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Entress Menu - Appetizers
Mussels Corunesa$6.95
Mussel Vinaigrette$6.95
Stuffed Mushrooms$7.75
Saute Mushrooms$7.50
Shrimp Cocktail$8.95
Clams on Half Shell$8.25
Baked Clams$8.25
Clams Casino$8.25
Ham and Olives (Spanish Ham)$8.50
Sausages$7.50Broiled or saute
Octopus$8.50Spanish style or saute
Asparagus$6.95Spanish white asparagus
Picada Costa del Sol$9.75
Queso manchego$7.95
Entress Menu - Soup
Caldo Gallego$4.95
Gazpacho$4.95Cold vegetable soup
Chicken Soup$4.95
Soup of the Day$4.95
Entress Menu - Seafood
Paella Marinera with Lobster$24.95
Paella Marinera without Lobster$19.95
Paella Valenciana without Lobster$19.95
Paella Valenciana with Lobster$24.95
Mariscada Creole$19.95
Mariscada Diablo$19.95Hot tomato sauce
Mariscada Green Sauce$19.95
Mariscada al Ajillo$19.95Hot garlic sauce
Mariscada Egg Sauce$19.95
Parrillada de Mariscos$24.95
Shrimps Costa del Sol$18.50
Shrimps Diablo$18.50
Shrimps Ajillo$18.50
Shrimps Special$18.50
Shrimps in Green Sauce$18.50
Stuffed Lobster$27.95
Lobster Tail$36.95Broiled or in any sauce
Clams Marinera$18.95In mild tomato sauce
Clams in Green Sauce$18.95
Seafood Salad$21.95
Pulpo A la Gallega$20.95
Pulpo Marinera$20.95
All above dishes served with saffron rice, vegetable or potatoes. Extra plate charge: $4.50
Filet of Sole$18.50Broiled or lemon sauce
Codfish Vizcaina$19.25
Codfish Green Sauce$19.25
Codfish A la Gallega$19.25
All above dishes served with saffron rice, vegetable or potatoes. Extra plate charge: $4.50
Arroz con Pollo$15.50Chicken & rice
Broiled Chicken$15.50
Chicken in Almond Suace$15.50Breast of chicken
Chicken Villaroy$15.95Breast of chicken with bechamel
Chicken Extremena$15.50
Chicken Riojana$15.50With mushroom & tomato sauce
Chicken Plancha$15.95Broiled breast of chicken
All above dishes served with saffron rice, vegetable or potatoes. Extra plate charge: $4.50
Veal Plancha$20.25
Veal with Mushroom Sauce$19.25
Veal with Almond Sauce$19.25
Veal with Wine Sauce$19.25
Veal Extremena$19.25
Filet Mignon$27.25Broiled or with mushroom sauce
Surf & Turf$29.25Broiled filet mignon & lobster tail
Beef Saute$21.95Cubes of sirloin steak sauce
Arroz con Chorizos$15.95Sausages & saffron rice
Tortilla Espanola$14.95Spanish omelet
Egg Malaguena$14.95
Sirloin Steak$24.95
Pork Chops$15.95Broiled or extremena
Caramel Custartd$3.95
Vanilla Custard$3.95
Guava with Cream Cheese$3.95
Tartufo Ice Cream$5.95
Fruit of the Season$4.50
Crema Catalana$3.95
Sorbets$6.75Different flavors
Spanish Coffee$4.50
Coffee or Tea$1.95

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