit covered with 2 sausage patties, 2 scrambled eggs & country gravy.
Shasta Scramble$9.99Avocado, spinach, tomato, onion, bell pepper, jack cheese. Served with a housemade biscuit.
Chorizo Scramble$9.99Chorizo sausage & jack cheese. Served with a flour tortilla & housemade salsa.
Bruce's Meat Lover's Omelette$11.49Ham, bacon, link sausage & jack cheese.
Joe's Hobo Omelette$11.49Ham, link sausage, bacon, jack cheese, cheddar cheese, spinach & onion.
California Omelette$10.99Avocado, mushroom & jack cheese.
Denver Omelette$10.99Diced ham, bell pepper & onion, topped with cheddar cheese.
Vegetarian Omelette$10.99Mushroom, onion, tomato, bell pepper, spinach & jack cheese.
The Scram Bowl$9.99A hearty all-in-one bowl of ham, bacon, link sausage, eggs, bell pepper, onion & pickled jalapeño, scrambled over country red potatoes, then topped with cheddar cheese & country gravy. Served with a
Breakfast Burrito$9.99Chorizo sausage, refried beans, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, onion, pickled jalapeño & cilantro all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Served with housemade salsa.
Huevos Rancheros$9.99Grilled tortillas with refried beans & three sunny side up eggs, then topped with housemade warm salsa. Served with your choice of potato.
Bear's Benedicts
Served with your choice of strip-cut hash browns OR country red potatoes and fresh fruit.
Mushroom Spinach$11.49Split English muffin, sautéed mushroom, spinach & onion, then topped with 2 poached eggs* and a delightful spinach Hollandaise.
California Bacon$11.49Split English muffin, thick-cut sliced bacon, avocado, spinach, grilled tomato slices & 2 poached eggs* covered in Hollandaise sauce.
Classic$10.99Split English muffin, sliced ham & 2 poached eggs* covered in Hollandaise sauce.
Fit & Focused
Under 500 Calories. Made with egg whites. Served with fresh fruit and 1 piece of dry whole wheat toast.
Fit & Focused Chicken Apple Sausage Scramble$9.99With jack cheese, spinach, sautéed mushroom & avocado.
Fit & Focused Acapulco Scramble$9.99Diced chicken, green chiles, tomato, avocado & jack cheese.
Fit & Focused Veggie Delite Omelette$9.99With spinach, tomato, mushroom & mozzarella cheese.
Little Less
Perfect for seniors or guests who prefer a smaller portion of our great comfort food.
The Mini Volcano$8.99All stacked high! 2 cakes, 1 link sausage, 1 slice of bacon, 1 egg*.
1 Biscuit & Country Gravy with 2 Slices of Bacon$6.99OR 2 sausage links.
Ham & Cheese Omelette$8.49Made with 2 eggs*. Served with strip-cut hash browns and a housemade biscuit.
1 Egg* & 2 Slices of Bacon$7.99OR 2 sausage links OR ham steak. Served with strip-cut hash browns and a housemade biscuit.
Patty* Melt$8.99Hamburger patty, grilled onion, Swiss cheese on grilled rye.
Tuna Melt$8.99Warmed Albacore tuna salad served on grilled rye with cheddar cheese.
Small Club Sandwich$8.99
Grilled Cheese$6.99
½ Sandwich & Bowl of Soup$8.99Choose from ham, turkey OR Albacore tuna salad sandwich. Served with soup of the day. Served as described, no other sides.
Soup of the Day$5.99Served as described, no other sides.
Bear Paw Chicken Fried Steak$12.49Tender beef breaded then deep-fried & covered in our own country gravy.
Housemade Meatloaf$11.99
BBQ Pork Ribs$12.99
Tri-Tip*$13.99Our marinated tri-tip.
Slow-Cooked Pot Roast$11.99
Bear-BQ Chicken$12.99Grilled chicken breast with BBQ sauce, bacon and melted cheddar cheese and jack cheese, then topped with diced tomato.
Breakfast Extras
Biscuits & Gravy$4.99
Hot Oatmeal$5.69Served with cinnamon and Ocean Spray® Craisins® & nut medley.
Fruit Bowl$5.29
Specialty Meat$4.49 - $4.69Link sausage OR patty sausage OR thick-cut bacon.
Toast or English Muffin$2.49
Housemade Bear Claw$5.99
Bob's Big Bear Burger and all specialty burgers are served with your choice of side: French fries, potato salad, housemade kettle-style Parmesan chips, fresh cole slaw, green salad OR cup of soup.
