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1. Signature Golden Vegetarian Spring Rolls$5.95
2. Crispy Fried Tofu Cakes$7.95
3. Hand-Battered Prawns$9.95
4. Deep-Fried Scallion Filled Crispy Cake$7.95
5. Fried Calamari$7.95
6. Wok-Seared Pot Stickers$7.95
7. Golden Fried Buffalo Wings Seasoned*$7.95with salt and pepper
8. Sliced Honey-Glazed Barbecued Pork$7.95
9. Vegetarian Duck In Marinade Sauce$8.95
10. Wok Fried Fresh Oysters$11.95
11. Shredded Squab$13.95with lettuce wraps
12. Variety Of Shredded Seafood$15.95with lettuce wraps
13. Combination Plate$24.95spicy jellyfish, barbecued pork, vegetarian roast duck, extra crispy roast duck
14. Quad-Flavored Plate$15.95 - $28.95spicy jellyfish, barbecued pork, vegetarian roast duck, extra crispy roast duck
15. Oven Roasted Squab 
16. Oriental Chicken Salad$9.95
17. Mu Shu Beef Or Pork$10.95with thin pancake wraps
18. Fresh Egg Drop$7.95with lettuce soup
19. Hot And Sour Soup*$8.95
20. Great Oriental Tofu Seafood Soup$9.95
21. House Special Diced Winter Melon Soup$10.95
22. House Special Soup$9.95
23. Crab Meat And Sweet Corn Soup$9.95
24. Fresh Steelhead Fish Bone Soup$13.95
25. Chives And Dried Scallop Soup$9.95
26. Combination Seafood$9.95with bamboo pith soup
27. Crab Meat And Fish Maw Soup$11.95
28. Westlake Minced Beef Soup$9.95
29. Shark's Fin Soup 
30. Wor Wonton Soup$9.95
31. Sizzling Seafood Soup$9.95
Lobster And Crab
32. Baked Lobster In Garlic Sauce with cheese
33. Baked Lobster flavored with ginger and scallion
34. Lobster In Special Soup 
35. Steamed Lobster with garlic
36. Live Lobster Lo Mein 
37. Salt And Pepper Crab* 
38. Hunan Style Crab* 
39. House Special Crab* 
40. Fresh Dungeness Crab with vermicelli in clay pot
41. Steamed Crab In Special Chicken Oil And Wine Sauce 
42. Fresh Crab Seasoned with ginger and scallion
Fish, Shellfish And Scallops
43. Preserved Mustard Green$9.95with squid
44. Clams In Black Bean Sauce*$10.95
45. Sauteed Leek Sprout And Squid$10.95
46. Rock Cod Fish$11.95with vegetables
47. Clams In Wine Sauce$12.95
48. Sauteed Scallops$11.95
49. Combination Seafood In Crispy Nest$12.95
50. Oysters$11.95with ginger and scallions in clay pot
51. Salt And Pepper Oysters*$11.95
52. Cho Chou Style Oyster Pancake$12.95
53. Sliced Steelhead Fish$11.95with vegetables
54. Deep Fried Flounder$18.95
55. Fried Flounder Balls$25.95
56. Sauteed Conch$25.95with geoduck clams
57. Steelhead Fish In Two Styles 
58. Steamed Steelhead Fish 
59. Steamed Fresh Seafood 
Prawns And Shrimp
60. Szechuan Prawns*$12.95
61. Sweet Cream Coated Prawns$13.95with honey glazed walnuts
62. Sauteed Prawns$12.95
63. Cashew Prawns$13.95
64. Garlic Shrimp*$12.95
65. Sweet And Sour Shrimp$13.95
66. Shrimp Foo Young$12.95
67. Spicy Braised Shrimp*$12.95
68. Kung Pao Shrimp*$12.95
69. Salt And Pepper Prawns*$13.95
70. Prawns$13.95with bok choy
71. Prawns In Smooth Lobster Sauce$12.95
Abalone And Shark's Fin
72. Signature Shark's Fin Soup 
73. Braised Shredded Chicken And Shark Fin In Soup$18.95
74. Fresh Vegetables$18.95with baby abalone
75. Fresh Vegetables$19.95with fried sea cucumber
