BurgerFi Prices and Locations

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All-Natural Burgers
BurgerFi Burger$5.97
BurgerFi Cheeseburger$6.97
VegeFi Burger$6.97
Conflicted Burger$7.47
Breakfast All Day Burger$7.67
The Twenty-Eight (Brisket Burger)$10.57
Add Hickory Bacon$1.57
Build Your Better Burger
Single Stack$4.47
Single Stack with Cheese$5.47
Double Stack$5.97
Double Stack with Cheese$6.97
Triple Stack$7.47
Triple Stack with Cheese$8.47
Chicago Style Dog (Beef)$4.97
Chicago Style Dog (Chicken Apple)$5.97
Chicago Style Dog (Wagyu + Black Angus)$6.47
New York Style Dog (Beef)$4.47
New York Style Dog (Chicken Apple)$5.47
New York Style Dog (Wagyu + Black Angus)$5.97
Texas Style Chili Cheese Dog (Beef)$4.97
Texas Style Chili Cheese Dog (Chicken Apple)$5.97
Texas Style Chili Cheese Dog (Wagyu + Black Angus)$6.47
Vienna Beef Dog$3.97
Chicken Apple Dog$4.97
100% Wagyu Kobe Beef Dog$5.47
Add Cheese or Kraut$1.00
Add BurgerFi Chili$1.00
Add Hickory Bacon$1.57
Hand-Cut Fries$3.27Regular
Hand-Cut Fries$4.37Large
Hand-Cut Fries$6.57Bucket
Crispy Onion Rings$4.37Regular
Crispy Onion Rings$4.97Large
Cry & Fries$5.47
Fry Toppings
Salt & Vinegar$0.77
Parmesan Cheese & Herbs$0.97
Hot Cajun Spices$0.57
Cheese Sauce$0.97
BurgerFi Chili$1.27
BurgerFi Chili & Cheese Sauce$1.77
Frozen Custards
Shake (Red Velvet, Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Black & White, Strawberry, or Coffee Mocha)$4.47
Malt (Red Velvet, Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Black & White, Strawberry, or Coffee Mocha)$4.47
Floats & Cows (Coke Float, Root Beer Float, Purple Cow, or Orange Cow)$4.47
Cup or Cone$3.47Small
Cup or Cone$4.47Regular
Cup or Cone$5.47Large
Pints On The Run$6.97
Frozen Concrete
Red Velvet Concrete$5.57
Key Lime Concrete$5.57
O.M.C. (Oh My Chocolate!) Concrete$5.57
Build Your Own Concrete$5.57
Soft Drinks (Authentic from Mexico)$2.57
Boylan Sodas (Made with Real cane Sugar)$2.67
Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine$2.77
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade or Strawberry Lemonade$2.97
By the Glass or Bottle Wine
Hogue Chardonnay$4.97Glass
Hogue Chardonnay$19.97Bottle
Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon$4.97Glass
Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon$19.97Bottle
Robert Mondavi Pinot Grigio$4.97Glass
Robert Mondavi Pinot Grigio$19.97Bottle
Red Goliath Merlot$4.97Glass
Red Goliath Merlot$19.97Bottle

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