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Daily Specials
Monday$5.55four piece chicken dinner with bread and butter, French fries or baked potato and cole slaw
Tuesday$5.45baked Mostaccioli or baked lasagna dinner with bread and butter
Wednesday$5.4521 shrimp dinner with bread and butter, French fries or baked potato and cole slaw
Thursday$12.50full slab baby back ribs with bread and butter, French fries or baked potato and cole slaw
Friday$5.95catfish or bread dinner, with bread and butter, French fries or baked potato and cole slaw
Mozzarella Cheese$5.95 - $16.80
Cheese any One Ingredient Below$6.95 - $19.85
Each Extra Ingredient$1.10 - $3.05
Pan Pizza
Mozzarella Cheese$7.20 - $13.40
Cheese any One Ingredient Below$8.75 - $15.45
Each Extra Ingredient$1.55 - $2.10
Stuffed Pizza
Mozzarella Cheese$9.45 - $14.95
Cheese any One Ingredient Below$11.35 - $17.05
Each Extra Ingredient$1.60 - $2.10
Franko's Special
Franko's Special$9.15 - $25.95topped with cheese, sausage, green peppers, mushrooms and onions
Vegetarian Special$9.25 - $25.95topped with cheese, spinach, onions, green peppers and mushrooms
Taco Pizza$10.95 - $15.45topped with beef flavors, beans, cheddar cheese and lettuce (raw onion on request)
White Pizza$9.60 - $19.65'skip the sauce' fresh garlic, olive oil and tomato with mozzarella and ricotta cheeses
Stromboli$10.2514' before folding, with your choice of 2 ingredients
Choose from the Following Fresh Ingredients
Choose from the Following Fresh Ingredients Italian sausage, pepperoni, onion, fresh mushrooms, fresh green pepper, black olive, green olive, fresh garlic, Canadian bacon, hamburger, ham bacon, salami, sliced beef, chicken, shrimp, fresh spina
Homemade Pastas
Spaghetti or Mostaccioli$5.80
Baked Spaghetti or Baked Mostaccioli$6.50
Ravioli$6.50meat, cheese or spinach filled
Baked Ravioli$7.95meat, cheese or spinach filled
Baked Lasagna$7.95
Cannelloni$7.95two meat filled, rolled pasta; topped with meat sauce and mozzarella cheese - baked to perfection
Manicotti$7.95two cheese or spinach rolled pasta; topped with meat sauce and mozzarella cheese
Fettuccine Alfredo$8.95chicken or shrimp, real Italian noodles with butter, cream sauce and a touch of parsley
Italian Meat Balls or Sausage$1.95
Special Italian Dinners
franko's delicious parmigianas are baked to perfection on a bed of pasta (spaghetti or mostuccioli) and topped with mozzarella, served with your choice of marinara or meat sauce and bread and butter
Eggplant Parmigiana$7.55fresh eggplant
Chicken parmigiana$8.30fresh boneless breast of chicken
Veal Parmigiana$8.30fresh veal
Seafood Dinners
seafood dinners include fresh lemon and tartar or cocktail sauce and are served with choice of French fries or baked potato, cole slaw and bread and butter
21 Shrimp in a Basket$7.65
Scallops$9.25full order
Shrimp Dinner$9.256 piece
Perch Dinner$7.90
Seafood Platter$11.60combination of shrimp, perch and scallops
Clam Strips$7.60fresh clam strips - breaded and deep -fried
delicious meaty ribs are cooked fresh daily in BBQ sauce
Hot Links Dinner$6.80
Half Slab Rib Dinner$9.95
Full Slab Rib Dinner$15.95
Rib Tip Dinner$6.3516 oz, with BBQ sauce
Rib Tips and Chicken Combo$7.9512 oz, tips 2 pieces chicken
Rib Tips and Hot Links Combo$7.9512 oz, tips 2 hot links