76. Sea Cucumber$18.95topped with shiitake mushrooms
77. Sea Cucumber$28.95topped with sliced abalone
78. Lightly Salted Sliced Abalone$28.95with vegetables
79. Braised Superior Shark's Fin with oyster sauce
80. Fried Crab Meat$22.95with shark's fin
81. Beef And Tofu In A Special Brown Sauce$9.95
82. Oriental Style Steak$10.95
83. Mongolian Beef*$9.95
84. Beef$9.95with oyster sauce
85. Oriental Garlic Steak$10.95
86. Beef$9.95with bitter lemon
87. Beef$9.95with preserved mustard greens
88. Steak In X.O. Sauce$11.95
89. Bok Choy Topped With Beef$10.95
90. Asparagus Beef$10.95
91. Shredded Steak In Crispy Nest$11.95
92. Sweet And Sour Pork$9.95
93. Imperial Spareribs Coated$10.95with sweet and sour sauce
94. Spicy Minced Pork*$9.95with diced tofu
95. Salt And Pepper Spareribs*$10.95
96. Spicy Minced Pork*$9.95with eggplant
97. Steamed Pork Cake$10.95topped with dried scallops or preserved duck eggs
98. Steamed Pork Cake$10.95topped with sun-dried salted fish
99. Spareribs$9.95with bitter melon
100. Wok-Grilled Pork Cake$10.95topped with salted fish
Chicken And Duck
101. Sweet And Sour Chicken$9.95
102. Kung Pao Chicken*$9.95
103. Garlic Chicken*$9.95
104. Cashew Chicken$9.95
105. Chicken$9.95with black bean sauce
106. Almond Chicken$9.95
107. Mango Chicken In Crispy Nest$11.95
108. Chicken$9.95with string beans
109. Sesame Chicken*$10.95
110. Nan Yang Style Roast Chicken$18.95 - $11.95
111. Crispy Chicken$18.95 - $11.95with ginger and scallion
112. Home Style Chicken$18.95 - $10.95
113. Crispy Duck$21.95 - $10.95
114. Duck$22.95 - $15.95with eight ingredients
115. Combination Mixed Duck$22.95 - $13.95
116. House Special Chicken$25.95 - $15.95
117. Peking Duck$27.95
118. Crispy Chicken$11.95 - $21.95
119. Glazed Lemon Chicken$10.95
120. Glazed Orange Chicken$10.95
121. Sliced Fish Porridge$7.95
122. Abalone Porridge$7.95
123. Plain Porridge$3.95
124. Beef Porridge$5.95
125. Chicken Porridge$5.95
126. Pork$5.95with preserved duck eggs porridge
127. Shrimp Porridge$6.95
128. Great Oriental Seafood Porridge$7.95
Clay Pots And Sizzling Platters
* Hot & Spicy.
129. Oriental Special Clay Pot$19.95
130. Combination Seafood In Clay Pot*$12.95
131. Beef Stew In Clay Pot$11.95
132. Sizzling Chicken In Clay Pot$10.95
133. Preserved Vegetables And Pork Billy In Clay Pot$10.95
134. Spicy Minced Pork*$10.95with eggplant in clay pot
135. Braised Tofu$10.95with mushrooms in clay pot
136. Chicken And Salted Fish$10.95with tofu in clay pot
137. Shredded Pork And Salted Fish$11.95with eggplant in clay pot
138. Sizzling Oriental Steak$12.95with onions
139. Sizzling Chicken$11.95with onion in black bean sauce
140. Deluxe Clay Pot$12.95with tofu
141. Braised Lamb$12.95with dried bean curd in clay pot
142. Roasted Duck$13.95with oysters in clay pot
143. Chinese Cabbage And Seafood In Clay Pot$13.95
144. Sizzling Oysters$12.95with ginger and onions
145. Sizzling Clams In X.O. Sauce*$13.95
146. Braised Fish Fillet In Clay Pot$12.95
147. Mixed Vegetables$10.95with vermicelli in clay pot

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