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Poultry Roll
1. Spicy Chicken Roll$4.75onion, cucumber, corn, chicken, mayonnaise and special sauce
2. Crispy Chicken Roll$3.75lettuce, corn, chicken, mayonnaise and special sauce
3. Smoke Chicken Roll$5.25onion, lettuce, corn, ham, chicken, mayonnaise and special sauce
4. Smoked Duck Roll$5.75onion, cucumber, duck and special sauce
Seafood Roll
5. Salty Pepper Salmon Roll$5.50lettuce, cream cheese, salmon and special sauce
6. Crunchy Shrimp Roll$4.75avocado, seasonal seaweed, shrimp, mayonnaise and special sauce
7. Lobster Roll$9.75cucumber, lettuce, seasonal seaweed, lobster, mayonnaise and special sauce
8. Seafood Combo Roll$5.75cucumber, lettuce, snow crab, scallop, shrimp and special sauce
Beef Roll $5.75
7. B.B. Beef Roll onion, cucumber, kim chi, beef and special sauce
8. Ginger Beef Roll onion, cucumber, asparagus, beef and special sauce
Veggies Roll
9. Salad Combo Roll$5.50avocado, sweet potatoes, red bean, cream cheese, dry grape
10. Veg.Combo Roll$7.75cucumber, lettuce, asparagus, corn, kim chi, dry veg. and special sauce
Comb Roll
Add $0.50 For Any House Fresh Fruit Juice Topping
C1. Poultry Roll And Yogurt$8.50
C2. Seafood Combo Roll And Yogurt$8.75
C3. Salad Combo Roll And Yogurt$8.75
Kids Menu
Free Bag Of Seasonal Seaweed
K1. Crispy Chicken Roll And Yogurt$6.95
C2. Crunchy Shrimp Roll And Yogurt$5.95

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