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A1. Tahu Isi (V)$4.00fried tofu stuffed with vegetables
A2. Tahu Goreng (V)$3.00sumedang style fried tofu with small hot green chili peppers
A3. Sate Sapi$6.25bbq beef skewers with peanut sauce
A4. Sate Ayam$5.25bbq chicken skewers with peanut sauce
A5. Pempek Palembang$6.50traditional broiled fish cake in hot & sour sauce
A6. Tempe Goreng (V)$3.00traditional fried soybean cakes
A7. Risolles$3.50deep fried savory chicken pancakes coated with breadcrumbs
A8. Perkedel Kentang (V)$3.75potato fritters with vegetables
A9. Lemper Ayam$3.75steamed glutinous rice stuffed with shredded seasoned chicken
A10. Batagor$6.50fried fish cake served with peanut sauce
A11. Shumai$6.50steamed fish cake served with peanut sauce
Indonesian Traditional Soups
S1. Soto Ayam$7.50sliced broiled chicken in a soup with bean sprouts & rice noodles
S2. Soto Padang$8.50tender broiled beef slices in a soup with rice noodles & chunks of chopped perkedel
S3. Sop Kambing$8.25mutton soup
S4. Sop Buntut$8.00oxtail soup
B1. Rendang Padang **$6.50
B2. Rendang Padang **$12.50
B3. Rendang Padang **$23.50the famous & traditional indonesian beef dish, tenderly cooked in hot spices over low heat.
B4. Gulai Cincang *$7.50curried beef spare ribs cooked in coconut milk, ground hot chili & garlic
B5. Empal Daging$7.50tender broiled beef
B6. Sate Padang Pakai Lontong *$7.50spicy beef skewers covered with chef's special sauce made or rice flour & served with indonesian herbs & spices
B7. Gulai Kambing *$8.50lamb stew upi's style cooked in traditional indonesian herbs & spices
B8. Dendeng Balado *$7.50crispy beef strips smothered with hot chili peppers
C1. Ayam Gulai *$7.50curried chicken cooked in coconut milk, red chili & turmeric
C2. Ayam Rendang *$7.50dry chicken cooked in spicy coconut milk, ginger & lemon grass
C3. Ayam Goreng Kalasan$7.25upi's special deep fried chicken with herbs & spices
C4. Ayam Goreng Balado *$7.50deep fried chicken smothered with hot chili peppers
C5. Opor Ayam$7.50tasty marinated chicken in spices & coconut milk
C6. Ayam Panggang *$7.50grilled barbecued chicken indonesian style
C7. Ayam Goreng Padang$7.00padang special fried chicken
C8. Opor Ayam Kuning$7.50curried chicken, not red chili
F1. Ikan Pepes whole red snapper, marinated with green chili, shallots & basil wrapped in banana leaf
F2. Ikan Goreng Balado * whole red snapper fried & smothered with hot chili peppers
F3. Ikan Bakar whole red snapper grilled lightly spiced to perfection
F4. Ikan Asam Pedas * whole red snapper in a delicately tangy spicy & sour sauce
F5. Ikan Gulai * whole red snapper cooked in curry spice & coconut milk
F6. Ikan Asam Manis whole red snapper fried & marinated in sweet & sour sauce
F7. Udang Goreng Balado Petai *$14.50broiled shrimp & sator (green indonesian nut) simmered over red hot chili peppers
F8. Gulai Udang Campur Tahu Petai *$14.50curried shrimp with tofu & sator (green indonesian nut) cooked with coconut milk & turmeric
F9. Gulai Cumi *$8.00curried squids cooked in spicy coconut gravy
V1. Gado Gado$6.75a variety of traditional indonesian steamed vegetables served in a tangy peanut sauce
V2. Ketoprak$6.50rice vermicelli, tofu & bean sprouts a garlic peanut sauce
V3. Sayur Nangka$5.50young jackfruit cooked to perfection in a lightly spiced curry.