Bob's Big Bear Burger*$12.99Named after our co-founder, Papa Bear Manley, this is our biggest burger. Nearly 2/3 lb ground beef patty specially seasoned and served with grilled onion, tomato, pickle, lettuce, mayonnaise & Thous
Specialty Bear Burgers
All Specialty Bear Burgers are over a 1/3 lb and built with a golden brioche bun, shredded lettuce, tomato, diced red onion, dill pickle chips, mayonnaise & Thousand Island dressing.
California Burger*$10.99Avocado & jack cheese.
Bacon & Cheddar Burger*$10.99Topped with diced bacon & cheddar cheese.
Western BBQ Burger*$10.99Covered in tangy BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese & deep-fried onion rings.
Parmesan Sourdough Cheeseburger*$10.99We build these just a little bit different with Dijon mustard, Swiss cheese, tomato & grilled onion adorn thick-cut sourdough bread grilled golden with a garlic Parmesan cheese crust.
Honey Dijon Chicken Burger$10.99We build these just a little bit different Honey Dijon dressing on a brioche bun, topped with grilled chicken breast, thick-cut bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato & dill pickle chips.
Old-Fashioned Basket Combos
A 1/4 lb Burger and French fries, served in a basket - just like the good ol' days! Wow! Add a hand-dipped shake (yes, you get the extra in the tin!) for just $4.29. This offer is only valid with the Burger or Chicken Strip Basket Combo.
Classic Burger*$8.29
Classic American Cheeseburger*$8.69
Bacon Cheeseburger*$8.99
Chicken Strips$9.494 breaded chicken tenders. Served with your choice of BBQ or bacon ranch dressing.
All sandwiches are served with your choice of side: French fries, potato salad, housemade kettle-style Parmesan chips, fresh cole slaw, green salad OR cup of soup.
Turkey Club Sandwich$10.99Triple-decker stacked with roasted turkey breast, bacon, ham, tomato, lettuce & mayonnaise.
Chicken Avocado Club$10.99This triple-stack includes grilled chicken breast, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese & mayonnaise.
The Gobbler$10.99Roasted turkey, avocado, tomato, mayonnaise & cranberry sauce toasted to perfection.
Double Bacon B.L.A.S.T.$10.694 slices of our thick-cut hickory smoked bacon, lettuce, avocado, Swiss cheese, tomato & mayonnaise in a tripledecker sandwich.
Reuben$10.99Our own corned beef piled on grilled rye with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut & Thousand Island dressing.
Hot Turkey Sandwich$10.69Sliced, roasted turkey breast served open face with red-skinned garlic mashed potatoes & turkey gravy OR substitute any side option from above.
Tri-Tip Dip*$11.49Thinly sliced seasoned tri-tip stacked on a soft Tribeca® roll & served with au jus.
Sourdough Melt$10.99Sourdough bread grilled golden with a garlic Parmesan cheese crust, ham, Swiss cheese, tomato & Dijon mustard.
The Cubano$10.99Fire-roasted pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles & mustard on a soft Tribeca® roll.
Fish Tacos$10.49Two lightly battered and golden fried cod fillets served in warm corn tortillas, topped with housemade spicy chipotle cole slaw made with our own Mama Burn hot sauce, cilantro & jack cheese. Served w
Blazin' Bear Sandwich
Crispy Chicken Tenders, Fire-Roasted Pulled Pork OR Seasoned Tri-Tip*$11.49We start with a grilled Tribeca® roll spread with mayonnaise, pile it high with your choice of crispy chicken tenders, fire-roasted pulled pork or seasoned tri-tip*, top it with a special BBQ sauce m
Fresh Salads
Fresh cut in our kitchen every day. Salad Dressings: Our Bacon Ranch, Bleu Cheese and Thousand Island are made fresh in our kitchen. Gluten Free: Balsamic, Honey Dijon, Fat Free Italian.
Bacon Cheeseburger Salad$10.99All that's missing is the bun in this perfect protein-style meal. Salad mix topped with a chopped burger patty*, bacon, dill pickle, tomato, red onion, cheddar cheese & served with Thousand Island dr
Asian Chicken Cabbage Salad$10.99An all- cabbage salad made with shredded cabbage, carrot, cucumber, cilantro, cashews & fried wontons tossed in an Asian dressing & topped with grilled chicken breast.
Chicken Caesar Salad$10.99Chopped romaine and croutons tossed in creamy Caesar dressing then topped with grilled chicken breast & Parmesan cheese.