Rib Tips and Fried Perch or Cat Fish Combo$7.9512 oz, tips 1 - 4 lb, fish
Hot Links and Wings Combo$7.952 hot links 3 wings
Baby Back Ribs and Shrimp Combo$14.551-2 slab of ribs 3 jumbo shrimp
Baby Back Ribs and Chicken$12.351-2 slab of ribs 2 pieces chicken
Veal$7.852 cutlets
Pork Chops$9.253 cutlets
Chicken Breast Specialties
daily fresh - 8 oz, serving per entree - 'charcoal-broiled'
Teriyaki Chicken Breast$8.05grilled and basted in our lemon teriyaki sauce, served with fresh fruit garnish
Cajun Chicken Breast$8.05grilled and sprinkled with spicy seasonings for a lighter version of blackened chicken
Chicken Mushroom and Cheese$8.85mushrooms sauteed in butter, served over our tender chicken and topped with melted Swiss cheese
Chicken Dinners
fried or B.B.Q, all above dinners are served with choice of French fries or baked potato, cole slaw and bread and butter, - dinners will automatically be served with French fries and cole slaw unless customer requests otherwise
4 Piece Chicken Dinner$6.55
6 Piece Chicken Dinner$9.05
8 Piece Chicken Dinner$10.95
4 Wings Dinner$5.45
6 Wings Dinner$6.45
8 Wings Dinner$7.95
deluxe includes French fries, cole slaw and choice of French, rye or garlic bread
Italian Beef$3.95 - $5.00
Italian Sausage$3.95 - $5.00
Italian Meat Balls$3.95 - $5.00
BBQ Beef$4.50 - $5.55
Combo$5.45 - $6.90beef and sausage
Steak Sandwich$5.55 - $6.60
Veal Cutlet$4.15 - $5.20
Parmigiana$4.80 - $5.85
Philly Steak$4.90 - $5.95
Chicken Grilled or Fried$4.20 - $5.45
Fish Filet$3.55 - $4.50
Perch Sandwich$4.15 - $5.20
Hot Link Sandwich$4.15 - $5.20
Pork Chop Grilled or Fried$4.40 - $5.45
Polish Sausage$2.65 - $3.70
Super 1/2 lb$4.25 - $5.55hamburger or cheeseburger
1/2 lb, Pizza Burger$4.20 - $5.25
1/3 lb, Hamburger or Cheeseburger$2.90 - $3.95
Hot Peppers or Green Peppers$0.50
Cheese on Sandwich$0.80
Giant Salads
choice of dressings; French, 1000 Island, creamy garlic and homemade Italian
Tossed Salad$2.50fresh crisp lettuce and tomato with a touch of red cabbage
Garden Salad$6.30fresh crisp lettuce, cucumbers, red Spanish onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers and a touch of red cabbage, carrots and radishes
Julienne Salad$6.75fresh crisp lettuce, strips of ham, American cheese, Swiss cheese, fresh tomatoes and hard-boiled egg and a touch of red cabbage
Franko's House Salad$8.15fresh crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, two scoops of chicken or tuna salad and hard - boiled egg
Chicken Breast Salad$7.85fresh crisp lettuce and tomatoes with grilled chicken breast on top
Antipasto$6.30fresh crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, pepperconcini, olives, salami, anchovies and mozzarella cheese with a touch of carrots and red cabbage
Mexican Appetizers
Giant Nachos$5.50served with lettuce, tomato and sour cream
Nachos Bandera$4.95
Rice$1.00 - $2.00
Beans$1.00 - $2.00
Mexican Pizza
Mexican Pizza$7.00a crispy flour tortilla covered with beans, beef, melted cheese, diced tomato, jalapenos, lettuce and black olives, topped with shredded cheese
Entrees Ala Carte
Taco$1.50grilled steak - carne asada, chicken - pollo, pork -al paster, chorizo - Mexican sausage, vegetarian - vegetariano, tongue - lengua, or fish - pescado
Tostada$1.75grilled steak, chicken, pork, chorizo, vegetarian, tongue or fish
