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Mushu Pork$6.00or chicken, vegetables
Chicken Salad Chinese Style$5.75
Minced Squab$9.50w/ lettuce
Egg Rolls$3.50pork or vegetarian
Pot Stickers$4.50
Deep Fried Prawns$6.50
Deep Fried Squids$6.00
Chicken In Foil$5.75
B.B.Q. Pork Or Spareribs$6.25
Assorted Platter$6.00egg rolls, fried wonton bbq pork & fried prawns
Hot & Sour Soup$5.00
Sizzling Rice Soup$6.00choice of shrimp & tomato or seafood combo
Chicken Corn Soup$5.50
Dried Scallop Sam See Soup$7.25sam see-shredded pork, chicken & black mushroom
Seaweed Bean Curd Soup$5.50
Seafood Combination$5.50w/ spinach & tofu soup
West Lake Minced Beef Soup$5.50
Sliced Pork, Salt Egg$5.50w/ mustard green soup
Crab Meat$6.50w/ fish maw soup
Shark's Fin & Shredded Chicken Soup$23.00
Steamed Combo Seafood$42.00in winter melon soup (advanced order)
Chef's Special
Drunk Clams$7.25fresh clams in chinese wine
Combination Seafood In Birds Nest$8.50
Sauteed Fillet Of Sole$6.75
Spicy Salt Baked Fillet Of Sole$6.75
Sauteed Fillet Of Flounder And Deep Fried Bones$6.75
Braised Slice Rock Cod In Clay Pot$7.25
Hot Braised Sesame Chicken$6.25
Pan Fried Chicken Breast In Lemon Sauce$6.95
Beef Steak And Mango In Honey Black Pepper Sauce$7.25
Beef Steak And Scallops In Honey Black Pepper Sauce$7.50
Sauteed Prawns And Mango with sweet and hot sauce$7.50
Sauteed Cutler Fish with x.o. sauce$6.95
Pan Fried String Beans with x.o. sauce$5.95
Baked Fresh Crab with x.o. sauce seasonal.
Hunan Style Sliced Rock Cod$6.75
Sliced Rock Cod And Lychees In Lemon Sauce$6.75
Satay Prawns And Vermicelli In Clay Pot$7.25
Satay Beef with vermicelli in clay pot$6.75
Dried Seafood with chinese melon and vermicelli in clay pot$6.95
Stewed Lamb And Dried Bean Curd In Clay Pot$6.95
Ox Tail Stew And Dried Bean Curd In Clay Pot$6.95
Honey Glazed Walnut Prawn w/ mayonnaise sauce$8.50
Spicy Salt Baked Prawns$7.50
Kung Pao Prawns$7.50
Prawns w/ cashew nut$7.50
Prawns In Lobster Sauce$7.50
Spicy Braised Prawns$7.50
Sweet & Sour Prawns$7.50
Szechuan Style Scallops$8.00
Scallops w/ mixed vegetables$8.00
Sauteed Scallops & Prawns$8.00
Sauteed Squids w/ preserved mustard green$6.50
Squids w/ seasonal green$6.50
Sauteed Seafood Combination$7.50
Oysters w/ ginger & scallion$6.50
Deep Fried Oysters$6.50
Clams w/ spicy black bean sauce$7.50
Clams w/ garlic sauce$7.50
Fresh Crab w/ ginger & scallion, seasonal 
Spicy Salt Baked Fresh Crab seasonal
Steamed Catfish In Black Bean Sauce seasonal
Pan Fried Flounder$7.25
Sliced Rock Cod In Black Bean Sauce$6.95
Sweet & Sour Sliced Rock Cod$6.95
Sliced Rock Cod w/ broccoli$6.95
Hot Braised Whole Rock Cod$12.95szechuan style
Braised Whole Rock Cod$12.95cantonese style
Beef $6.95
Baked Beef Steak, Hong Kong Style 
Steak Cubesw/ tender green 
