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(All are served with pita bread).
Hummus$3.95mashed chickpeas blended with garlic, tahini and herbs.
Zaalouk$3.95sauteed grilled eggplant in garlic and tomatoes with olive oil.
Carrot Salad$3.95steamed carrots with garlic, parsley and moroccan spices.
String Beans$3.95sauteed string beans with garlic, parley and moroccan spices.
Marrakesh Combo$7.50mixed hummus, zaalouk, carrot salad and string beans.
Harirra Soup$3.95tomato-based hearty soup with herbs, chickpeas and lentils.
Lentil Soup$3.95moroccan lentil soup with carrot, herbs and extra virgin olive oil.
Moroccan Salad$3.95fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and parsley with vinaigrette dressing.
Marrakesh Salad$5.95fresh cut romaine lettuce mixed with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, parsley olives and feta cheese.
(Comes with fries or rice).
Chicken Tagine$8.50braised chicken with green olives, saffron and preserved lemon.
Lamb Or Beef Tagine$8.50fragrant stew simmered with prunes, caramelized onions, spices and herbs.
From The Grill
Platters come with side of moroccan salad, steamed saffron rice, and an appetizer from the list.
Merguez$6.50 - $10.50homemade lamb moroccan sausage.
Shawarma$6.50 - $10.50seasoned chicken, slow roasted in special seasoning.
Sahara Chicken$6.50 - $10.50ground chicken flavored with red bell pepper, parsley and paprika.
Kefta$6.50 - $10.50grilled ground beef with onions, cilantro and moroccan seasoning.
Lamb Ketban$6.50 - $10.50tender leg of lamb morsels marinated overnight in olive oil and fresh moroccan herbs, grilled to perfection,
Tunisian Tuna Sandwich$6.50
Daily Special
Daily Special from thursday to sunday.
Fries$2.50fried fresh - cut potatoes.
Rice$2.00steamed rice with saffron.

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