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Specialty Foods
Fried Tofu$6.00lightly battered fried tofu
House Special Fried Rice$8.00premium japanese short grain rice combined with meats and vegetables
Minced Pork Over Rice$6.00minced spiced pork over japanese short grain rice
Homestyle Noodles Soup$10.00braised beef broth over noodles and vegetables
Jajian Noodles$10.00special minced, spiced meat and vegetables over noodles
Braised Beef Broth$6.00braised beef broth and vegetables
Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken$7.00salt and pepper chicken nuggets
Popcorn Shrimp$7.00tempura batter fried shrimp with sweet chili thai sauce
Zebra Wings$7.00peppered chicken wings
Saute Squid$7.00saute squid flavored with house special spices
Homemade Taiwanese Sausage$6.00sweet taiwanese pork sausage, grilled and served with sliced garlic
Tempura$6.00japanese fish cakes grilled with special sauce
Fried Fish Cake$6.00fried fish cakes with special sauce
Mozzarella Stick$7.00breaded mozzarella cheese served with our marinara sauce
Mini Chicken Tender Sandwich$10.003 mini chicken tender with three house sauce and spices
Sliders$10.003 mini hamburgers with three house sauces and spices
Grilled Yellowtail Collar$15.00grilled yellowtail collar served with lemon
Chicken Fingers$7.00tender chicken fingers with our homemade honey mustard sauce
French Fries$6.00seasoned french fries
Sweet Potatoes And Yam Fries$6.00seasoned sweet potato and yam fries
Onion Rings$6.00onion rings prepared with tempura batter
Spring Roll$6.00japanese harumaki wrap with shrimp and vegetables and served with thai sauce
Sticky Rice Sausage$7.00handwrap steam sticky rice served with homemade sauce
Fried Cuttlefish$7.00simply batter fried cuttlefish seasoned with black pepper and salt
Pan Fried Handmade Dumpling$7.00pan fried dumpling wrap with pork and vegetables served with homemade sauce
Steam Handmade Dumpling$7.00steam dumpling wrap with pork and vegetables served with homemade sauce
Fried Squid Ball$6.00lightly battered fried squid ball
Fried Meatball$6.00fried pork meatball served with homemade sauce
Zebra Platter$8.00assortment of marinated sliced beef and seaweed
Signature Cocktails
Ginger Infused Mojito$12.00bacardi limon, fresh mint, lime and ginger puree
Red Apple Martini$12.00stoli gala applik vodka with pomegranate juice and apple sider
Green Apple Martini$12.00stoli gala applik vodka with sour apple pucker
Lychee Martini$12.00vodka with lychee juice
Peach Delight$12.00zygo peach vodka with peach nectar topped with champagne
Southside$10.00tanqueray ten gin with fresh lemon juice and sprite
Sparkling Elder Flower Blossom$10.00citron vodka st. germain topped with veuve clicquot champagne
Lava Flow$12.00chiroc coconut, pinenut juice, half cream and milk and top with rose's grenadine
Chocolate Cake$12.00citron vodka, frangelico and sugar-coated lemon
Zebra Ice Tea$10.00zebra longue's twist to the classic long island ice tea
Zebra Coolada$10.00melibu rum with pineapple juice topped off with amarretto
Zebra Cafe Shooter$10.00patron cafe bacardi 151 serve chilled for two
Zebra Cosmo$12.00ciroc red berry with cranberry juice and fresh lime juice
Zebra Champagne Punch$12.00amaretto, bacardi light, splash of rose's granadine and top with champagne
Zebra Margarita$12.00jose cuervo with triple sec and sour mix topped with chambord
Non Alcoholic Cocktails
Homemade Gingerale$5.00ginger puree with soda water
Pineapple Fresh$5.00fresh pineapple with lime soda
Mango Fresh$5.00fresh mango with lime soda
Tropical Juice Cocktail$3.00
Hey-Song Root Beer$3.00
Apple Sidra$3.00
Fiji Water$3.00
Voss Sparkling Water$3.00
Ice Or Hot Green Tea$3.00
Tap Beers
La Chouffe$8.00belgium golden ale characterized by a fruity lemon grass aroma and taste
Ephereme 8oz, Canada$7.00a cloudy white ale brewed with granny smith apples giving a slight;y sweet & tart flavor
Dogfish 60 Min 16oz, USA$7.00an india pale ale with an amber hue characterized by citrus hops aroma
Dogfish Midas Touch$8.00a complex ale brewed with marley, white grapes, honey and saffron giving it a sweet taste
Purple Haze 16oz, USA$7.00a cloudy amber fruit beer made with rasberry puree creating a mild berry finish
Delirium Tremens 8oz, Belgium$8.00a strong pale ale brewed with 3 different kinds of yeast slight happy taste with a hint of cherry
Magic Hat #9 16oz, USA$7.00a pale ale made with apricot extracts giving it an amber hue and slightly sweet taste
Blanche Bruxelles 16oz, Belgium$7.00a naturally cloudy white beer with aromas of coriander and bitter oranges peels
Magic Hat Circus Boy 16oz, USA$7.00a refreshing american-style hafeweizen with hints of lemon and citrus taste
Blue Moon 16oz, USA$7.00unfiltered belgium white style ale with hints of orange fruit flavor
Beer Sampler$12.003 tap beer of your choice
Bottled Beers
Duvel, Belgium$8.00a golden ale tasting of sweet malts and hops
Chimay Blue, Belgium$9.00beglian dark ale with hints of raisins and caramel finished with a sweet malty taste
Lindemans Framboise, Belgium$10.00taste of rasberry with undertones of fruity acidity and a sparkling clean taste
Stella Artois, Belgium$6.00
Sam Adams, USA$6.00
Guinness, Ireland$6.00
Heineken Light, Holland$6.00
Corona, Mexico$6.00
Budweiser, USA$6.00
Amstel Light, Hollnd$6.00
Coors Light, USA$6.00
Edna Valley$10.00chardonnay 2007 sand luis obispo, california peach and pear franrance with tropical fruit aroma
Sterling Vineyards$10.00svr reserve 2005, napa valley, california spicy vanilla oak notes which compliment the wines's black cherry currant and berry flavors

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