Mongolian Beef 
Hunan Style Spicy Beef 
Beef w/ curry sauce 
Beef w/ ginger & scallion 
Beef w/ oyster sauce 
Beef w/ tomato 
Beef w/ sar char sauce 
Beef Stew In Curry Sauce 
Beef w/ broccoli 
Szechuan Chicken$6.25
Kung Pao Chicken$6.25
Chicken In Curry Sauce$6.25
Chicken In Black Bean Sauce$6.25
Chicken w/ two kinds of mushroom$6.25
Chickenw/ seasonal green$6.25
Almond Chicken$6.25
Sweet & Sour Chicken w/ pineapple$6.25
Chicken w/ lemon sauce$6.25
Hot & Sour Chicken$6.25
Crispy Fried Chicken$6.95
Steamed Chicken w/ ginger & scallion sauce$6.95
Steamed Sliced Chicken w/ ham & green$9.50
Roast Duck$6.95
Peking Duck$22.00
Crispy Chicken stuffed w/ sweet rice$30.00
Cashew Nut Chicken$6.25
Peking Spareribs$6.25
Spicy Salt Baked Spareribs$6.25
Shredded Pork w/ szechuan garlic sauce$6.00
Sweet & Sour Pork$6.00
Twice Cooked Pork$6.00
Steamed Pork Hash w/ salt fish$6.25
Steamed Pork Hash w/ salt egg$6.25
Steamed Stuffed Bean Curd$6.25
Deep Fried Stuffed Bean Curd$6.25
Spicy Bean Curd w/ minced pork$6.00(mar-pao to-fu)
Sizzling Platters & Clay Pot
Szechuan Style Spicy Beef On Hot Iron Platter$7.25
Mixed Vegetables w/ black bean sauce$5.95on hot iron platter
Combination Seafood On Hot Iron Platters$7.75
Oysters w/ ginger & onion$7.50on hot iron platters
Seafood Combination w/ tofu in clay pot$7.50
Beef Stew In Clay Pot$6.75
Chicken w/ salt fish & tofu in clay pot$6.50
Taro & Stewed Pork In Clay Pot$6.50
Roast Pork w/ oysters in clay pot$7.50
Sizzling Chicken In Clay Pot$6.75
Braised Tofu w/ chinese mushroom$5.75
Mixed Vegetable Deluxe$5.75
Szechuan Vegetables & Tofu$5.75
Green w/ two kinds of mushroom$5.95
Snow Peas Water Chestnut & Chinese Mushroom$5.95
Chinese Broccoli w/ oyster sauce$5.75
Sauteed Spinach w/ garlic sauce$5.75
Dry Pan Fried String Bean w/ minced pork in hot sauce$5.75
Eggplant w/ minced pork in szechuan garlic sauce$5.75
Option Of Main Dish$10.95egg rolls, hot sour soup chicken fried rice or chow mein. 1. sweet & sour pork, 2. peking style spareribs, 3. cashewnut chicken, 4. kung pao chicken, 5. almond chicken, 6. beef broccoli, 7. curry bee
Option Of Main Dish$11.95chicken, salad, chinese style, hot & sour soup, combination fried rice or chow mein. 1. mushu pork, 2. twice cooked pork, 3. mar-pau tofu, 4. szechuan beef, 5. lemon chicken, 6. chicken w/ double mus
Option Of Main Dish$12.95deep fried prawns, sizzling rice soup w/ seafood combination fried rice or show mein. 1. peking style spareribs, 2. chicken broccoli, 3. szechuan chicken, 4. mongolian beef, 5. beef w/ oyster sauce,
Country Style Appetizers $3.95
Jelly Fish with special sauce 
Crispy Salt And Pepper Tofu 
Pan Fried Rice Noodle Rolls 
Rice Noodle Rolls with x.o. sauce 
Salt And Pepper Chicken Wings 
Spicy Chicken Wings 
