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Egg Combinations
We Serve Large AA Fresh Eggs Cooked Any Style. Each Include Hashed Browned Potatoes And Choice Of Toast Or Hot Biscuit Or Bagel. Eggbeaters Or Egg Whites Available Upon Request.
Ham And Eggs$9.95
Bacon And Eggs$9.50
Sausage And Eggs$8.95
Turkey Sausage & Eggs$8.95
Scrambled Eggs$9.95with chopped ham
Corned Beef Hash And Poached Eggs$9.75
Hamburger Steak And Eggs$9.95
One Extra Large Fresh Egg$5.50
One Extra Large Fresh Egg$7.50with bacon or sausage
Two Large Fresh Eggs$6.95
N. Y. Steak And Eggs$13.95
Eggs Benedict$10.50with ham
Pork Chops & Eggs$11.95
Country Style 16oz Ham & Eggs$12.50
Three Egg Omelettes
Ham And Cheese$10.50
Denver$10.50ham, onions and green peppers
The Works Omelette$10.95ham, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes and cheese
Pizza Omelette$9.95pepperoni, green peppers, onions and mozzarella cheese with marinara sauce
Ortega Omelette$9.95ortega peppers and jack cheese
Warsaw Pact Omelette$10.50packed with polish sausage and cheese
Florentine Omelette$9.95spinach, mushrooms and sour cream
Chicken Omelette$10.50chopped chicken breast, mushroom and jack cheese
Spanish Omelette$9.95spanish sauce, bell pepper, onions, tomatoes, cilantro and celery
Italian Omelette$10.50italian sausage & mozzarella cheese
Buttermilk Pancakes$5.50three big pancakes, light and fluffy
Short Stack$3.95
Pancake Sandwich$7.95three buttermilk pancakes topped with an egg. accompanied by two bacon strips or sausage links an egg, accompanied by two bacon strips or sausage links
Pigs In A Blanket$6.95three sausage links, wrapped in buttermilk pancakes
Pancakes And Strawberries$6.95crowned with whipped topping
French Toast$6.15four thick halves dipped in butter and grilled
French Toast$1.50add strawberries & whipped cream
Belgian Waffle$6.95light and delicious, (now served 24hrs)
Belgian Waffle$1.50add strawberries & whipped cream
Sides & A La Carte
Bacon And Egg Sandwich$6.95
Egg Sandwich$5.90
Bacon (4) Or Sausage Links (4)$3.95
Corned Beef Hash$4.50
Bagel$3.50with cream cheese
A Large Fresh Fish Egg$1.70
Hashed Browned Potato$2.95
Assorted Cold Cereal$2.85
Bran Muffin$1.80
Oatmeal$4.80brown sugar and raisins
Toasted English Muffin$1.95
Biscuit Or Toast$1.95with jelly
Two Peach Halves$1.95
Cottage - Cheese$2.75two scoops on lettuce
Half Grapefruit$3.50
Half Cantaloupe$4.20in season
Sweet Roll$2.95
Blueberry Muffin$2.65
Every Delicious Dinner Entree Is Available 24 Hours A Day. All Dinners Include A Cup Of Hot Soup Or Tossed Green Salad With Choice Of Dressing, Fresh Vegetables, Choice Of Rice Or Potatoes. Baked Potatoes Available From 5-9pm. Dinner Roll Or Garlic Toast.
Southern Fried Chicken$12.50four pieces, served with cranberry sauce
Roast Turkey$11.50tender slices of white turkey breast with dressing, gravy and cranberry sauce
Roast Beef$11.50delicious slices of lean roast beef, served with dressing and brown gravy
Grilled Liver And Onions$10.50tender and flavorful, our grilled beef liver is topped with sauteed onions
Hamburger Steak$9.95juicy ground beef topped with onion rings
Chicken Fried Steak$10.95beef steak, breaded in seasoned crumbs and served with chicken gravy
Dinner Italiano$10.95formed and breaded veal and beef steak, topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, your choice of spaghetti or potatoes
Spaghetti And Meatballs$9.95served with a rich marinara sauce
Center Cut Pork Chops$11.952 pieces grilled and seasoned to perfection
Chicken Breast$10.95grilled breast topped with tomato slices, avocado, and swiss or jack cheese
Chili Con Carne And Beans$9.95a favorite anytime, delicious
Served A La Carte$6.25includes cheese & chopped onion
Choice New York Steak$15.95tender new york steak, garnished with onion rings
New York Steak And Shrimp$16.95tender new york steak and three golden fried shrimps served with cocktail sauce
Golden Fried Shrimp$13.95five breaded shrimps deep fried and served with cocktail sauce and lemon wedges
Fish And Chips$11.95deep fried fish filets, served with french fries, tartar sauce and lemon wedges
The Seafood Plate$14.95deep fried fish fillet, teo breaded shrimp and two scallops. served with tartar sauce, cocktail sauce and lemon wedges
Cajun Style Tilapia$14.952 flaky pieces of white fish lightly seasoned
Ceasar Salad$7.95fresh romaine lettuce, with caesar dressing, croutons and parmesan
Chicken Ceasar Salad$10.95with tender seasoned chicken
Turkey Salad$9.95mixed greens, turkey salad, egg slices or tomato wedges
Dinner Salad$3.95crisp mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and croutons
Albacore Tuna Salad$10.50mixed greens, with tuna salad, egg slices and tomato wedges
Mini Tuna Salad$8.50
Chef's Salad$10.95mixed greens, julienne ham, turkey with cheese, tomato wedges and egg slices
Mini Chef's Salad$8.95
Fresh Fruit Salad$9.95with cottage cheese, ice cream and sherbet
Soups And Sides
Soup Or Chili$3.95 - $4.75
Potato$4.40baked or mashed
French Fries$3.30
Biscuits And Gravy$4.95
Side Of Hamburger Steak$5.95
Side Of Chicken Breast$5.95
Bowl Of Rice$3.50
Crisp Onion Rings$4.25
Vegetable Dish$2.50
Potato Salad Or Slaw$2.85
Garlic Toast$1.95
Tomato Slices$3.25
Half An Avocado$2.75
Fresh Fruit$4.50seasonal
The Hamburger
Hamburgers Include French Fries And Are Cooked Medium Unless Specified Otherwise. Our All Hamburger Patty Is Quarter Pound. For The Half Pound Superburger Add $1.55, Add A Slice Of Cheese $0.50, Or A Green Salad For $2.95
Hamburger$7.50crisp lettuce leaf, tomato slice and pickle spear enhance the flavor of this favorite
Veggie burger$8.50a savory vegetable patty, lettuce, tomato slice and pickle spear on a whole wheat bun
Bacon Cheeseburger$9.95crisp bacon strips on a slice of melted cheese over a juicy hamburger.
