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Appetizers $6
Bikini Shrimp deep fried shrimp wrapped with spring roll shell served with sweet plum sauce
Chicken Satay grilled marinated chicken skewers, served with a mild curry peanut sauce
Siamese Kabob grilled marinated pork skewers served with spicy dipping sauce
Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura fresh shrimp and vegetables in a delicate japanese batter and deep-fried until golden, served with a light soy dipping sauce
Sumo Gyoza pan-steamed shrimp & pork potstickers, served with a light soy dipping sauce
Asian Shumai steamed pork & shrimp dumplings, served with a spicy soy dipping sauce
Soups $5
Tom Yum shrimp or chicken and mushrooms in an authentic thai spicy pongrass broth.
Tom Yum chicken, shrimp.
Tom Ka slices of chicken breast and mushroom in traditional thai spicy galangal-coconut milk broth
Tom Ka chicken, shrimp
Imperial Wonton fresh jumbo dumplings of minced chicken, shrimp and scallop, served with baby bok choy in a light soy broth
Spicy Thai Beef Stew braised beef and spring onion in our traditional five-spice soy broth
Tofu & Seaweed traditional chinese soup with soft tofu, seaweed and celery in a light soy broth topped with pepper and cilantro
Salads $6
Asian Spice Original fresh spring mix, hearts of romaine and seasoned japanese seaweed. choice of dressing: japanese honey miso or thai mild curry peanut
Pork Chop famous thai pork salad-grilled marinated pork chop, sliced and tossed in a chili lime vinaigrette and thai exotic herbs, served over a fresh spring mix and romaine lettuce
Calamari lightly battered and fried calamari, served over fresh spring mix, romaine lettuce avocado with sriracha remoulade dressing
Chicken Larb another famous thai salad, minced chicken tosses in spicy lime dressing and thai exotic herbs, served with romaine lettuce
Thai Or Lao Papaya thai julienned green papaya, tomatoes, string beans and roasted peanuts in spicy chili-lime dressing mixed with dried shrimps or lao julienned green papaya, tomatoes, string beans and roasted peanuts
Sauteed Entrees
Kapow fresh chili, garlic, bell pepper and basil leaves.
Pad Pak mixed vegetables in the garlic sauce
Pad King ginger, onions, scallions and mushrooms in light bean sauce.
Prew Wan tomatoes, zucchini, onions and pineapple in a sweet and sour sauce
Pad Pik Sod onions, scallions and peppers in chef's special brown sauce.
Pad Phet string beans, kaffir lime leaves & peppercorn in country style curry sauce.
Kratiem Pik Tai garlic and white pepper sauce with steamed broccoli
Cashew Lover onion, scallions and cashews in light soy sauce
Nam Prik Pow onions, scallions and mushrooms in roasted chili.
Noodle Soup Bowl $9
Roasted Pork roasted pork over wonton noodle soup
Beef Stew beef over wonton noodle soup
Pink combination seafood over rice noodle soup
Tom Yum fish ball, crispy wonton and minced pork over w/ dried chili & lime juice in rice noodle soup.
Noodles & Fried Rice
Pad Thai rice noodles with spiced tofu, egg bean sprouts, scallions and peanuts.
Pad See Ew flat noodles with egg and broccoli in a sweet soy sauce
Drunken Noodles flat noodles with chili, garlic, bell peppers and basil leaves
Lad Na flat noodle with broccoli in the oyster gravy sauce
Mee Goreng malay-indo style noodle dish of stir-fried egg noodle with scallions and bean sprouts in delicate mixture of curry and sauce
Chef's Special
Kapow Krob$12.00lightly breaded chicken sauteed with chef's special chili and garlic sauce, sprinkled with crispy basil leaves
Bangkok Cashew Chicken$12.00fresh slices of chicken breast sauteed with onions, cashew nuts, redbell peppers and scallions in roasted chili
General Tso's Chicken$12.00our version of this classic has lightly battered pieces of boneless chicken breast sauteed with chili pepper and our chef's special sauce
Moo Ta-Kite$14.00grilled marinated pork tender with lemongrass and asian herbs served with chili dipping sauce
Vietnamese Lemongrass Pork$14.00grilled marinated pork tenders served over a bed of vermicelli noodles and fresh vegetables with a side of vietnamese sweet-and-sour fish sauce
Bul Go Ki$14.00famous korean bbq-thin slices of tender marinated rib-eye steak, onions and scallions served with kim chi and asian coleslaw
Kal Bi grilled marinated beef short ribs korean bbq style served with kim chi and asian cole slaw
Pottery Shrimp$14.00shrimp, cellophane noodle, bok choy and mushroom cooked with thai exotic spices
Shrimp Paradise$14.00shrimps in a lemongrass cream sauce. topped with deep-fried mushrooms, green onions, and pepper
Shu-She Fish$14.00a seared fish fillet in a luscious coconut chili paste sauce, topped with green peas
Man's Wharf$16.00shrimp, scallop and calamari sauteed with roasted chili, scallions, onions, fresh mushrooms and sweet thai basil leaves
Imperial Seafood$18.00shrimp, sea scallop, calamari sauteed with your choice of our authentic sauce
Imperial Seafood ginger & bean sauces: ginger, scallions, onions pepper, celery and portobello mushrooms in a tasty chinese black bean sauce.
Imperial Seafood thai roasted chili sauce: scallions, onions, pepper, and portobello mushrooms.
Mango & Sticky Rice$6.00seasonal. thai sweet rice topped with coconut milk served with fresh mango
Thai Custard$5.00
Crispy Banana$5.00banana wrapped in spring roll skin, deep fried and served with honey
Refugee Noodles a common asian street vendors offering of chinese rice crepe noodles topped with seasoned tofu, bean sprouts and a specially seasoned soy sauce
Thai Fried Rice asian style fried-rice with egg, onions and tomatoes with thai seasoning
Thai Spicy Fried Rice thai signature fried-rice with chili, garlic and basil leaves.
Pineapple Fried Rice chef's special fried rice stir-fried with pineapple, egg, cashew nuts, onions and scallions.
Bento Lunch
Mon-Sun: 10.30-4pm. All Bento Boxes Served W/ Spring Roll, House Salad, Soup & Rice Or Fried Rice $9
Kapow Gai Sub basil minced chicken
Green Curry Chicken 
Chicken & Scallop w/ vegetables
General Tso's Chicken 
Chicken w/ garlic sauce
Chicken w/ cashew nut
Chicken Teriyaki 
Panang Beef 
Beef w/ green pepper
Beef w/ broccoli
Bangkok Beef beef w/ oyster sauce.
Beef & Scallop w/ vegetables
Boo Go Ki 
Kal Bi 
Asian Spice Box marinated garlic pork
Sweet &sour Pork 
Pork Chop w/ spicy salt
Shrimp w/ vegetables
Shrimp w/ cashew nuts
Shrimp Tempura 
Sliced Fish Salted Pepper 
Vegetable Tempura 
Mixed Vegetables 
Bean Curd w/ vegetables

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