China Bridge Prices and Locations

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Fried Vegetarian Spring Roll (1)$1.39
Prawn Crackers$2.99
Fried Cheese Wonton (6)$4.99
Shrimp Toast (2)$4.75
Fresh Shrimp Spring Roll (2)$4.25
B.B.Q. Spare Pork Ribs (6)$5.99
Steamed or Pan Fried Pot Stickers (6)$5.99
Minced Chicken In Lettuce Wraps (2)$5.55
Mixed Shrimp In Lettuce Wraps (2)$6.95
Egg Drop Soup$1.75 - $4.99
Hot & Sour Soup$1.75 - $4.99
Miso Soup$1.85 - $4.99
Wonton Soup$1.99 - $5.99
Special Wonton Soup (Large)$9.20
Vegetable Noodle Soup (Large)$7.99
House Noodle Soup or Seafood (Large)$9.99
White Rice$1.75 - $4.00
Fried Rice$2.00 - $5.50
Brown Rice$2.00 - $5.50
Chef's Specialties
Served with white rice,fried rice & brown rice
Beef Tenderloin w.Black Pepper on a Sizzling Plate$11.99Beef tenderloin sauteed with bell peppers & onions in a special black pepper sauce
Stuffed Eggplant w.Black Bean Sauce on a Sizzling Plate$11.99Eggplant stuffed with minced pork on hot sizzling plate
Three Delight Seafood on a Sizzling Plate$12.99Fresh fish,shrimp and scallops sauteed with celery & tofu in delicious special sauce
Honey Crispy Shrimp$12.99Lightly battered fried shrimp sauteed in a white buttery sauce
Coconut Flavor Honey Chicken$10.55Sliced w.chicken meat sauteed in a white sweet & sour buttery sauce
Dragon & Phoenix$11.99Shrimp w.vegetables in a flavorful white sauce on one side & general tso's chicken on the other side
Sesame Jade Chicken$11.99Tender fresh asparagus wrapped with chicken, topped with sesame sauce
Happy Family$12.99Shrimp,scallop,beef & chicken with broccoli,mushrooms,carrots and baby corn in chef's special sauce
General Tso's Chicken$9.99Tender crispy chicken sauteed in the chef's special spicy brown sauce with peppers
Orange Beef$11.99Deep fried beef sauteed in the chef's distinctive orange flavored sauce
Orange Chicken$9.99Deep fried chicken sauteed in the chef's distinctive orange flavored sauce
Combination Shrimp & Chicken$10.99White meat chicken & shrimp sauteed in a light brown sauce with cashews
Kung Pao Triple Delight$11.95Shrimp,chicken,beef prepare in a traditional spicy kung pao sauce w.pepper & peanuts
China Town Stir Fry$12.99A unique combination of shrimp, chicken,beef and chinese vegetable in chef's special sauce
Sesame Chicken$9.99Tender crispy chicken sauteed in the chef's special sauce with sesame
Szechuan Style Scallops and Beef$12.99Scallops snd beef with traditional spicy szechuan sauce and chinese vg
Four Seasons$12.99Scallop,shrimp,beef,chicken sauteed w.vegetables in spicy garlic sauce
Hot and Spicy Beef or Chicken$11.55Beef or chicken sauteed with szechuan pepper spicy sauce w. cilantro and green onion
Shang hai Fish$12.99Crispy fish fillet w.chef special sweet & sour sauce
Chichen with Asparagus$11.99
Shrimp with Asparagus$13.25
Fried Rice & Noodles
