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Porciones Garndes - Larger Portions
Pella Valenciana$17.25saffron seasoned rice cooked with pork chicken seafood and chorizo served in a specially designed pealla pan ideal for sharing small portions between 2-4 persons
Tuna a La Parrilla$14.25fresh tuna steak cooked on the grill and served with grilled sweet peppers and onions and boiled red potatos
Pechuga De Pollo$12.25chicken breast sauteed in olive oil white wine fresh garlic artichoke hearts and fresh tomatos
Salmon a La Plancha$14.25fresh salmon fillets cooked on the grilled with an herb butter served with sauteed potatos and eggplant slices
Rapeal Ajo Arriero$14.25fresh monkfish cooked and served in an earthen casserole with white wine fresh tomatos garlic and cayenne
Chuletas De Cordero$17.95grilled New Zealand lamd chops served with sauteed green beans and potatos sauteed with garlic and smoked paprika
Plato Vegetariano De La Casa$10.50peas sauteed with onions spanish sherry and cream served surrounded by a combination of fresh vegetables sauteed in olive oil and garlic
Tapas Frias - Cold Tapas
Ensalada De Pato$9.95salad of roasted duck fresh spinach raisins sesame seeds and angle bair pasta in a sweet sherry vinegar
Plato De Quesos$8.25combination plate of spanish cheese
Montaditos De Queso Chorizo Jamon Salchichon$9.25fresh tomato bread topped with either manchego cheese chorizo cured ham or spanish salami
Salmon Curado$9.95house sured salmon served with capers and a sour cream sauce
Ensalada De Lentejas$6.50lentil and vinaigrette salad
Atun Marinado$9.95fresh tuna marinated with lemon juice olive oil and soy sauce
Ensalada De Aguacate$8.00sliced avocado and vinaigrette salad
Patatas Oli$6.50boiled potatos in a fresh garlic mayonaise
Aguacate Relleno$8.95avocado shell stuffed with shrimp rice and a brandied mayonnaise
Aceitunas En Adono$5.95marinated olives
Champinones Marinados$7.50mushrooms marinated in a blasamic vinaigrette
Ensalad De Pollo$9.25grilled chicken breast on a ded of fresh spinach and lettuce with a mushroom vinaaigrette
Ensalada De Endiyias Y Salmon$9.95belglum endive and poached salmon salad served with atomato mayonnaise
Combination De Embutidos$10.95combination of chorizon spanish salami and currd ham
Garbnzos Con Cream$6.50chickpeas and roasted vegetables in a sour cream sauce
Ensalad De Judias$6.50green bean and red potato salad served garlic balsamic vinegar olive oil and paprika
Gazcho$3.50cold hesh vegetable soup
Sopa De Ajo$3.50soup made with fresh garlic chicken broth bread and a poached egg
Tapas Calientes - Hot Tapas
Almejas a La Marinara$9.95fresh clams cooked with white wine onions and garlic
Pollo a La Pimisota Pegra$9.25batter dipped chicken fried and served in a black peppercorn and brandy sauce
Quesoal Horno$8.95blue cheese and cam cheese mixed together and baked in an earthen casserole with a tomato basil sauce
Gambas En Gabardina$9.25batter dipped shrimp fried and served with a garlic and lemon butter
Vleiras Con Azafran$9.95sauteed scallops served with a saffron cream sauce
Chorizo Con Pimientos$8.95chorizo sauteed with sweet peppers and flam beed in brandy
Champitiones Al Ajillo$8.25mushrooms sauteed with garlic white wine and cayenne
Gambas Al Ajillo$9.25shrimp sauteed with garllic white wine and cayenne
Tortilla Espaiola$6.50spanish potato and onion omelet
Datiles Con Bacon$8.25bacon wrapped dates in a brandy cream sauce
Calamares a La Plancha$9.25squid cooked on the griddle with lemon juice garlic and cayenne
Patatas a La Brava$6.50sauteed potatos in a spicy tomato sauce
Croquestas De Pollo$6.95chicken croquesttes
Berenisna Formentor$8.95fresh eggplant slices dipped in a batter fried and served with sauteed spanish sausage
Meiillones En Salsa Verde$9.95mussels in a white wine and cream sauce
Alcachohs Con Panceta$8.95artichoke hearts sauteed with panceta
Pollo a La Navarra$9.75chicken sauteed with cured ham sweet red peppers and red wine
Albondigas En Vino Tinto$8.50meatbells cooked and served in a red wine sauce
Solomillo De Cerdo Al Jerez$10.50pork tenderloin in a sherry and black olive sauce
Tarta De Cspinacas a La Catalana$9.25tarts filled with spinach sauteed with raisins and pine nuts
Albondigas De Pollo$9.25chicken and vegetable meatballs sauteed in a brandy cream sauce

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