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Turkish Style Pizzas- Karadeniz Pidesi.
Similar to conventional pizza, this specialty of turkey's black sea region is distinguished by its unique turkish ingredients. Enjoy the best of the city of sanliurfa with your choice of the following toppings.
Lahmacun a ground lamb and vegetable mix spiced and baked on a very thin dough in the oven. served in traditional eastern turkish fashion.
Peynirli layered with melted cheese and chunks of fresh tomato.
Kiymali ground lamb spiced and layered with sautéed onion.
Sucukli melted cheese decked with turkish style pepperoni.
Karisik a dense mixture of the cheese, ground lamb, and sausage, with eggs if you so choose. the result is distinctive and delicious.
All sandwiches are served with homemade pita wraps. Non-vegetarian choices come with a delicious mixture of white rice pilaf or lightly spiced bulgur, while out vegetarian sandwiches are accompanied by an assortment of fresh greens.
Babaganush creamy eggplant, tahini and garlic.
Nohut Ezme thick turkish humus wrapped in a warm pita.
Yaprak Dolma delicate grape leaves stuffed with a sweet blend of rice, raisins, mint, pine nuts, and dill and dressed with a tangy yogurt sauce if you like, all in a warm pita.
Chicken hand chopped chicken char grilled on a skewer and tucked into a pita with fresh vegetables.
Lamb simple, tender cubes of lamb cooked over a flame and wrapped in a pita.
Adana lean ground lamb with a spicy, buttery taste in pita bread.
Izgara Kofte a spicy mixture of finely ground lamb and vegetables.
Yaprak Doner served only on friday and saturday tender lamb marinated and cut in thin shavings in a pita wrap.

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