Abner's Famous Chicken Tenders Prices and Locations

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on any meal, tenders can be dipped in wing sauce for a $0.35 charge. Abner's Sauces: Abner's Original, Honey Mustard, BBQ, Ranch, Spicy Buffalo, Bleu Cheese, Franks Hot Sauce
The Lil' Abner$4.992 tenders, fries, garlic bread & sauce
Snack Plate$5.993 tenders, fries, garlic bread & sauce
Four Piece Meal$6.994 tenders, fries, slaw, garlic bread & 2 sauces
Orignal Plate$7.995 tenders, fries, slaw, garlic bread & 2 sauces
Tender/Wing Combo$8.894 wings, 3 tenders, fries, garlic bread & 2 sauces
Spicy Popcorn Chicken$6.89popcorn chicken, fries, garlic bread & sauce
Hungry Lush$9.758 tenders, fries, slaw, garlic bread & 2 sauces
Chicken Only
7 Tenders$9.59garlic bread and 2 sauces
10 Tenders$11.592 sauces
25 Tenders$24.754 sauces
Sandwiches & Wraps
Abner's Wrap$8.25lettuce, tomato, cheddar/jack, with abner's original sauce
Cool Ranch Wrap$8.25lettuce, tomato, cheddar/jack, with cool ranch sauce
Spicy Buffalo Wrap$8.25lettuce, tomato, cheddar/jack, with spicy buffalo sauce
Club Wrap$8.25lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheddar/jack, with honey mustard sauce
Caesar Wrap$8.25lettuce, parmesan cheese and caesar dreesing
Original Sandwich Meal$6.493 tenders on garlic bread with lettuce, tomato, sauce & fries
Chicken Breast Sandwich$4.99fried or grilled, topped with pickles & sauces
6 Wings$8.25garlic bread & sauce
10 Wings$10.992 sauces
25 Wings$24.754 sauces
Soft Drinks$1.99 - $2.39Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Diet, Powerade
Garden Salad$5.39 - $8.89Fresh greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, bacon, cheddar/jack
Caesar Salad$5.19 - $8.39Fresh greens, parmesan and caesar dressing
Mandarin Salad$5.19 - $8.39Fresh greens with mandarin oranges, toasted almonds and served with lite olive oil vinaigrette
Greek Salad$5.39 - $8.89Fresh greens, kalamata olives, green olives, feta, arthihoke hearts and tomatoes served with lite olive oil vinaigrette
Baked Potatoes
Plain$3.99 - $6.59
Pigskin$5.29 - $7.89Stuffed with bacon, cheddar/jack & green onions
Side Salad$2.49
12 oz. Sauce$1.99
Extra Sauce$0.25
Garlic Bread$0.30

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