Fuciaana Asian Food & Crystal Grill Prices and Locations

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Fuciaana Lunch
1. Sushi$7.955 pieces of sushi & a california roll.
2. Sashimi$10.9510 pieces of assorted raw fish.
3. Sushi & Sashimi Combo$12.954 pieces of sushi, 6 pieces of sashimi & a california roll.
4. Chirashi$9.957 pieces of assorted raw fish bed on rice.
5. Unadon$11.95broiled eel over rice.
6. Plate$7.95
7. Combo Box$9.95served with chef's special & california roll.
Hibachi Plate$8.95
Lunch Specials
Roti Canai With Curry Sauce$3.50
Three Rolls Combo$9.95
Yakitori$6.50three sticks.
Grilled Satay Chicken$6.95
Grilled Thai Chicken$6.95
Chicken With Mixed Vegetables$6.50
Chicken Rice Noodles$6.50
Chicken Soba$6.50
Chicken Udon$6.50
Chicken Pad Thai$6.50
Chicken Broccoli$6.50
Chicken Fried Rice$6.50
Vegetable Fried Rice$6.50
Sesame Chicken$6.95
Thai Basil Chicken$6.95
Mango Chicken$6.95
Garlic Chicken$6.95
Dinner Box $16.95
1. Teriyaki 
2. Negimaki 
3. Katsu 
Appetizers From The Kitchen
1. Edamame$4.50steamed japanese soy beans.
2. Harumaki$4.50crispy spring roll.
3. Shumai$4.50steamed shrimp dumplings.
4. Garlic Shrimp$7.00sautéed shrimp in lemon with garlic sauce.
5. Fried Soft Shell Crab$8.00deep-fried soft shell crab with ponzu sauce.
6. Garlic Broccoli$6.00steamed broccoli with garlic sauce.
7. Seafood Gyoza$5.00pan-fried.
7. Vegetable Gyoza$5.00pan-fried.
8. Dynamite$8.00broiled scallop, mushroom, crabmeat 7 may with caviar.
9. Ika Maruyaki$8.00bbq squid.
10. Beef Tataki$8.00thinly-sliced raw beef with ponzu sauce.
11. Enoki Patayaki$7.00straw mushroom broiled in foil.
12. Age Tofu$5.50fried bean curd with bonito flakes.
13. Shrimp Tempura$7.00fried shrimp & vegetable with tempura sauce.
14. Rock Shrimp$8.00crispy shrimp in spicy mayo.
15. Beef Naomi$9.00grilled beef wrap with roti, lettuce, cucumber & red onion with special sauce.
16. Snow Ball$11.00deep-fried lobster meat, salad, avocado & tofu skin with special sauce.
17. Salmon Kama$13.00served with ponzu sauce.
18. Hamachi Kama$15.00serve with ponzu sauce.
19. Tatsuta Age$5.50deep-fried chicken chunks with katsu sauce.
20. Grilled Mackerel$9.00grilled mackerel with spicy malaysian sauce.
Appetizers From The Sushi Bar
1. Avocado Sashimi$5.95sliced avocado with caviar.
2. Idako$6.95marinated baby octopus served cold.
3. Spicy Tuna Bowl Or Salmon Bowl$8.95chopped tuna or salmon with crunchy & avocado with spicy sauce topped with caviar.
4. Kanu Su$6.50crabmeat with vinegar sauce.
5. Tako Su$6.50octopus with vinegar sauce.
6. Sunomono Combination$6.50assorted raw fish with vinegar sauce.
7. Tiger Eye$6.50smoked salmon with toasted squid in a special sauce.
8. Sushi$6.505 pieces of assorted raw fish.
9. Sashimi$8.507 pieces of assorted raw fish.
10. Oyster Shot$12.95
11. Tropical Roll$9.95
1. Miso$2.00
2. Vegetable$4.00
3. Seafood$6.00
4. Clear$2.00
5. Lemongrass$7.00*
6. Clam With Vegetable$7.00
1. Garden$3.00garden varieties with house ginger dressing or white dressing.
2. Kani$5.00crabmeat, flying fish roe, cucumber & mayo.
3. Avocado$5.50green salad, caviar, avocado & sesame see with house ginger dressing.
4. Mango Kani$6.00mango, crabmeat, flying fish roe, cucumber & mayo.
5. Seaweed$5.50seaweed salad with sesame.
6. Thai Papaya$8.00green papaya, cherry tomato, red pepper & green apple with chili lime dressing.
7. Salmon Skin$6.00toasted salmon skin with mixed greens & masago with house ginger or white dressing.
8. Seafood$8.00served with house ginger dressing or white dressing.
9. Salmon Sashimi$7.50
10. Beef$8.00
A La Carte Sushi Or Sashimi
1. Sake$1.75salmon
2. Hirame$1.75fluke.
3. Ebi$1.75shrimp.
4. Massago$1.75flying fish roe.
5. Suzuki$1.75sea bass.
6. Tako$1.75octopus.
7. Saba$1.75mackerel.
8. Sawara$1.75spanish mackerel.
9. Kani$1.75crab stick.
10. Red Clam$1.75
11. Ika$1.75squid.
12. White Tuna$1.75albacore.
13. Inari$1.75tofu skin.
14. Tamago$1.75egg.
15. Smoked Salmon$1.75
16. Amachi$1.75sweet shrimp.
Ikura$2.50salmon roe.