Fried Quails (2) 
Crispy Deep Fried Milk Cakes 
Hong Kong - Western Style
Baked Pork Chop$5.50w/ onion over rice or spaghetti
Black Pepper Sauce Pork Chop Over Rice Or Spaghetti$5.50
Baked Pork Chop with curry and tomato sauce$5.50over rice or spaghetti
Baked Slice Rock Cod with corn sauce$5.75over rice or spaghetti
Portuguese Style Baked Chicken Over Rice Or Spaghetti$5.50
Baked Chicken with teriyaki sauce$5.50over rice or spaghetti
Black Pepper Beef Steak$15.75with spaghetti
Prawns In Tomato Sauce$5.95with spaghetti
Seafood Combo In Mushroom Sauce$5.95w/ spaghetti
Egg Foo Young
Prawns w/ scrambled egg$7.50
Shrimp Egg Foo Young$6.25
Chicken Egg Foo Yung$5.95
B.B.Q. Pork Egg Foo Yung$5.95
Vegetables Egg Foo Yung$5.95
Wonton, Boiled Noodle & Fun Soup
Wor Wonton Soup$6.25
Wonton Soup$3.75
B.B.Q. Pork Wonton Soup$4.75
Beef Or Chicken Wonton Soup$4.75
Prawns Wonton Soup$5.25
Roast Duck Wonton Soup$4.95
Beef Stew Wonton Soup$4.75
Shredded Pork & Snow Cabbage Rice Noodle Soup$4.75
Preserved Pickle w/ shredded pork rice noodle soup$4.75
Hung Tao Yee Foo Wonton$6.25
Shredded Duck Meat Yee Foo Wonton$6.25
Chow Mein & Chow Fun
Combination Chow Mein$5.75
Mongolian Beef Chow Mein$4.75
Tomato Beef Chow Mein$4.75
Szechuan Chicken Chow Mein$4.75
B.B.Q. Pork Chow Mein$4.75
Prawns Chow Mein$5.50
Beef Chow Fun$4.95
Black Bean Sauce Beef Chow Fun$4.95
Singapore Fried Rice Noodle$5.25
Sam See Fried Rice Noodle$5.25
Shredded Duck Meat Lo Mein$5.25
Mandarin Sauce Lo Mein$5.25
Oyster Sauce Lo Mein$5.25
Fried Rice
House Special Fried Rice$5.50
Young Chow Fried Rice$5.25
Shrimp Fried Rice$5.25
Beef Fried Rice$4.75
B.B.Q Pork Fried Rice$4.75
Chicken w/ salt fish fried rice$5.50
Yuan Yung Fried Rice$6.95
Amoy Fried Rice w/ seafood$6.95
Steamed Rice$0.85
Noodle & Fun Special
w/ fun soup$5.75
Beef Meatball & Fish Meatball w/ fun soup$5.75
Minced Beef with raw egg on rice noodle soup$4.95
House Special Wor Yee Foo Noodle Soup$6.25
Shredded Duck Meat & Snow Cabbage Fried Rice Noodle$5.50
Shredded Pork & Preserved Pickle On Pan Fried Rice Noodle$5.50
Superior Soy Sauce Chow Mein w/ beans sprout (skinny noodle)$5.25
Seafood with hot & sour sauce lo mein$6.25
Squids w/ preserved mustard green on chow fun$5.25
Shredded B.B.Q. Pork & Shrimp w/ curry chow fun$5.25
House Special w/ two kinds of noodle (mein & fun)$5.75
Sam See Fried Yee Foo Noodle$5.25
Shredded Chicken Fried Yee - Foo Noodle$5.50
Fresh Prawns In Shell with yee-foo noodle$5.75
Fresh Crab Or Lobster Crispy Pan Fried Noodle seasonal
Fresh Crab Or Lobster with yee-foo noodle seasonal.
Dried Scallops And Egg with fried rice$6.50
Fresh Shrimp Dumping Soup$4.95
Fresh Ground Pork Dumpling Soup$4.50
House Special Fried Rice with xo sauce$5.95

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