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Totopos De Frijol Con Chorizo$5.50corn chips with refried beans, chorizo and fresh
Duck Flautas$5.50fried rolled corn tortillas with shredded duck
Sopesitos$5.50round corn tortillas topped with beans, onion, cheese and lettuce
Empanadas$5.50filled with beef, chicken or cheese
Stuffed Avocado With Crab Meat$9.95one whole avocado stuffed with crab meat
Plato Mixto$11.50sopesitos, empanadas and duck flautas
Nachos$8.50served with jalapenos, fajitas, pico de gallo and cheese
Selmas salad$7.50mixed lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, nopalitos, pork rinds and cheese
Small Selma’s salad$4.50
Caesar salad$4.50
Caesar Salad With Chicken$8.50
Sopa De Tortilla$5.50tortilla strips and spicy chicken tomato broth
Caldo De Pollo$7.95 - $5.50chicken broth with shredded chicken, rice and vegetables
Cream Of Poblano Pepper$5.50
Queso Flameado$7.95melted cheese with choice of mushrooms or jalapenos. (choice of chorizo or shrimp add $1.00)
Chicharron De Queso$6.95thin and crispy cheese cooked on the griddle
Queso A La Plancha$5.95grilled panela cheese with jalapenos
Quesadillas choice of beef, chicken or cheese with corn or flour tortillas
Chile Con Queso$7.95 - $3.50
Ceviche$9.95 - $5.50snapper in lime juice, onions, tomato, cilantro, jalapeno and avocado
Camarones A La Diabla$14.956 shrimp in spicy chipotle adobo sauce served with rice and vegetables
Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo$14.956 shrimp cooked in butter and garlic served with rice and vegetables
Camarones Empanizados$14.956 Breaded shrimp served with chipotle mayonnaise, rice and vegetables
Alambre De Camaron$14.95two shrimp and vegetables skewers with three shrimp each, tomato mushroom and onion
Huachinango A La Veracruzana$16.95snapper filet with tomato, capers, pepper, and onion relish. served with rice and vegetables
Huachinango Al Mojo De Ajo$16.95snapper fillet cooked in olive oil and garlic served with rice and vegetables
Seafood Chile Relleno$16.95stuffed poblano peppers with shrimp and crab meat served with roasted red pepper sauce, rice and vegetables
Caldo De Camaron$14.95shrimp and vegetables in spicy shrimp broth
Enchiladas Verdes$9.95with tomatillo sauce, farmers cheese, cilantro, onions and choice of beef or chicken served with mexican rice
Enchiladas Rojas$9.95with guajillo pepper sauce, farmers cheese, sour cream and choice of beef or chicken served with mexican rice
Enchiladas De Queso$8.95red or green sauce with melted mozzarella cheese and rice
Enchiladas Suizas$10.95with tomatillo sauce, melted swiss cheese, sour cream and chicken
Enchiladas Poblanas$10.95with mole sauce, red onion, farmers cheese, sesame seeds, chicken and mexican rice
Meat And Poultry
Fajitas$10.95(choice of beef or chicken) served with rice, beans, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream
Comal De Fajitas$19.95choice of beef or chicken served with rice, beans, pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole
Milanesa$11.95breaded beef or chicken served with beans and home fries
Pork Loin In Adobo Sauce$11.95lean pork loin served with adobo, rice and beans
Pork Loin In Green Mole$11.95lean pork loin served with rice, beans, and green mole sauce
Carne Asada Con Nopales$14.95marinated beef steak with grilled cactus (nopalitos) and served with rice and beans
Papas Con Rajas$9.95roasted poblano pepper strips with potatoes, sour cream and cheese, served with vegetarian beans
Tortitas De Papa$9.95potato cakes served with farmer’s cheese, pico de gallo and vegetarian beans
Selmas Specialties
Varon’s Special$18.95carne asada topped with queso a la plancha. a great meal for those who follow the atkins diet
La Gringa$11.95marinated pork with grilled pineapple, onions and melted cheese
El Zarape$11.95asada steak with green bell pepper, onions and melted cheese
El Sombrero$11.95marinated pork, ham, green bell pepper, onion and melted cheese
Selmas$13.95asada steak marinated pork, pork loin, chorizo, jalapeños and melted cheese
El Comal De Selma$24.50a comal full of shrimp, chorizo, pastor, panela cheese, beef and chicken fajita
El Comal De Selma$48.50a comal full of shrimp, chorizo, pastor, panela cheese, beef and chicken fajita enough for 4 people
order of three with flour or corn tortillas “soft only”. one taco of any kind…$2.50
Al Pastor$6.95(marinated pork with pineapple, cilantro and onions)
Asada$6.95(asada steak with grilled cactus “nopalitos” and onions)
Pollo$6.95(chicken in tomato-guajillo sauce, lettuce and tomatoes)
Camaron$6.95(marinated shrimp with cilantro, jalapeno, pesto)
Pescado$6.95(breaded tilapia fish with chipotle mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato)
made with telera bread. all tortas come with home fries add cheese or avocado $1.50
Al Pastor$6.95(marinated pork with lettuce, tomato and onion served with refried beans)
Fish$6.95(breaded tilapia fish filet with chipotle mayonnaise, lettuce tomato and onions)
Milanesa$6.95(breaded beef or chicken, served with beans, lettuce, tomato and onions)
Lomo De Cerdo$6.95(pork loin in adobo sauce with beans and onions)
Cubana$6.95(ham, pork loin and cheese with lettuce, tomato and onions)
Side Orders
Guacamole$4.50 - $8.50
Refried Beans$1.50
Charro Beans$1.50 - $3.00
Tortillas$1.00(flour or corn, three per order)
Salsa$2.00 - $4.00(red or green sauce to go)
saturday and sunday served from 10 am to 2pm all egg dishes are served with refried beans, chilaquiles and tortillas
Huevos Rancheros$4.95two fried eggs with ranchero sauce on a corn tortilla
Huevos Al Albanil$4.95three scrambled eggs topped with green chilli tomatillo sauce
Tortilla Azteca$4.95egg and cactus omelet
Huevos Motulenos$5.50two fried eggs with black beans, onions, tomatoes, ham and jalapenos
Two Eggs Any Style$5.50two eggs cooked any way you like (add chorizo, ham, bacon, etc..)
Huevos Tonita$4.95two fried eggs topped with tomatillo sauce
Menudo$5.50 - $8.50beef tripe soup
Chilaquiles Con Pollo$6.50tortilla strips in red or green sauce topped with chicken, cheese, onion, and sour cream
Huaraches Con Huevo$6.50large oval corn tortilla topped with red or green sauce, cheese, onion, lettuce and two eggs
Flan$3.95(vanilla custard)
Chocoflan$3.95(a combination of flan and chocolate cake)
Tres Ieches$4.50
Coca Cola$1.95
Dr. Pepper$1.95
Diet Coke$1.95
Fanta$1.95(strawberry or orange)
Iced Tea$1.95
Hot Tea$1.95
Horchata, Tamarindo$2.00(one refill only)

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