Uni$4.25sea urchin.
Hotate$4.00fresh scallop.
Toro$6.50fatty tuna.
1. Cucumber$3.95
2. Avocado$3.95
3. Oshinko$3.95
4. Sweet Potato$3.95
5. California$3.95crabmeat, avocado & cucumber.
6. Salmon$3.95
7. Alaskan$3.95smoked salmon, avocado & cucumber.
8. Boston$3.95lettuce, shrimp, mayonnaise & cucumber.
9. Philadelphia$3.95smoked salmon, cucumber & cream cheese.
10. Tempura$3.95fried with cucumber & caviar.
11. Ginza$3.95cooked salmon, onion & mayonnaise with caviar.
12. Shiitake & Cucumber$3.95
13. Spicy Salmon$3.95
14. East$5.95shrimp, omelette, cucumber, avocado & caviar.
15. Yellowtail$4.95
16. Eel Cucumber$5.45
16. Eel Avocado$5.45
17. Tuna$4.95
18. Spicy Tuna$4.95
19. Classic$4.95crabmeat, omelette, mayonnaise, cucumber & caviar.
Special Rolls
1. Mitoushi$12.95shrimp, mango, cucumber & mayonnaise topped with eel & caviar.
2. Volcano$11.95deep-fried tuna yellowtail, salmon & omelette topped with spicy tuna & caviar.
3. Tiger$9.95crispy crabmeat, cucumber & spicy topped with salmon, caviar & seaweed.
4. Rainbow$9.95crabmeat, cucumber, avocado, caviar, tuna & salmon with white fish on the top.
5. Dancing Eel$9.95eel with cucumber, avocado, cream cheese & caviar.
6. Moscow$10.95tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado & caviar wrapped in cucumber.
7. Sweethearts$11.95chopped shrimp, avocado & spicy mayonnaise topped with tuna & crunchy.
8. Golden Dragon$10.95eel, cucumber & avocado & topped with mango & caviar.
9. Kamikaze$9.95tuna, yellowtail, salmon, avocado & cucumber & caviar outside.
10. Super Eel$13.95eel, cucumber & cream cheese with eel on the top with caviar.
11. Phoenix$9.95tempura chicken & mayonnaise inside topped with mango & caviar.
12. Bay Ridge$9.95deep-fried eel & cream cheese.
13. Winter$10.95spicy white tuna with crunchy inside topped with super white tuna.
14. Lion King$12.95shrimp tempura & cream cheese inside topped with eel & avocado caviar.
15. Lobster King$10.95lobster meat, avocado, mayonnaise & caviar wrapped with cucumber.
16. American Dream$11.95eel, avocado & caviar inside topped with tuna & avocado.
17. New York$11.95eel, cucumber, avocado & caviar topped with crunchy spicy tuna.
18. Red Dragon$10.95crabmeat, cucumber & caviar topped with tuna & avocado.
19. Odessa$8.95fried fish, cucumber, avocado & caviar with japanese mayonnaise.
20. Summer$11.95spicy salmon, cucumber & caviar inside topped with spicy tuna & avocado.
21. Emmons$8.95fresh salmon, avocado, caviar & crunchy with spicy mayonnaise.
22. Dragon$10.95eel, cucumber, avocado & caviar.
23. Spider$9.95fried soft-shell crab with cucumber, avocado & caviar.
24. Godzilla$14.95tuna, white fish, salmon, eel cream cheese, avocado & deep-fried caviar.
25. Spicy Girl$13.95spicy tuna, salmon & yellowtail with cucumber, avocado & deep-fried caviar.
26. Rock N$8.95eel, salmon skin, avocado & cucumber.
Fried Rice
1. Pineapple$14.00diced fresh pineapple, shrimp, scallop, crabmeat & chicken.
2. Malaysian Seafood$14.00* fried rice with malaysian spicy shrimp pasta sauce.
3. Chicken Or Beef$12.00
4. Shrimp$13.00
1. Pad Thai$10.00* stir-fried rice sticks with beansprouts in spicy thai chili sauce. sprinkled with ground peanuts.
2. Mee Siam$10.00* stir-fried rice noodles with beansprouts in spicy thai chili sauce. sprinkled with ground peanuts.
3. Char Kuch Teow Or Rice$10.00* malaysian stir-fried flat noodles or rice noodles with shrimp, squid, chives, beansprouts, egg, soy sauce & chili paste.