Chimichanga$2.50mini, fried burrito filled with chicken, beef or steak
Quesadilla$2.25cheese, mushrooms, green pepper, onion or mint
Burrito$3.95grilled steak, chicken, pork, chorizo, vegetarian, tongue or fish
Mexican Favorites
includes rice, beans, guacamole, salsa and chips
El Burrito Grande$6.95a jumbo flour tortilla stuffed with your choice of beef, chicken, steak or pork and beans, cheese, lettuce, chopped tomatoes and onions smothered in sauce and topped with melted cheese
Enchiladas$7.953 soft tortillas filled with your choice of chicken, beef, steak or pork with shredded cheese topped with enchilada sauce and melted cheese
Fajitas$8.95strips of tender chicken or steak with seasoned green peppers, onions and tomatoes
Fajita Combo$11.95shrimp, steak and chicken
Bistec Ranchero$9.45broiled steak smothered in our special ranchero sauce
Bistec Ala Mexican$9.95chunks of steak simmered with seasoned tomato sauce, onions and peppers - hot peppers available upon request
Carne Asada$6.95
Chimichanga$7.95crisp fried burrito stuffed with your choice of chicken or beef, served with sour cream and avocado on the side
Camarones Diablo$9.95'hot, hot' butter flied jumbo shrimp sauteed in olive oil, seasoned with garlic, jalapenos and green onions
Flautas$6.953 crispy rolled tortillas stuffed with your choice of steak, chicken or beef, covered with lettuce, tomato and sour cream
include rice, beans, guacamole, salsa and chips
1 Taco, 1 Tostada and 1 Quesadilla$6.50
4 Tacos$6.50steak, chicken, pork or chorizo
2 Chimichanges and 1 Taco$6.50
French Fries$1.75
Fried Mushrooms$3.50
Onion Rings$3.50
Mozzarella Sticks$4.25
B.B.Q. Wings$0.95
Mexican Hot Wings$0.95
Chicken Nuggets$3.70
Jalapeno Peppers$4.20
Baked Potato$1.50
Fried Zucchini$3.50
Side Order Spaghetti$2.50
Side Order Mostaccioli$2.50
Homemade Meatballs$2.45
Italian Sausage$2.45
Pizza Bread$2.75
Pizza Puff$2.50
Garlic Bread$1.50
Garlic Bread with Cheese$2.50additional ingredients $ 0.75
Mixed Basket$3.95combination of onion rings, fried zucchini and fried mushrooms, served with meat sauce or ranch dressing
Minestrone Soup$1.35 - $2.30
Cole Slaw$1.95 - $2.95
Chicken or Tuna Salad$3.10 - $5.80
Desserts and Ice Cream
Milk Shake$2.95
Ice Cream$2.55 - $4.10many flavors of ice cream
Cold Beverages
Coke$0.75 - $1.50
Diet Coke$0.75 - $1.50
Rc$0.75 - $1.50
Sprite$0.75 - $1.50
Rootbeer$0.75 - $1.50
Ginger Ale$0.75 - $1.50
Orange$0.75 - $1.50
Fruit Punch$0.75 - $1.50
lemonade$0.75 - $1.50
Iced Tea$0.75 - $1.50
Party and Family Tubs
B.B.Q. baby back ribs - bread and butter included, daily fresh chicken - bread, butter and honey included
Small Rib Tub$24.952 full slabs
2 lb, Rib Tips$11.25
Jumbo Rib Tub$47.004 full slabs
4 lb, Ribs Tips$21.95
8 Pieces$9.75 - $10.75
10 Pieces$10.75 - $11.50
12 Pieces$12.25 - $13.90
16 Pieces$14.25 - $16.90
20 Pieces$16.95 - $19.75
40 Pieces$33.90 - $39.40
Special Pizza
Thin Crust 14' Cheese Pizza$7.75Monday thru Thursday
with any 10' or 12' Thin Crust$1.00with 1 topping, pick - up or delivery
any 14' or 16' Thin Crust Pizza$2.00with 1 topping, pick - up or delivery
any 18' or Super Bowl$3.00with 1 topping plus free liter rc
any 14' Pizza$3.00pan or stuffed
any Two Dinners$2.00
Meal Deal 16' Pizza with 2 Toppings$15.99plus pop and delivery

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