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66. Juice$3.25
67. Soda$1.50Please call restaurant for availability as selection changes daily.
69. Bottled Water$1.00
72. Regular Coffee$1.50
74. Tropical Fruit Smoothies$4.00
8. Hummus$6.00
9. Kan Zaman Appetizer$8.00Hummus, baba ganouj, tabouli and 3 falafel.
10. Baba Ganouj$6.00
11. Labaneh$5.00
12. Meat and Eggs$7.00
13. Vegetarian Plate$12.00Hummus, baba ganouj, 3 falafel, 3 grape leaves and fattoush.
14. Foul Madammas$5.00
15. Kan Zaman Maza$40.006 falafel, 6 kibbeh, 6 grape leaves, tabouli, hummus baba ganouj and labaneh. Serves 4-6 people.
16. Stuffed Pies$2.00Your choice of meat, spinach, cheese, spinach feta & cheese or chicken.
17. 6 Piece Falafel$4.00
18. 5 Piece Stuffed Grape Leaves$5.00
19. 4 Piece Kebbeh$6.00
Soups and Salads
Soups and Salad
1. Lentil Soup$5.00
2. Chicken Noodle Soup$5.00
3. Fattoush$7.00
4. Mediterranean Salad$5.00
5. Greek Salad$7.00
6. Tabouli$6.00
7. Falafel Salad$7.00
20. Kan Zaman Special Sandwich$8.00Marinated beef, chicken breast or gyro with our garlic sauce, pickles and onions on pita bread stuffed with rice or fries.
21. Shish Kafta Beef Sandwich$6.00
21. Shish Kafta Chicken Sandwich$6.00
22. Shish Tawook Sandwich$5.00
23. Chicken Shawarma Sandwich$5.00
24. Beef Shawarma Sandwich$6.00
25. Beef Gyro$5.00
25. Chicken Gyro$5.00
26. Beef Shish Kabob Sandwich$6.00
27. Fried Vegetables Sandwich$7.00Fried potatoes, cauliflower, eggplant and onions.
28. Beef Shish Kabob$14.00Perfectly charcoal broiled. Served with salad or soup and fries and rice.
28. Lamb Shish Kabob$16.00Perfectly charcoal broiled. Served with salad or soup and fries and rice.
29. Kaliya$12.00Vegetarian, shrimp, chicken or beef, sauteed with green peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and the perfect blends of spices. Served with salad or soup and fries and rice.
30. Shish Tawook$12.003 skewers of big juicy chicken chunks with delicious garlic sauce. Served with salad or soup and fries and rice.
31. Shish Kafta$12.00Charcoal broiled ground beef, mixed with vegetable and spices. Served with salad or soup and fries and rice.
32. Mixed Grill$14.00Combo 1 skewer each of shish kabob, shish tawook and kafta. Served with salad or soup and fries and rice.
33. Shawarma Plate$12.00Served with salad or soup and fries and rice.
34. Lamb Chops$18.003 succulent lamb chops spiced and grilled. Served with salad or soup and fries and rice.
35. Fish Fry$12.003 pieces of deep fried fish served with fries and tartar sauce. Includes salad or soup.
36. Kan Zaman Plate$16.00Combination of shish kafta, tawook, kabob, grape leaves, kibbeh and hummus. Served with salad or soup and fries and rice.
Kan Zaman Family Plates
Kan Zaman Family Plate
Kan Zaman Family Plate$60.00 - $120.00Served with hummus, baba ganouj, tabouli, kebbeh, grape leaves and falafel.
Kan Zaman Specialties
Kan Zaman Specialtie
49. Cheeseburger$6.00With fries.
50. Chicken Burger$6.00With fries.
51. Fish Filet$5.00With fries.
52. Cheese Pizza$8.00
53. Pepperoni Pizza$8.00
54. Chicken Pizza$8.00
54. Beef Pizza$8.00
55. Vegetarian Pizza$10.00
56. Beef Pepperoni Pizza$8.00
57. Zaater Manaqeesh$5.00
58. Shrimp Pizza$10.00
59. Aryes$10.00
40. Fish Sticks$6.00
41. Mozzarella Sticks$6.00
42. Chicken Fingers$6.00With fries.
43. Rice$3.00
44. Shrimp Basket$8.00With fries.
45. 8 Piece Onion Rings$6.00
46. French Fries$3.00 - $4.00
47. Pickled Vegetables$4.00
48. 10 Piece Wings$7.00
60. Harisa$2.00
61. Rice Pudding$2.00
62. Fruit Bowl$10.00
63. Knafeh$3.00
64. Baklava$2.00
65. Plain Cheesecake$3.00

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