Gaesung House Of Tofu Prices and Locations

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pan grilled and simmered fish
Grilled Salmon Filet$13.00
Grilled Salted Atka Mackerel$13.00
Grilled Salted Mackerel$13.00
Black Cod Simmered In Special Spicy Sauce$22.00
Traditional House Specialty
Traditional Gaesung Style Cucumber Kimchi$4.50
Traditional Gaesung Style Pouch Kimchi$8.00
Ground Soy Bean Cooked With Vegetables$11.00with or without pork neck bone
Tuash Kimchi Soup$11.00served with your choice of beef, pork or anchovy soup base
Traditional Dehydrated Cabbage In Soy Bean Paste Soup$11.00with or without baby back pork bones
Choice Vegetable Cooked$12.50with house special seasoning served with steamed rice
Steamed Rice$1.50
Dessert & Beverages
Soft Drink 
Mochi Ice Cream 
Shik Hye 
Su Jung Gwa 
Dumplings$9.50boiled, deep fried, steamed
Mungbean Scallion Pancake With Special Soy Sauce$11.50
Sauteed Gaesung Style Snowman-Shaped And Traditional Rice Cake Served In Mild Or Hot Sauce$12.50
Stir Fried Crystal Noodle With Assorted Vegetable$12.50
Deep Fried Calamari$12.50
Seafood Scallion Pancakes With Light Seasoning$13.50
Spicy Marinated Crab$13.50
Pan Fried Kimchi And Pork Tossed With Blanched Tofu Slices$16.00
Grilled Fish Filet And Vegetable Coated With Egg$17.00
Sauteed Baby Octopus And Vegetables In Spicy$17.50sauce add $3.50 extra with noodle
Jeon Gol
traditional stew served in a casserole for 2 people, beated at your table
Gaesung Style Dumpling And Vegetable In Beef Broth$33.00
Seafood Vegetable Stew In Special Broth$36.00
Beef$36.00intestings and vegetables stew in spicy beef broth

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