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Pastries, Treats & Frescas sausage stuffed pretzel, savory & sweet scones, choco chip and flourless double choco & peanut butter cookies, vegan spiced carrot cake, strawberry-basil popsicles and more
Starting At 11am.
Short Rib Sandwich & Salad$14.00
Smoked Sesame Chicken Banh Mi & Salad$14.00
Market Veg Banh Mi & Salad$14.00
Summer Salad & Sanbei Crackers$13.00made with koda forms mochiko roasted corn, gingered adzuki beans, greens, pickles
Field Salad$12.00composed salad made from hollywood farmers market produce
Field Salad$4.00add mary's chicken
Field Salad$3.00add tofu
All Day. Subject To Seasonal Change.
Crispy Rice & Eggs Meurette$13.00kendor farms eggs soft poached in red wine with mushrooms, chinese sausage, with crispy heirloom kohuko rice, pickles
Egg$12.00eggs, greens, grains. kendor farms soft eggs, turmeric sauteed dark greens, grains & legumes, spicy harissa, pickles
Croque Monster$12.00housemade english muffin, amish bologna, soft egg, roasted tomatoes, bechamel, ca jack, jam on the side if you please
Frittata$10.00underwood summer squash & roasted suncoast tomatoes, salad
Seasonal Pancakes$10.00raspberry-geranium & whipped creme fraiche
Eggs & Toast$8.00weekdays only for now. eggs your way. housemade english muffin or kenter canyon toast. seasonal butter and jam.
Eggs & Toast$3.00additions smokey bacon
Eggs & Toast$3.00additions avocado
Eggs & Toast$1.00additions harissa
Eggs & Toast$4.00additions sauteed greens
Eggs & Toast$5.00additions petite salad
Eggs & Toast$4.00additions mary's free range chicken
Eggs & Toast$3.00additions tofu
Eggs & Toast$2.00additions extra egg
Eggs & Toast$2.00additions egg whites
Eggs & Toast$5.00additions market fruit
Condensed Milk Yogurt$9.00granola & knk ranch fruits
Kenter Canyon Toast$5.00with herb butter & seasonal jam
Farmers Nosh$4.00verve brewed coffee & mini sweet/savory scone, sundays only
Verve Coffee
Cold Brew Bar.
Verve Drip$3.00
Cold Brew$4.00
Vietnamese Cold Brew$4.50
Mint-Honey Cream$3.50
Lavender Cream$3.50
Miso-Seasalt Caramel$3.50

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