Dairy Queen Prices and Locations in Halifax, NS

Dairy Queen - 7001 Mumford Rd
Halifax, Nova Scotia (902) 454-3034
Dairy Queen - 215A-7001 Mumford Rd
Halifax, Nova Scotia (902) 453-9420
Dairy Queen - 188A Chain Lake Dr
Halifax, Nova Scotia (902) 457-5253
Dairy Queen - 3515 Dutch Village Rd
Halifax, Nova Scotia (902) 443-1157

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Dairy Queen is a chain of soft serve ice cream and fast food restaurant opened in 1940. The company serves lunch, combos, chicken strip baskets, salads, sides, Blizzard treats and various desserts and beverages. The favorite items include original double cheeseburger, chicken quesadilla snack meat, cheese curds, strawberry cheesecake and so on.

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