4. Singapore Rice$10.00* stir-fried noodles in a special milky spicy sauce with shrimp, squid, beansprouts & egg.
5. Yaki Udon Or Soba$12.00sautéed noodle with shrimp, chicken or beef.
6. Seafood Udon Or Soba$14.00
7. Nebeyaki Udon$12.00noodles in soup with egg, chicken, crabmeat & tempura shrimp.
Entrées From The Kitchen
1. Beef Negimaki$13.95beef rolled with scallion in teriyaki sauce.
2. Chicken Negimaki$12.95chicken rolled with scallion in teriyaki sauce.
3. Chicken Katsu$12.95deep-fried chicken cutlets with katsu sauce.
Entrées From The Sushi Bar
1. Sushi Platter$14.959 pieces of sushi & a california roll.
2. Sashimi Platter$16.9515 pieces of assorted raw fish with rice on the side.
3. Sushi Sashimi Combination$19.955 pieces of sushi, 10 pieces of sashimi & a california roll.
4. Love Cruise$40.0012 pieces of sushi, 18 pieces of sashimi, a california roll and an eel roll.
5. Love Cruise$80.0020 pieces of sushi, 30 pieces of sashimi, a spicy tuna roll and a dragon roll.
6. Maki Combination A.$10.95california roll, alaskan roll & a spicy salmon roll.
6. Maki Combination B.$10.95spicy salmon roll, boston roll and california roll.
6. Maki Combination C.$10.95tuna roll, salmon roll & philadelphia roll.
6. Maki Combination D.$10.95shrimp tempura roll, california roll & salmon roll.
7. Unadon$17.95
8. Tekka Don$16.95
9. Chirashi$15.95
10. Tri-Color Sashimi$18.953 pieces of tuna, 3 pieces of salmon & 3 pieces of yellowtail with a moscow roll.
11. Tri-Color Sushi$16.953 pieces of tuna, 3 pieces of salmon, 3 pieces yellowtail with a kamikaze roll.
Spicy Asian Entrées
1. Mango Chicken Or Shrimp Entrée$13.00* sautéed in mango with spicy sweet & sour sauce.
Thai Basil Entrée$13.00*
4. Curry Chicken Entrée$13.00*
5. Curry Lamb Entrée$14.00*
Green Curry Entrée$13.00*
Lemongrass Entrée$13.00*
10. Malaysian-Style Kung Bo Squid$11.00*
11. Okra With Squid Entrée$11.00* sautéed with malaysian shrimp paste sauce.
12. Okra With Shrimp Entrée$13.00*
13. Kang Kong With Shrimp$13.00* sautéed with spicy malaysian shrimp paste sauce.
14. Baked Salmon With Moromi Miso$16.00*
15. Baked Chilean Sea Bass With Moromi Miso$26.00*
18. Tamarind Shrimp$13.00
19. Miso Duck Breast$26.00
20. Garlic Chicken$10.00
21. Garlic Beef$11.00
23. Buddha Delight$10.00assorted vegetables.
11. Vegetable$10.95
12. Chicken$12.95
13. Shrimp$13.95
14. Seafood$15.95
4. Vegetable$11.95
4. Tofu$11.95
5. Chicken$12.95
6. Beef$14.95
7. Shrimp$15.95
8. Salmon$14.95
9. Scallop$16.95
10. Seafood$16.95
Hibachi Solos
1. Chicken$14.95
2. Salmon$15.95
3. Steak$15.95
4. Shrimp$16.95
5. Scallop$16.95
6. White Tuna$19.95
7. Filet Mignon$20.95
8. Lamb$25.00
Hibachi Duets
9. Chicken & Steak$18.95
9. Chicken & Filet Mignon$21.95
10. Chicken & Shrimp$18.95
11. Shrimp & Steak$18.95
11. Shrimp & Filet Mignon$21.95
12. Shrimp & Scallop$18.95
13. Scallop & Steak$18.95
13. Scallop & Filet Mignon$21.95
Crystal Grill
1. Porter House$26.00
2. Filet Mignon$16.00
3. Fuciaana Beef$11.00
4. Steak$9.00
7. Chicken$7.00specially marinated.
8. Chicken Satay$9.00
9. Beef Satay$11.00
10. Thai-Style Chicken$9.00
11. Thai-Style Beef$11.00
12. Shrimp$11.00
13. Squid$8.00
14. Salmon$11.00
14. Clam$13.00
16. Mussel$11.00
17. Oyster$3.50
19. Scallop$11.00
20. Chilean Sea Bass$21.00
21. Baby Ribs$13.00
22. Lamb Chop$13.00
23. Baby Octopus$9.00
Hibachi Side Orders
14. Fried Rice$4.25
15. Fried Noodles$3.95
16. Fried Plain Udon$4.95thick wheat flour noodles.
1. Ice Cream$3.25
2. Ice Cream Tempura$5.95
3. Fried Banana$5.95
4. Fried Cheesecake$5.95
Apple Juice$3.50
Orange Juice$3.50
Soda$1.75coke, diet coke, ginger ale, sprite
Snapple$2.95lemon iced tea, peach iced tea

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