Fit & Focused Tuna Chef Salad (Under 550 Calories)$10.99Salad mix, hard-boiled egg, cucumber, carrot, olive, tomato & pickle chips topped with housemade Albacore tuna salad and served with Italian dressing.
Fit & Focused Chicken Mediterranean Salad (Under 550 Calories)$11.49Fresh spinach, marinated grilled chicken breast topped with Mediterranean tomato mix and Italian dressing.
Taco Salad$11.49Your choice of seasoned ground beef, fire-roasted pulled pork or grilled chicken breast served in a crispy tostada bowl lined with refried beans then topped with salad mix, tomato, onion, olive, ched
Homestyle Dinners
Bigfoot Chicken Fried Steak$14.99Tender beef breaded then deep-fried & covered in our own country gravy.
Housemade Meatloaf$13.99Made from our own special recipe of ground beef and seasoned housemade sausage. Roasted then topped with skillet beef gravy.
Slow-Cooked Pot Roast$13.99A tender traditional favorite. Slow-roasted with vegetables, select herbs & spices and finished with skillet beef gravy.
Fried Chicken$14.99Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.
Chicken Parmesan$14.99Hand-breaded chicken breast with Parmesan cheese breadcrumbs, fried, then topped with Nonna's marinara and mozzarella cheese. Served with your choice of vegetable & spaghetti marinara OR substitute a
Dijon-Crusted Salmon$14.99Fillet of Atlantic salmon spread with Dijon mustard, coated with Parmesan bread crumbs, and grilled to perfection. Served with creamy Hollandaise sauce.
Steaks & Ribs
All our steaks are USDA Choice.
Roadhouse Tri-Tip* Platter$17.9910 oz. of thick sliced marinated tri-tip.
Tri-Tip* Combos$17.996 oz. of tri-tip with your choice of BBQ pork ribs OR golden fried shrimp.
BBQ Pork Ribs$16.49Slow-cooked ribs, slathered with our own BBQ sauce.
Rib Eye Steak*$17.99
New York Steak*$16.49Topped with deep-fried onion rings.
Top Sirloin* & Breaded Shrimp$17.99Our own special 8 oz USDA Choice cut served with tail on-panko encrusted deep-fried shrimp.
Diner Deals
Add a cup of soup or salad for $3.99 - A great deal for a great meal!
Chicken & Waffle$11.99We start with our secret recipe sweet cream waffle then top it with chicken tenders. Served with butter, syrup and Italian green beans.
Spaghetti & Meatballs$11.99A classic! Spaghetti pasta served with meatballs made from our own special recipe Italian sausage, ground beef & seasonings then covered in Nonna's authentic marinara sauce. Served with garlic Parmes
Hot Turkey Plate$11.99Carved turkey breast served with red-skinned garlic mashed potatoes, turkey gravy & your choice of vegetable.
Creamy Chicken On A Biscuit$11.99Tender chunks of chicken breast and vegetables in our creamy gravy, poured over a split biscuit then topped with a freshly grilled, seasoned chicken breast and finished with fresh parsley.
Deep-Fried Shrimp$11.99Tail on shrimp, coated with seasoned panko breadcrumbs and deep-fried for a crispy, crunchy finish. Served with French fries & cole slaw.
Fish & Chips$11.99Cod fillets lightly battered and fried. Served with French fries & housemade cole slaw.
Herb-Crusted Trout$11.99We pan-fry our sundried tomato & herb crusted trout, then top it with our own Mediterranean tomato mix. Served with steamed spinach & seasonal vegetables.
Available anytime!
Onion Rings$5.99
Baked Potato$3.99After 4 p.m.
Dinner Salad$4.49
French Fries$3.99
Seasonal Vegetable$3.99
Italian Green Beans$3.99
Corn Bread Muffin$1.29
Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Java City, Lipton, Fresh Brewed Iced Tea. Ask Your Server For Our Beer & Wine Selection. At Participating Locations.
Java City Coffee$2.59
Assorted Juices$2.79
Fresh O.J.$4.99
Arnold Palmer$2.99
Pepsi Soft Drinks$2.69
Iced Tea$2.69
Peach Iced Tea$2.69
Hot Tea$2.69
Hot Chocolate$2.79
2% Milk$2.99
Cobblers, Cakes & Pies Baked in our kitchens daily! Cool ice cream shakes & treats. Check out our dessert menu and pick your favorite. If your tummy's full now, get it to go so you can enjoy it later.