Mushroom & Swiss Burger$8.50sauteed mushrooms accompanied by a slice of melting swiss cheese atop our all beef patty will delight your taste buds
Patty Melt$8.95hamburger, patty between two cheese slices, grilled onions on rye bread
Chili Size$8.95hamburger topped with hearty chili and melted cheese, served open-faced
Chili Fries$6.95french fries topped with chili and cheese chopped onions on request
Southern Burger$9.50topped with two strips of bacon, crispy onion rings and tangy bbq sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun
California Burger$10.50fresh guacamole and crisp bacon compliment our juicy all beef patty
Turkey Burger$9.50a lean 1/3 lb ground turkey patty, cooked to perfection. served on a wheat bun
Hot Sandwiches
Steak Sandwich$13.95tender choice new york steak on french sourdough bread with fries, green salad and choice of dressing
Beef Deluxe$9.95sliced beef, melted cheese and tomato slices on grilled french sourdough served with french fries
Grilled Ham And Cheese$8.95tender ham and melted cheese on french bread, served with french fries
French Dip$9.50sliced beef on a french roll, served au jus, with french fries
Twain's Seafood Sandwich$9.95tender fish fillet with fresh tomato slices on grilled french bread, served with french fries and tartar sauce
Turkey Dip$9.50sliced turkey on a french roll, served au jus, with french fries
Reuben Sandwich$9.95hot corned beef with swiss cheese, sauerkraut and dressing on grilled rye bread, served with french fries
Turkey Melt Or Tuna Melt$10.50albacore tuna or slices of turkey, melted cheese, bacon and tomato on grilled french sourdough bread, with fries
Hot Roast Beef Sandwich$9.95served open-faced with whipped potatoes and rich brown gravy
Hot Roast Turkey Sandwich$9.50served open-faced with whipped potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce
Jumbo Grilled Cheese$6.95served on french sourdough bread with potato salad, cole slaw or french fries
Chicken Breast$9.95served on a grilled bun with french fries
Cold Sandwiches
Cold Sandwiches Include Your Choice Of Cole Salw Or Potato Salad
Corned Beef Sandwich$8.50delicious deli style corned beef served on rye
Albacore Tuna Sandwich$7.95white albacore tuna salad with lettuce & tomato
Cold Roast Beef Sandwich$8.50sliced roast beef served with lettuce & tomato
Cold Roast Turkey Sandwich$7.95sliced roast turkey served with lettuce & tomato
Cold Ham Sandwich$7.50premium salad ham with lettuce & tomato
B.L.T$7.50triple decker with bacon, lettuce & tomato
Cheese Sandwich$5.50your choice of cheese served with lettuce & tomato
Egg Salad Sandwich$6.95rich egg salad with lettuce & tomato
Turkey Salad Sandwich$6.95special recipe turkey salad with lettuce & tomato
Cold Ham And Cheese Sandwich$7.95a classic, our tender ham & your choice of cheese
Club Sandwich$9.95triple decker with turkey, bacon, lettuce & tomato
Vegetable Sandwich$7.95served with cucumbers, tomato, lettuce & avocado
Coffee Or Tea$2.40free refill
Herb Tea$2.75free refill
Lemonade$2.95free refill
Sodas$2.95free refill
Ice Tea Or Ice Coffee$2.75free refill
Hot Chocolate$2.95
Egg Cream$2.75 - $3.95chocolate or vanilla
Milk & Nonfat Milk$2.95
Orange Juice$2.95
Tomato Juice$2.95
Pog$2.95passion, orange, guava
Martinelli's Apple Juice$3.25
Cream Pie$4.40
Fruit Pie$3.95
Fruit Pie$4.95a la mode
Ice Cream Or Sherbet$2.95 - $1.89
Ice Cream Float$3.45
Hot Fudge Sundae$4.95
Jr. Hot Fudge Sundae$3.50
Carrot Cake$3.40
Layer Cake$3.50
Tapioca Pudding$2.95
Chocolate Pudding$2.95
Twain's Banana Split$6.95

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