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Albakora afbacore tuna
Amaebi sweet shrimp
Ebi shrimp
Hamachi yellow tail
lkura salmon roe
lzumi Dai whitefish
Kanikama crab surimi
Maguro tuna
Masago smelt roe
Mongo lka giant squid
Saba mackerel
Sake Smoked smoked salmon
Sake Fresh fresh salmon
Tako octopus
Tamago egg omelette
Toro fatty tuna (not always available)
Unagi eel
Uni sea urchin (not always available)
Substitutions can incur an extra charge, please ask your server.
izumi dai 
sake fresh 
hamachi and tamago 
mongo lka 
sake fresh 
tekka maki (3) 
kappa maki (3) 
Hamachi yellow tail
Sake fresh salmon
Maguro tuna
Tako octopus
Izumi Dai whitefish
Albacora albacore tuna
Special Combination Maguro, tako, sake fresh, albakora and izumi dai
Kappa maki cucumber
Tekka maki tuna
Ume chamoy cured apricot paste
Futomaki (10 pc) avocado, spinach, carrot and tamago with sweet sauce
California avocado, cucumber and Shrimp
California Special avocado, cucumber, shrimp and masago
Philadelphia smoked salmon and cream cheese
Philadelphia Special smoked salmon, cream cheese and masago
Tampico spicy crab surimi sauce
Tampico Special spicy crab surimi sauce and masago
Salmon Skin salmon skin, cucumber and avocado
Spicy Tuna spicy tuna, cucumber and sprouts
Spicy Hamachi spicy hamachi, cucumber and sprouts
Spicy Scallops spicy scallops, cucumber and sprouts
Mi Calaverita (mi calaverita) avocado, kakiage, cream cheese and chiver, with fresh salmon and chipotle sauce
Rainbow roll crab surimi and cucumber, with whitefish, shrimp, fresh salmon, octopus tuna and avocado
Hooky roll (la pinta roll) breaded shrimp, avocado, cream cheese and tampico
Hooky @ the beach (la pinta empanizada) breaded shrimp, avocado, cream cheese and tampico (breaded roll)
Pink Cadillac (pink cadillac) asparagus, cucumber, avocado with grilled salmon, serrano peppers, chives and spicy citrus sauce
Cone-Head (cucuruchitto) (served as hand roll unless requested as a 5 piece roll) cucumber, smoked salmon, crab surimi, avocado, cream cheese and tampico
All star roll (itto maki espesial) smoked salmon, crab surimi, masago, cucumber, avocado, and cream cheese
Shrimp Tempura roll tempura shrimp, cucumber and sprouts, with masago
Moon roll (satelite) eel, shrimp, avocado, cream cheese and eel sauce
Scorpio's roll (escorpion) tampico, smoked salmon, shrimp, crab, surimi, avocado and cream cheese
Coronado roll (coronado roll) tempura shrimp, crab surimi, avocado, topped w/seared scallops
Itto's Caterpillar (suritto) eel, avocado, cream cheese and eel sauce
Com roll (viva villa) smoked salmon, yellow tail, crab surimi, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, smelt roe paste and eel sauce
Panama (panama) tempura shrimp, cream cheese, avocado; fried plantain and chipotle sauce
Otofiltto (otonitto) crab surimi, cream cheese and avocado; with kakiage and eel sauce
Cuauhtemltto (cuauhtemitto) breaded crab surimi, chives and avocado; with manchego cheese, sauteed chile and chipotle sauce
Narco roll / (el narco) crab surimi and cream cheese; with avocado, minced jalapenos and mushrooms
Mariguanltto (mariguanitto) smoked salmon, cream cheese and chives; with spinach and chipotle sauce
El Centro (el centro) shrimp in spicy marinade, cream cheese and avocado; sauteed onions and chipotle sauce
Krunch-itto (krunchitto) grilled smoked salmon, cream cheese, kakiage, and plantain, w/eel sauce
Houseki roll (houseki roll) tempura izumi dai, cucumber, kakiage, pineapple, maguro, avocado and wasabi sauce topped with a bit of caviar
Soft Shell Crab roll tempura soft shell crab, cucumber and sprouts; with masago

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