Donato's Prices and Locations

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Build Your Own Pizza$4.79Individual (7')
Build Your Own Pizza$10.99Medium (12')
Build Your Own Pizza$13.89Large (14')
Pepperoni Bacon Duo Pizza$5.79Individual (7')
Pepperoni Bacon Duo Pizza$11.99Medium (12')
Pepperoni Bacon Duo Pizza$14.89Large (14')
Serious Cheese Pizza$4.79Individual (7')
Serious Cheese Pizza$10.99Medium (12')
Serious Cheese Pizza$13.89Large (14')
Pepperoni Pizza$4.79Individual (7')
Pepperoni Pizza$10.99Medium (12')
Pepperoni Pizza$13.89Large (14')
The Works Pizza$5.89Individual (7')
The Works Pizza$13.89Medium (12')
The Works Pizza$16.79Large (14')
Classic Trio Pizza$5.89Individual (7')
Classic Trio Pizza$13.89Medium (12')
Classic Trio Pizza$16.79Large (14')
Vegy Pizza$5.89Individual (7')
Vegy Pizza$13.89Medium (12')
Vegy Pizza$16.79Large (14')
Founders Favorite Pizza$5.89Individual (7')
Founders Favorite Pizza$13.89Medium (12')
Founders Favorite Pizza$16.79Large (14')
Serious Meat Pizza$5.89Individual (7')
Serious Meat Pizza$13.89Medium (12')
Serious Meat Pizza$16.79Large (14')
Hawaiian Pizza$5.89Individual (7')
Hawaiian Pizza$13.89Medium (12')
Hawaiian Pizza$16.79Large (14')
Mariachi Beef Pizza$5.89Individual (7')
Mariachi Beef Pizza$13.89Medium (12')
Mariachi Beef Pizza$16.79Large (14')
Mariachi Chicken Pizza$5.89Individual (7')
Mariachi Chicken Pizza$13.89Medium (12')
Mariachi Chicken Pizza$16.79Large (14')
Fresh Mozzarella Trio Pizza$5.89Individual (7')
Fresh Mozzarella Trio Pizza$13.89Medium (12')
Fresh Mozzarella Trio Pizza$16.79Large (14')
Margherita Pizza$5.89Individual (7')
Margherita Pizza$13.89Medium (12')
Margherita Pizza$16.79Large (14')
Pepperoni Zinger Pizza$5.39Individual (7')
Pepperoni Zinger Pizza$12.29Medium (12')
Pepperoni Zinger Pizza$15.59Large (14')
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella Pizza$5.89Individual (7')
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella Pizza$13.89Medium (12')
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella Pizza$16.79Large (14')
Gluten Free Pizzas
Take & Bake
Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza$13.89Medium (12')
Gluten Free Cheese Pizza$13.89Medium (12')
Big Don Italian Sub$6.19
Big Ham and Cheese Sub$6.19
Big Don Marinara Sub$6.19
Meatball Sub$6.19
Turkey Club Sub$6.19
Chicken Bacon Cheddar Sub$6.19
Vegy Sub$6.19
Buffalo Chicken Sub$6.19
Caprese Side Salad$2.99
Italian Side Salad$2.99
Italian Chef Entree Salad$6.99
Chicken Harvest Entree Salad$6.99
Italian Chef Party Salad$22.99
Chicken Harvest Party Salad$24.99
Italian Garden Party Salad$19.99
Asiago Brick Street Bread$3.99
Garlic Brick Street Bread$3.99
Boneless Wings$4.29Side (6 Pc.)
Boneless Wings$7.69Full (12 Pc.)
Boneless Wings$17.89Party (30 Pc.)
Traditional Wings$4.29Side (5 Pc.)
Traditional Wings$7.69Full (10 Pc.)
Traditional Wings$17.89Party (25 Pc.)
3 Cheese Garlic Bread on White$2.99
3 Cheese Garlic Bread on Wheat$2.99
Italian Breadsticks$1.79Side (2 Pc.)
Italian Breadsticks$3.29Full (6 Pc.)
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist or Dr. Pepper
Soft Drink$1.7920 oz. Bottle
Soft Drink$2.892 Liter Bottle
Aquafina Water$1.7920 oz. Bottle
Cinnamon Brick Street Bread$3.99
Cinnamon Twist$1.292 Pc.
Cinnamon Twist$2.996 Pc.
Apple Crisp Timpano$5.99
Cinnamon Crisp Timpano$5.99
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$0.991 Pc.
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$10.0012 Pc.
Build Your Own Stromboli$5.99
Pepperoni Stromboli$5.99
Deluxe Stromboli$5.99
Three Meat Stromboli$5.99

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