V4. Sayur Lodeh$5.50mixed vegetables cooked in delicious curry gravy
V5. Sayur Daun Singkong$5.75fresh kale leaf cooke in tangy coconut milk & spices
V6. Gulai Jengkol$7.75pickled dash (jumbo nut) curry
V7. Balado Jengkol$7.50pickled dash (jumbo nut) marinated in hot chili spices.
V8. Lontong Sayur$5.50rice squares served over mixed vegetables.
V9. Karedok$6.50fresh vegetables served with peanut sauce
V10. Sate Tofu$6.50fried tofu with bean sprows & cucumber served with peanut sauce
V11. Balado Telor$5.50deep fried egg with hot chili
V12. Kemtang Balado$5.50fried potato with hot chili
V13. Terong Balado$5.50deep fried eggplant with hot chili pepper
Nasi Rames
Chef's Combination Of Rice Specials. Choice Of Entree Served With Jasmine Rice & Vegetables.
R1. Randang Daging **$7.50beef rendang
R2. Gulai Ayam *$7.50curried chicken
R3. Rendang Ayam *$7.50chicken rendang
R4. Ayam Panggang *$7.50barbecued chicken
R5. Ayam Goreng$7.00fried chicken
R6. Ayam Goreng Balado *$7.50fried chicken smothered with hot chili peppers
R7. Ikan Goreng Balado *$8.50fried fish smothered with hot chili peppers
R8. Gulai Cincang *$7.50curried beef spareribs
R9. Gulai Cumi *$7.50curried squids
R10. Dendeng Balado *$7.50crispy sliced beef
R11. Empal Daging$7.50tender broiled beef
R12. Udang Balado *$7.50broiled shrimp smothered with chili peppers
R13. Gulai Udang Tahu *$7.50curried shrimp & tofu
R14. Gulai Ikan *$8.50curried fish
R15. Opor Ayam$7.50chicken marinated in spices & coconut milk
Daily Lunch Special$6.25weekdays 11:30am-3:00pm
Side Orders
Q1. Nasi Putih$1.50fragrant jasmine rice
Q2. Krujpuk Udang / Ikan$1.75traditional indonesian shrimp or fish crackers (choose one)
Q3. Krupuk Emping / Bawang$2.00(v). vegetarian "melinjo nut" or onion crackers (choose one)
Q4. Sambal Merah / Hijau$1.00
Q5. Sambal Merah / Hijau$5.00upi's red or green fresh ground chili
Weekends Only
Q6. Nasi / Mee Goreng & Telor (Egg) upi's lightly flavored fried rice / vermicelli noodles
Sayur$6.50with mixed vegetable
Ayam$7.50with shredded chicken
Udang$7.75with shrimp
Iran Asin$7.75salty fish
H1. Pisang Goreng Pakai Ice Cream$5.50warm banana fritters with two scoops of ice cream
H2. Pisang Goreng$3.00banana fritters
H3. Ice Cream$3.00choice of vanilla, chocolate, mango or green tea
H4. Lupis$3.50steamed glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf, topped with fine ground coconut & drizzled with palm sugar
H5. Cheese Cake Fried 
Specialty Indonesian Beverages
G1. Es Cendol$3.50rice beads topped with palm sugar & coconut milk
G2. Es Pokat$4.00smooth avocado blend topped with shaved ice & sweetened condensed milk
G3. Es Teler$3.50jackfruit & avocado slices topped with basil seeds, shredded young coconut, palm fruit & shaved ice
G4. Soda Gembira$3.00soda with condensed milk
Other Beverages
M1. Mango$2.50orange, apple, or young coconut juice
M2. Iced Coffee / Tea$2.00
M3. Hot Coffee / Tea$1.50
M4. The Botol / Kotak$1.50chilled indonesian jasmine tea
M5. Nestea$1.50coke / diet, sprite / diet, bottled water
M6. Kopi Susu / Kopi Tubruk$2.00unfiltered indonesian coffee with / without condensed milk.
M7. Kopi Jahe$1.75indonesian coffee sweetened with sugar cane ginger & herb extracts.

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