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Cheddar Cheese & Broccoli a subtle combination of seasoning accents this rich blend of wisconsin cheeses and fresh cuts of broccoli, all based in a home-style vegetable stock.
Cheesy Enchilada simply cheesy deliciousness, featuring a blend of four cheese, diced chicken, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and jalapenos.
Loaded Baked Potato real Idaho potato chunks in a rich chicken stock and blend of 3 cheeses with smoky ham, fresh onions, celery, carrots and green peppers.
Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle a light chicken stock is loaded with big chucks of celery, carrots, chicken and old fashioned egg noodles.
Spicy Black Bean this vegetarian soup blends ten herbs and spices in a rich vegetable stock. finished with a dash of malt vinegar this soup features onions, jalpenos, tomatoes, corn, red peppers as well as black bean
Wisconsin Beer Cheese ah, the best of wisconsin in a bowl! a blend of four wisconsin cheeses, carrots, miller high life beer and just a hint of tabasco for a little zip.
Cheesy Asparagus this creamy delight combines plenty of asparagus in a white cheddar cheese sauce and vegetable stock.
Chicken Dumpling this hearty home-style favorite features tender herb spaetzles seasoned with sage, parsley and black pepper, simmered in a rich chicken stock with carrots, celery, and chucks of tender chicken.
Minnesota Wild Rice & Chicken a creamy chicken soup with minnesota wild rice and fresh vegetables, chicken and a hint of sherry.
Southwest Chicken Tortilla a new take on the old southwest! a rich zesty broth simmered with corn tortillas, chipolte peppers and tomatoes. finished with pepper jack and cheddar cheese, sweet corn and cilantro.
Tomato Mushroom the vegetarian soup features fresh mushrooms, diced tomatoes, onions and green peppers in a creamy cheese sauce.
Blanco Chicken Chili fresh tender chicken is simmered with onions and roasted green chilies in a rich chicken stock. finished with a mild pepper jack cheese and frijoles blanco.
Home-Style Beef Chili our secret blend of 11 herbs and spices make this the perfect combination of flavor and heat, slow-cooked with fresh tender ground beef, kidney beans, onions and green peppers in a rich tomato chili.
Classic Chicken Chili chicken simmered in eight spices including cinnamon, coriander and brown sugar. together with red kidney beans, onions, celery, garlic, diced green chilies and tomatoes, this soup will warm you up!
Sandwiches - Signature Flavors.
Pompeii sweet chili chicken salad.
Titan pesto mayo turkey
Erupter buffalo chicken & bleu cheese.
Spartan peppadew mustard chicken.
Quatro cranberry wasabi chicken.
Sandwiches - Specialty Flavors.
Comet Candy ham & roast beef.
Flash capicola salami & ham.
Narmer turkey & avocado.
Girf turkey & ham.
Tullius double roast beef.
Shortcake double ham.
Giza bacon, lettuce & tomato.
Geeter seafood, bacon & sprouts.
Sandwiches - Classic Flavors.
Boney Billy turkey & sprouts.
Comet Morehouse ham.
Halleys Comet roasted beef.
Jacob Bluefinger avocado & sprouts
Cally sweet chili.
Tappy capicola & salami.
Bornk tuna salad & sprouts.
Pudder pb & j.
Kids Choices - Half Pint.
Available for kids 10 years and under. Includes a half-sandwich, bag of chips, and a juice box.
Ham & Cheese ham and provolone cheese. available on french or honey-wheat bread.
Kids Choices - Li'l Tyke.
Turkey & Cheese turkey and provolone cheese. available on french or honey-wheat bread.
Kids Choices - Mini Pudder.
PB & J peanut butter and strawberry jam or grape jelly. available on french or honey-wheat bread.
Combo Your Meal.
Combo One add med soda plus bag of chips., add a medium fountain soda and bag of chips to your sandwich.
Combo Two add med soda plus cup of soup. add a medium fountain soda and cup of soup to your sandwich.
Sides & Treats.
Giant Deli Pickle 
Dessert Bar 
Bottled Water 
Bag Of Chips 
Day-Old Bread 
Bottle Of Soda 

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