Costa Vida Prices and Locations

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Burrito (Sweet Pork)$7.49
Burrito (Shredded Beef)$7.49
Burrito (Grilled Chicken)$7.49
Burrito (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$8.49
Burrito (Grilled Steak)$8.99
Burrito (Bean and Cheese)$6.49
Salad (Sweet Pork)$6.99Small
Salad (Sweet Pork)$8.29Regular
Salad (Shredded Beef)$6.99Small
Salad (Shredded Beef)$8.29Regular
Salad (Grilled Steak)$8.49Small
Salad (Grilled Steak)$9.79Regular
Salad (Grilled Chicken)$6.99Small
Salad (Grilled Chicken)$8.29Regular
Salad (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$7.99Small
Salad (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$9.29Regular
Salad (Beans and Cheese)$5.99Small
Salad (Beans and Cheese)$7.29Regular
Enchiladas (Sweet Pork)$5.791 Pc.
Enchiladas (Sweet Pork)$7.792 Pc.
Enchiladas (Shredded Beef)$5.791 Pc.
Enchiladas (Shredded Beef)$7.792 Pc.
Enchiladas (Grilled Chicken)$5.791 Pc.
Enchiladas (Grilled Chicken)$7.792 Pc.
Enchiladas (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$6.791 Pc.
Enchiladas (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$8.792 Pc.
Enchiladas (Grilled Steak)$7.291 Pc.
Enchiladas (Grilled Steak)$9.292 Pc.
Enchiladas (Cheese)$4.791 Pc.
Enchiladas (Cheese)$6.792 Pc.
Tacos (Sweet Pork)$5.791 Pc.
Tacos (Sweet Pork)$7.792 Pc.
Tacos (Shredded Beef)$5.791 Pc.
Tacos (Shredded Beef)$7.792 Pc.
Tacos (Grilled Chicken)$5.791 Pc.
Tacos (Grilled Chicken)$7.792 Pc.
Tacos (Raspberry Chicken)$6.791 Pc.
Tacos (Raspberry Chicken)$8.792 Pc.
Tacos (Grilled Steak)$7.291 Pc.
Tacos (Grilled Steak)$9.292 Pc.
Tacos (Sweet Baja Shrimp)$7.291 Pc.
Tacos (Sweet Baja Shrimp)$9.292 Pc.
Quesadillas (Sweet Pork)$7.79
Quesadillas (Shredded Beef)$7.79
Quesadillas (Grilled Chicken)$7.79
Quesadillas (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$8.79
Quesadillas (Grilled Steak)$9.29
Quesadillas (Cheese)$6.79
Nachos (Sweet Pork)$6.49Small
Nachos (Sweet Pork)$8.49Regular
Nachos (Grilled Chicken)$6.49Small
Nachos (Grilled Chicken)$8.49Regular
Nachos (Shredded Beef)$6.49Small
Nachos (Shredded Beef)$8.49Regular
Nachos (Grilled Steak)$7.99Small
Nachos (Grilled Steak)$9.99Regular
Nachos (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$7.49Small
Nachos (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$9.49Regular
Nachos (Cheese)$5.49Small
Nachos (Cheese)$7.49Regular
Baja Bowl
Baja Bowl (Grilled Chicken)$5.99
Baja Bowl (Shredded Beef)$5.99
Baja Bowl (Grilled Steak)$6.49
Baja Bowl (Sweet Pork)$5.99
Baja Bowl (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$6.99
Baja Bowl (Beans and Cheese)$5.99
Mango Chicken Salad$7.99Small
Mango Chicken Salad$9.29Regular
Sweet Shrimp Salad$8.49Small
Sweet Shrimp Salad$9.79Regular
Sweet Shrimp Tacos$7.291 Pc.
Sweet Shrimp Tacos$9.292 Pc.
Fajita Burrito (Chicken)$8.49
Fajita Burrito (Steak)$10.29
Fajita Quesadilla (Chicken)$8.99
Fajita Quesadilla (Steak)$10.49
Fajita Taco (Chicken)$6.291 Pc.
Fajita Taco (Chicken)$8.292 Pc.
Fajita Taco (Steak)$6.991 Pc.
Fajita Taco (Steak)$10.292 Pc.
Kid Meals
Kids Quesadilla$3.99
Kids Taco$3.99
Kids Enchilada$3.99
Other Choices
Chicken Tortilla Soup$3.99
Chips & Queso$4.49
Chips & Fresh Guacamole$4.49
Chips & Salsa$2.99
Chips & Beans$2.99
Cilantro Lime Rice$1.39
Extra Guacamole$0.99
Extra Sour Cream$0.50
Extra Tortilla$0.25Small
Extra Tortilla$0.50Large
Extra Dressing$0.99
Extra Salsa$0.99
Extra Queso$0.99
Extra Sauce$1.99
Bottled Water$1.79
Bottled Beverage$2.39
Fountain Drink$1.99Regular
Fountain Drink$2.29Large
Tres Leches$3.49
Key Lime Pie$3.49
Sweet Cinnamon Tortilla$0.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie$0.99
Daily Specials
Monday - Small Chicken Salad$7.49
Tuesday - 2 Pork Enchiladas$7.49
Wednesday - 2 Chicken Enchiladas$7.49
Thursday - Small Pork Salad$7.49
Friday - Grilled Chicken Burrito$7.49
Saturday - Shredded Beef Burrito$7.49

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