Taipan Snack Prices and Locations

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Tea$1.60with milk
Hazelnut Coffee$2.10
Vanilla Coffee$1.85
H.K Style Tea$1.60
Coffee$1.60with tea
Lemon Tea$1.60
Lemon Honey$1.85
Ginger Honey$2.10
Red Date Honey$2.10
Citron Honey$2.10
Kumquat Honey$2.10
Cold Drink
Ice Coffee$2.75
Ice Tea$2.75
Ice Coffee$2.75with tea
Ice Lemon Tea$2.75
H.K Style Ice Tea$3.00
Ice Lemon Honey$3.25
Ice Ovaltine$2.75
Ice Horlicks$2.75
Red Bean Ice$3.75
Mix Fruit Ice$3.75
Fresh Strawberry Ice$4.25
Fresh Mango Ice$4.25
Assorted Package Drink Soda$1.50
Bubble Tea$3.25
Bubble Coffee$3.25
Bubble Coffee & Tea$3.25
Bubble Green Tea$4.75
Mango Green Tea$4.25
Green Tea$4.25with green apple juice
Green Tea$4.25with peach juice
Green Tea$4.25with passion fruit juice
Green Tea$4.25with honey
Green Tea$4.25with litchi juice
Green Tea$4.25with plum juice
Green Tea$4.25with lemon
Slushy $4.25
Fresh Strawberry 
Fresh Mango 
Fresh Honeydew 
Red Bean 
Milkshake $4.25
Red Bean 
Assorted Ice Cream
Assorted Ice Cream$3.00
Assorted Ice Cream Cone$4.00
Large Size Ice Cream Cone$4.50
Banana Split$6.00
Waffle$6.00with ice cream
Fresh Fruit$6.00with ice cream sundae
H.K Style Mini Cake$2.25
H.K Style Waffle$2.25condense milk & peanut butter
Cold Butter & Hot Bread$1.75
Assorted Thick Toast$2.25
H.K. Style Fish Sandwich$3.00
Ham & Egg Sandwich$3.00
Spam & Egg Sandwich$3.00
Ham & Egg Or Spam & Egg$3.50with ramen (or macaroni or rice noodle)
T.W Style Sandwich$3.00
Chinese Dianxin
Shrimp Dumpling$3.50har gow
Steamed Shao Mai$3.00
Fish Ball$3.50
Spare Ribs$3.00
Mini Glutinous Rice Dumpling$2.50
Cantonese Rice Pudding Green Bean & Pork$2.50
Seafood Dumpling$4.00
Pork & Cabbage Dumpling$4.00
Mixed Vegetables Dumpling$4.00
Assorted Streamed Bun$1.20
Lunch $5.75
Lunch With Free Hot Tea $1, With Milk Or Hot Coffee, Ice Drink Additional $1
Curry Chicken Over Spaghetti Or Rice 
Spaghetti Bolognaise with cheese
Ham with cheese over spaghetti or rice
Chicken with cheese over spaghetti or rice
Seafood with cheese over spaghetti or rice
Spaghetti Napoleon 
Spare Ribs with black bean sauce over rice
Fried Rice Or Spaghetti with black pepper chicken
T.W. Style Pork Rice 

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