Healthy Foods That Help Lose Weight

Societal beauty standard unavoidably shapes our perception of our body. People dream about having an hour-glass or an unhealthily skinny body and hate themselves for not being so. But they are so unaware of the enormous effects of posing and photoshops have on social media pictures. Neither do they realize that genetic predisposition almost determines your body type. On the other hand, some people want to lose weight because they certain amount of weight loss free them from inflicting with chronic disease or help them feel their best selves.

Either way, we hope to give you some insights into foods that have to have weight-loss property, according to peer-reviewed meta-analysis. But we do want you to be aware of individual differences in how your body reacts to certain foods. Plus, eating certain foods alone is not the best way to approach weight loss. We recommend practice intuitive eating and eating healthy 80% of the time plus occasional indulgence.

  • p.s. If research is peer-reviewed, it is oftentimes more reliable than those not peer-reviewed.
  • p.p.s. A meta-analysis refers to an examination of data from many independent studies of the same subject.
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