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Sopas Y Ensaladas
Classic Chilled Spanish Soup$8.50Made with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and bread
Malaga-Style Chilled Almond Soup$12.00Served with fresh maryland crab, grapes, raisins and toasted almonds
Salad Of Conserved Tuna$12.00Fingerling potatoes, green beans, tomatoes and hard boiled eggs
Mixed Greens$9.00Served with idiazabal cheese, spanish anchovies and garlic anchovy dressing
Sliced Apple and Fennel Salad$8.50Served with manchego cheese, walnuts and sherry dressing
Salad Of Red Beets$10.50Citrus, valdeon cheese and pistachios with sherry dressing
Endives$7.50Goat cheese, oranges and almonds
Roasted Sweet Onions$6.50Pine nuts and valdeon blue cheese
Roasted Red Peppers$7.00Eggplant and sweet onions with sherry dressing, served with toasted bread
Canary Island-Style Wrinkled Baby Potatoes$9.00Served with mojo verde and mojo rojo sauces
Seasonal Pickled Vegetables$10.00Served with romesco sauce
Traditional Stewed Vegetables$13.00Topped with fried quail eggs
Grilled Asparagus$9.00Served with romesco sauce
Traditional Catalan Bean Salad$8.00Served with tomatoes, onions, black olives and sherry dressing
Seared Piquillo Peppers$7.00Filled with cana de cabra goat cheese
Creamy Rice$8.50Served with seasonal mushrooms and idiazabal cheese
Sauteed Cauliflower$7.50Served with dates and olives
Sauteed Spinach$7.50Pine nuts, raisins and apples
Spanish Omelette$7.50Served with potatoes and onions, cooked to order
Spanish Omelette$8.00Served with chef-selected mushrooms and manchego cheese
Pescados Y Mariscos
Gambas Al Ajillo$13.00Tapa of shrimp sauteed with garlic
Boiled Octopus$12.00Served with peewee potatoes, pimenton and olive oil
Fried Baby Squid From Cadiz$16.00
Jumbo Lump Crabmeat$12.00Served with cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower and brandy sauce
Traditional Paella Of Toasted Pasta$14.00Served with shrimp and calamari
Seared Scallops$14.00Served with green peas and mint
Five Oysters$15.00Served with lemon, gin and tonic
Baby Squid From Southern Cadiz$18.00Sauteed with spanish white beans
Seared Codfish$14.00Served with a catalan vegetable stew
Rollitos De Primavera$11.00Crispy fried spanish tuna spring rolls with black garlic alioli
Salmon Con Purrusalda$12.00Seared salmon with potato leak puree and crispy leeks
Traditional Chicken Fritters$8.50
Cured Iberico Ham Fritters$12.00
Plato Mixto De Croquetas$13.00A selection of both croquetas
Bunuelos De Bacalao$7.50Fried cod and potato fritter with honey alioli
Fried Bacon-Wrapped Dates$7.00Served with an apple-mustard sauce
Patatas Bravas$7.50A jaleo favorite: fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce and alioli
Chistorra Envuelta En Patata Frita$7.50Slightly spicy chorizo wrapped in crispy potato with membrillo alioli
Calamares A La Romana$10.00Fried fresh calamari with garlic alioli
Cana De Cabra$16.00 - $24.00A soft, semi-sweet goat's milk cheese with raisin walnut bread, fig jam
San Simon$16.00 - $24.00A birch-smoked cows milk cheese with fried marcona almonds
Queso Manchego Pasamontes$16.00 - $24.00A traditional raw manchego cheese paired with compressed apples in moscatel
Rey Silo Blanco$16.00 - $24.00Intensely-flavored cows milk cheese with honey, rosemary and pine nut shortbread
Rey Silo Rojo$16.00 - $24.00A bold and spicy raw cows milk cheese with pimenton, paired with almonds and bitter orange jam
Idiazabal$16.00 - $24.00A smoked, nutty-flavored raw sheep’s milk cheese paired with house-made quince paste
Valdeon$16.00 - $24.00An intensely flavored blue cheese of cow and goat’s milk with raisins and pedro ximenez compressed pears
Torta Pascualete$26.00A creamy, raw sheep’s milk cheese served with toasted bread, quince paste and fig jam
Jamon Iberico De Bellota Fermin$22.00Cured ham from the legendary free range, acorn-fed, black-footed iberico pigs of spain
Jamon Iberico Fermin$14.00Cured ham from the legendary black-footed iberico pigs of spain
Lomo Iberico De Bellota Fermin$15.00Pimenton and garlic cured tenderloin from the legendary free range, acorn-fed, black-footed iberico pigs of spain
Chorizo Iberico De Bellota Fermin$12.00Cured pork chorizo from the legendary free range, acorn-fed, black-footed iberico pigs of spain
Seleccion De Ibericos$8.00A selection of all cured iberico meats

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