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Rice Bowl Dishes
Bibimbap$12.00sizzling hot bowl w. mixed vegetables, fried egg, & go-chujang
Bibimbap$3.00add bulgogi, soy chicken, or tofu
Kimchi Fried Rice$12.00served w. egg on top, w. scallions & chives
Korean BBQ$12.00bulgogi marinated beef, onions, w. scallions & chives, & go-chujang sauce
Mongolian Beef$12.00marinated flank w. scallions & chives (contains oyster sauce)
Spicy Chicken Don$12.00w. chopped cabbage, spicy mayo
Unagi$12.00grilled eel w. sweet sauce
General Cho's Tofu$12.00fried tofu tossed in go-chu-jang sauce, honey ginger or dragon sauce avail too!
Other Plates
Kimchi Sliders$12.003 beef sliders, bacon, cheese, spicy mayo, l&t
Dduk Bokki$10.00rice cakes, go-chujang sauce, veggies
Dduk Bokki$3.00add bulgogi, soy chicken, or tofu
Cheese Stuff Bacon$8.00wrapped dates
Shrimp Rolls$8.00served w. sweet & sour sauce
Takoyaki$9.00squid fritters nori, bonito flakes, mayo, pickled ginger
Sesame Tofu$8.00chilled w. chives, spicy chilis, & soy sauce
Shishito Peppers$8.00served w. lemon & salt
Mixed Green Salad$7.00greens w. ginger dressing
Flank Steak$8.00marinated flank steak (contains oyster sauce)
Pork Belly$14.00braisedberkshire pork &bokchoy
Miso Salmon$14.00served w. bok choy
Bar Bites
Soy Garlic Edamame$6.00steamed soy beans w. garlic butter
Edamame$5.00steamed soy beans w. kosher salt
Dragon Fries$5.00smothered in house hot wing sauce w. side of kewpie japanese mayo
Sweet Potato Fries$6.00served w. ketchup
Jungle Fries$10.00fries covered with bulgogi, chopped kimchi, cheese, & bacon crumble - airhorn!
Chili Pepper Fries$5.00served w. kewpie japanese mayo
Handmade Dim Sum Dumplings $6
Shrimp & Leek 
Assorted Mochi$6.00red bean, green tea, & strawberry ice cream wrapped in rice cake
Sides $4
Home Fries 
Fruit Salad 
Mixed Greens 
Sunday Party Brunch
Kimchi Fried Rice$12.00over medium egg on top, scallion & chive garnish
Omurice$12.00kimchi fried rice wrapped in egg crepe served with fruit salad
Chicken Waffle Sliders$12.00belgian waffle, chicken, sriracha maple syrup
Eggs Florentine$12.002 poached eggs, spinach, over english muffin served with hollandaise sauce, with home fries
Tofu Scramble$10.00tofu, spinach, tomato, with home fries
2 Eggs Your Way$8.00served with home fries, sliced tomato
Steak & Eggs$14.00marinated flank, 2 eggs over med, home fries
Brunch Dranks
Wasabi Bloody Mary$8.00
Wasabi Bloody Maria$8.00
Juice Or Coffee$2.00
House Specials
Fat Wings$10.00honey ginger garlic - sweet with a kick or dragon - our twist on the buffalo wing
Buddha Buns$12.00pork, beef, or soy chicken braised pork, koreanbbqbulgogi, or soy, on steamed bun served w. lettuce, mayo & house go-chujang sauce
Salt & Pepper Squid$12.00fried squid & peppers over bed of lettuce
Bap $12 *
Flank Steak (contains oyster sauce) marinated flank steak served with greens, scallions, and chives
Bul-Gogi korean bbq (marinated beef), onion, scallions, & chives
Bibimbap carrots, onion, spinach, bean sprout, shitake, topped with fried egg
Bibimbap$2.00add for bulgogi, pork, or soy
Unagi grilled eel with special house sauce
General Cho’s Tofu fried tofu with gochu-jang sauce (honey ginger or dragon sauce available, too)
Buddha Buns $12
Pork Buns braised pork on a steamed bun with lettuce, mayo, and house gochu-jang sauce
Beef Buns korean bbq (bulgogi) on a steamed bun with lettuce, mayo, and house gochu-jang sauce
Soy Buns soy protein on a steamed bun with lettuce, mayo, and house gochu-jang sauce
Fat Wings $10
Honey Ginger Garlic sweet with a kick
Gochu-Jang ** korean red chili paste
Dragon ** our twist on the buffalo wing
Larger Dishes
Miso Salmon$14.00served with bok choy and sweet miso glaze sauce
Pork Belly$12.00braised berkshire pork, bok choy
Chicken Katsu$12.00served with tonkatsu sauce & cabbage
Side Dishes
Spicy Kimchi$2.00pickled cabbage (contains fish)
Potato Salad$3.00apple, carrot, celery, onion

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