Lo Mein with Vegetables$8.25With your choice of chicken,pork or beef
Lo Mein with Shrimp$9.20
House Lo Mein$9.99Shrimp,scallops,chicken or pork
Fried Rice with Vegetable$8.25With your choice of chicken,pork or beef
Fried Rice with Shrimp$9.30
House Fried Rice$9.99Shrimp,scallops,chicken or pork
Fu Zhou Fried Rice$9.99
Seafood and Pineapple Fried Rice$9.99
Pan Fried Noodles$9.95With chicken or beef, shrimp
Thai fried rice with Chicken ( Spicy)$9.25
Sweet & Sour Shrimp$10.25
Kung Pao Shrimp$10.25
Shrimp with Snow Peas$10.99
Szechuan Style Sauteed Shrimp$10.25
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$10.25
Shrimp with Garlic Sauce$10.99
Hunan Shrimp 
Kung Pao Beef$9.99
Sesame Beef$10.99
Mongolian Beef$9.99
Szechuan Style Slice Beef$9.99
Beef with Broccoli$9.99
Pepper Steak$9.99
Huna Beef$10.99
Sweet & Sour Pork$9.25
Moo-Shu Pork$9.25
Szechuan Style Eggplant w. Sliced Pork$9.25
Pork with Garlic Sauce$9.25
Sweet & Sour Chicken$8.25
Lemon Chicken$8.59
Kung Pao Chicken$8.99
Moo Goo Gai Pan$9.25
Chicken w. Cashew Nuts$8.99
Almond Chicken$8.99
Curry Chicken$7.59
Moo-Shu Chicken$8.99
Chicken with Broccoli$7.99
Szechuan Style Slice Chicken$7.99
Chicken with Assorted Vegetables$7.99
Crispy Chicken w. Garlic Sauce$9.99
Hunan Chicken 
Vegetarian Delight$7.99
Kung Pao Tofu$7.25
Ma Po Tofu Vegetarian Style$7.25
Moo-Shu Vegetables$8.99
Szechuan Style Eggplant$7.25
Sauteed String Bean$9.99
Crispy Tofu$8.25
Egg Foo Young
Chicken Egg Foo Young$8.99
Pork Egg Foo Young$9.25
Beef Egg Foo Young$9.25
Shrimp Egg Foo Young$9.99
House Egg Foo Young$9.99
New Dish
Asparagus with Chicken$11.99
Asparagus with Shrimp$13.25
Chicken with Black Pepper$9.99
Vegetable or Chicken or Shrimp Chow Mein$8.59
Combination Chow Mein$9.55
Thai Cuisine
Thai Tom Yum Soup$3.25 - $8.99A spicy lemon grass broth with shrimp and mushroom
Thai Coconut Soup$2.55 - $5.99Coconut broth with chicken
Pad Thai with Chicken Beef or Shrimp$8.99
Thai Rice Noddles$9.99With nicely sweet sauce. Contains peanuts
Thai Red Curry, Tofu$8.99
Thai Red Curry, Chicken$9.25
Thai Red Curry, Beef$9.25
Thai Red Curry, Shrimp$10.99
Thai Green Curry, Tofu$8.99
Thai Green Curry, Chicken$9.25
Thai Green Curry, Beef$9.25
Thai Green Curry, Shrimp$10.99
Massaman Beef Curry$10.75The king of thai curries with chunks of choice beef,avocado,carrots and new potatoes
Thai Beef Panang$9.25A spicy dish of beef,onions in a coconut sauce
Thai Beef Prig Pau$9.25Choice strips of beef in a prig pau sauce a little spicy,a little sweet & a little tangy
Thai Chicken with Basil & Chilies$9.90Chicken and vegetables spiced with fresh basil and hot thai chiles in a slightly sweet sauce
Thai Ginger Fish$12.99A pan fried fish filet w.ginger and a special,slightly spicy sauce
Health Options
Heath options are prepared without oil,butter or msg
Vegetable Deluxe$8.99
Mixed Vegetables with Chicken$9.45
Mixed Vegetables with Beef$9.99