Triple Chocolate Brownie Sundae$5.99For serious chocolate lovers! Warm chocolate brownie topped with chocolate ice cream, Hershey's® chocolate syrup and whipped cream.
Cinnamon Apple Cream Pie$5.99Cinnamon apples over rich cream filling in a graham cracker crust. Topped with brown sugar oats and whipped cream.
Olga's Bread Pudding$5.99 - $6.99Made with bread, heavy whipping cream, eggs and vanilla, then served warm with a scrumptious pecan praline sauce and whipped cream. If you have never tried bread pudding, this is the one that will ma
Milkshakes & Malts$4.99Hand-dipped ice cream with the extra served in the tin. Choose your favorite shake flavor: huckleberry, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, cookies & cream OR make it a malt. Topped with whipped cream.
Frozen Treats$4.99Hot Fudge Sundae with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, nuts & maraschino cherry.
Sugar Bear's Lava Cake$5.99Warm, velvety chocolate brownie with a rich ganache center topped with powdered sugar, vanilla ice cream and Hershey's ® chocolate syrup. This decadent dessert is great for those with gluten sensitiv
Apple Crumb Cobbler$4.99 - $5.99Sweet cinnamon apples topped with brown sugar oats.
Grandma's Famous Cobbler$4.99 - $5.99Blackbeary OR "No Sugar Added" Peach.
Chocolate Cream Pie$5.99Rich chocolate cream in a chocolate cookie crust. Topped with whipped cream.
Banana Cream Pie$5.99Banana cream layered with banana slices in a buttery graham cracker crust. Topped with whipped cream.
Coconut Cream Pie$5.99Decadent coconut cream in a buttery graham cracker crust. Topped with whipped cream and toasted coconut flakes.
Served all day long!
Cubs' Mini Volcano*$4.49An eruption of delicious options, including 2 pancakes, 1 egg, 1 piece of bacon & 1 sausage link.
Cubs' Chocolate Chip Pancakes$3.993 of our yummy cakes loaded with chocolate chips. Sprinkled with powdered sugar & topped with a dab of whipped cream.
Cinnamon Apple French Toast Sticks$3.99Served with a sweet apple filling dip and syrup. Beary yummy!
Cubs' Strawberry Waffle$4.49Freshly baked cub-sized waffle with fresh cut strawberries & whipped cream.
Cubs' Scrambler*$4.291 scrambled egg with diced ham & cheddar cheese. Served with fresh apple slices and toast.
Mini Grizz*$5.49A cub-sized version of our favorite feast. Includes 1 pancake, 1 egg, 1 piece of bacon, and 1 sausage link, served with your choice of potato.
Big Cubs' Pigs in a Blanket*$4.992 sausages links wrapped snugly in a pancake sprinkled with powdered sugar. Served with 1 egg.
Big Cubs' Bear Choice*$5.491 egg PLUS - Choose one of the following: 1 biscuit & gravy, or 1 pancake, or 1 piece of French toast or 1 small waffle. AND Choose from 1 piece of bacon or 1 sausage link.
Lunch & Dinner
Cubs' Chicken Strips* 2 pcs$4.49Served with barbecue sauce or bacon ranch dressing and your choice of French fries or apples slices.
Biscuit Bear's Best Burger** 4 oz$4.49Served with your choice of French fries or apples slices.
Granny Bear's Mini Corn Dogs 6 pcs$3.99Served with your choice of French fries or apples slices.
Cubs' Grilled Cheese Sandwich$3.99Served with your choice of French fries or apples slices.
Brandi's Favorite Macaroni & Cheese$4.49Served with apples slices.
Papa Bear's Cheese Pizza$4.99Served with apples slices.
Cubs' Spaghetti$4.99Served with Nonna's marinara sauce, Parmesan cheese and garlic toast.
Paws-ibly the Best Fish & Chips Around*$6.992 pieces of fish served with French fries, lemon and tartar sauce.
Shrimp & Chips$6.994 shrimp served with French fries, lemon and cocktail sauce. Eat 'em with your bear hands!
New York Steak$7.99You'll bear-ly finish this big 6 oz. New York Steak served with mashed potatoes, country gravy and mixed vegetables.
Cubs' Tri-Tip Steak Dinner$6.99Marinated tri-tip steak served with mashed potatoes, country gravy and mixed vegetables.
Kids Drinks
Fresh Squeezed O.J.$1.99
Apple, Cranberry, or Lemonade$1.69
Soft Drink$1.39
Chocolate Milk$1.69

* Disclaimer: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

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