Capriotti's Sandwich Shop Prices and Locations

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Cap's Specials
Bobbie$7.509 in.
Bobbie$9.7512 in.
Bobbie$14.7520 in.
Capastrami$8.509 in.
Capastrami$10.7512 in.
Capastrami$16.2520 in
Cole Turkey$7.509 in.
Cole Turkey$9.7512 in.
Cole Turkey$14.7520 in.
Slaw Be Jo$7.509 in.
Slaw Be Jo$9.7512 in.
Slaw Be Jo$14.7520 in.
Cran-Slam Club$6.50
Hot Stuff
Cheese Steak$8.259 in.
Cheese Steak$10.5012 in.
Cheese Steak$16.2520 in.
Chicken Cheese Steak$8.259 in.
Chicken Cheese Steak$10.5012 in.
Chicken Cheese Steak$16.2520 in.
Grilled Italian$7.759 in.
Grilled Italian$9.7512 in.
Grilled Italian$14.7520 in.
Homemade Meatball Sub$6.759 in.
Homemade Meatball Sub$8.7512 in.
Homemade Meatball Sub$13.0020 in.
Italian Sausage$7.509 in.
Italian Sausage$9.5012 in.
Italian Sausage$14.5020 in.
Cold Subs
Homemade Turkey$7.509 in.
Homemade Turkey$9.7512 in.
Homemade Turkey$14.7520 in.
Homemade Roast Beef$7.509 in.
Homemade Roast Beef$9.7512 in.
Homemade Roast Beef$14.7520 in.
Italian$7.509 in.
Italian$9.7512 in.
Italian$14.7520 in.
Ham & Cheese$7.509 in.
Ham & Cheese$9.7512 in.
Ham & Cheese$14.7520 in.
Tuna$7.509 in.
Tuna$9.7512 in.
Tuna$14.7520 in.
Cheese$7.009 in.
Cheese$9.0012 in.
Cheese$13.5020 in.
Homemade Turkey$5.25
Homemade Roast Beef$5.25
Chopped Italian Salad$8.25
The Black and Bleu Salad$8.25
Cap's Creation Salad$6.75
Veggie Turkey$7.509 in.
Veggie Turkey$9.7512 in.
Veggie Turkey$14.7520 in.
Veggie Cole Turkey$7.509 in.
Veggie Cole Turkey$9.7512 in.
Veggie Cole Turkey$14.7520 in.
Veggie Cheese Steak$7.509 in.
Veggie Cheese Steak$9.7512 in.
Veggie Cheese Steak$14.7520 in.
Veggie Cheeseburger$6.50Small
Veggie Cheeseburger$9.75Medium
Veggie Cheeseburger$12.50Large
Desserts & Sides
Cap's Kids
Served with Ocean Spray Craisins & Juice Box
Turkey and Cheese$4.79
Ham and Cheese$4.79
Grilled Cheese$4.79
Soda$1.6920 oz. Bottle
Soda$2.992 Liter Bottle
Capriotti's Water$0.99
Catering Trays
Delaware's Finest$42.99Small
Delaware's Finest$54.99Large
The Bobbie$42.99Small
The Bobbie$54.99Large
The Vegetarian$44.99Small
The Vegetarian$55.99Large
Little Italy$42.99Small
Little Italy$54.99Large
The Turkey Lover$42.99Small
The Turkey Lover$54.99Large
The Sampler$42.99Small
The Sampler$54.99Large
Catering Box Lunch
Any 9 in. Cold Subs or Cap's Specials with Small Chips or Cole Slaw & Cookie. 6 Person Minimum Order.
Cap's Big Box Lunch$9.99
Kids Meal Box Lunch$5.99
Catering Salads
Chopped Italian Catering Salad$24.99
Cap's Creation Catering Salad$22.99
Black & Bleu Catering Salad$24.99
Catering Meatball Bar
Meatball Bar (Feeds 14-16)$99.99
Catering Sides
Side Stuffing$1.49Small
Side Stuffing$2.29Medium
Side Stuffing$7.99Large
Cole Slaw$1.49Small
Cole Slaw$2.29Medium
Cole Slaw$7.99Large
Cranberry Sauce$1.29Small
Cranberry Sauce$1.99Medium
Cranberry Sauce$6.99Large
Catering Desserts
Cookie & Brownie Tray$16.99

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