Bean Curd Home Style$8.99
Bean Curd with Vegetables$8.99
Shrimp,Chicken with Vegetables$10.99
Steamed Chicken w.Broccoli$9.45
Steamed Beef w. Broccoli$9.99
Steamed Shrimp w. Broccoli$10.99
Japanese Home Style
Tempura Shrimp (6 Pcs)$5.99
Tempura Vegetable Broccoli Onion or Zucchini$4.95
Combination Tempura$6.99
Hibachi Grill Vegetable$9.99Served w.white rice,fried rice & brown rice
Hibachi Grill Chicken$11.55
Hibachi Grill Steak$12.99
Hibachi Grill Shrimp$13.99
Hibachi Grill Combination$14.99
Teriyaki Chicken$11.55Served w.white rice,fried rice & brown rice
Lunch Specials
Including egg roll or soup(hot & sour or egg drop soup
Vegetable Delight$6.25
Bean Curd with Vegetable$6.25
Kung Pao Chicken$6.25
Chicken with Broccoli$6.25
Chicken with Cashew Nuts$6.25
Chicken with Black Bean Sauce$6.25
Sweet & Sour Chicken$6.25
Chicken with Garlic Sauce$6.25
General Tso's Chicken$6.25
Curry Chicken$6.25
Sesame Chicken$6.25
Orange Chicken$6.25
Szechuan Style Slice Chicken$6.25
Moo Goo Gai Pan$6.25
Shredded Pork In Garlic Sauce$6.25
Sweet & Sour Pork$6.25
Kung Pao Beef$6.99
Beef with Broccoli$6.99
Szechuan Style Slice Beef$6.99
Mongolian Beef$6.99
Pepper Steak$6.99
Chicken w. Vegetables$6.50
Sweet & Sour Shrimp$7.75
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$7.75
Szechuan Spicy Shrimp$7.75
Shrimp with Garlic Sauce$7.75
Triple Delight$7.99
Thai Red Curry Tofu$6.75
Thai Red Curry Chicken$7.50
Thai Red Curry Beef$7.75
Thai Green Curry Tofu$6.75
Thai Green Curry Chicken$7.50
Thai Green Curry Beef$7.75
Thai Beef Panang$7.75
Massaman Beef Curry$7.75
Thai Chicken with Basil & Chilies$7.75
Teriyaki Chicken$7.99
Hibachi Vegetable$7.25
Hibachi Chicken$7.75
Hibachi Steak$7.99
Hibachi Shrimp$7.99
Traditional Chinese Menu
Seaweed Soup$9.99
Dried Bean Curd with Shredded Pork$10.75
Hot Pepper Chicken$10.99
Pork Shredded with Hot Pepper$10.75
Beef Shredded with Hot Pepper$11.25
Fried Green Bean with Ground Pork$9.99
Ants on the Tree$9.75
Beef with Green Onion$11.25
Water Boiled Spicy Beef$12.99
Cumin Beef$11.25
Mao-Po Bean Curd (Tofu)$10.75
Home Style Tofu$10.75
Shrimp with Bean Curd (Tofu)$11.99
Shrimp with Snow Peas$12.99
Water Boiled Spicy Fish Fillet$12.99
Beijing Style Crispy Fish$12.99
Sauteed Baichai$7.99
Double Cooked Pork$10.99
Sour and Spicy Shredded Potato$9.59
Sauteed Broccoli$7.99
Spicy and Sour Fish Fillet$13.99
Xian Spicy Lo Mein$7.99
Spicy Tofu with Fish or Beef$12.99
BoBo Chicken (Cold Chicken)$10.99
Green Soybean With Pork$10.75
Lettuce wity Oyster Sauce$8.99
Big Plate Chicken$11.99
Bai- Chay With Shrimp$10.99
Mushroom With Baichai$10.25
Kong Pao Chicken$10.55
Home Style Eggplant$9.99
Spicy Beef Stew$12.99
Spicy and Sour Fish Fillet$13.55
Ice Tea or Hot Tea$1.75
Bottle Thai Tea$2.25
Soft Drinks$1.99
Orange Juice$1.99
Bottle Water$1.75
Can Coke$1.35

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