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1. Croqueta China$1.50egg roll
1A. Pinchos (Pollo O Carne)$1.95chicken/steak on a stick
2. Mofongo$5.50smashed plantain
2. Mofongo$9.50with shrimp
2. Mofongo$8.50with beef
2. Mofongo$7.50with chicken
3. Ala De Pollo$4.60chicken wings
4. Platanos$5.50 - $2.95plantains
5. Papas Frito$4.75 - $2.50french fries
6. Camarones Empanizado$6.95 - $1.25breaded shrimp
7. Cocktail De Camarones$6.50shrimp cocktail
8. Costilla Ahumada$13.50 - $7.25b-b-q spare ribs
8A. Nuggets De Cangrejo$1.25crab nuggets
8B. Punta De Costillas$4.95ribs tips
9. Carne Ahumada$6.95boneless spare ribs
9A. Wonton Frito$4.95fried wonton
9B. Dumpling Frito$5.75fried or steamed dumplings
10. Sopa De Vegetable$4.95 - $2.75vegetable soup
11. Sopa De Pollo$5.95 - $3.25chicken soup
12. Sopa Huevo$4.50 - $2.50egg drop soup
13. Sopa Wonton$4.75 - $2.75wonton soup
14. Sopa Agria Y Picante$5.50 - $3.75hot & sour soup
15. Sopa China$6.50chinese soup
16. Sopa De Carne Ahumade Con Fideo$5.95roast pork noodle soup
17. Sopa Especial De La Casa$6.95house special soup
18. Ensalada Lechuga Tomate$2.95lettuce & tomato salad
19. Ensalada De Aguacate$3.50avocado salad
20. Ensalada Mixta$3.50mixed salad
21. Ensalada De Pollo$6.50chicken salad
22. Ensalada De Camarones$8.95shrimp salad
24. Ensalada De Langosta lobster salad
Arroz Frito
Fried Rice. Sm / Lg.
25. Arroz Frito$5.50 - $3.25plain fried rice
26. Arroz Frito Con Vegetable$6.50 - $3.75vegetable fried rice
27. Arroz Frito Con Pollo$8.50 - $4.75chicken fried rice
28. Arroz Frito Con Carne Ahumade$8.50 - $4.75roast pork fried rice
29. Arroz Frito Con Jamon$8.50 - $4.75ham fried rice
30. Arroz Frito Con Carne$9.50 - $5.95beef fried rice
31. Arroz Frito Con Camarones$9.50 - $5.95shrimp fried rice
32. Arroz Frito Con Especial$9.50 - $5.95special fried rice
33. Arroz Frito Con Langosta lobster fried rice
34. Arroz Frito A La Casa$9.50 - $5.95house special fried rice
34A. Arroz Frito De Young Chow$9.50 - $5.95young chow fried rice
Chow Mein
Sm / Lg.
35. Chow Mein De Vegetable$7.50 - $3.95vegetable chow mein
36. Chow Mein De Pollo$8.50 - $4.95chicken chow mein
37. Chow Mein De Carne Ahumade$8.50 - $4.95roast pork chow mein
38. Chow Mein De Carne$9.50 - $5.50beef chow mein
39. Chow Mein De Camarones$9.95 - $5.95shrimp chow mein
40. Chow Mein De Langosta lobster chow mein
41. Chow Mein De La Casa$9.95 - $5.95house special chow mein
Lo Mein
Sm / Lg.
42. Lo Mein De Vegetable$3.95 - $7.50vegetable lo mein
43. Lo Mein De Pollo$4.95 - $8.50chicken lo mein
44. Lo Mein De Carne Ahumade$4.95 - $8.50roast pork lo mein
45. Lo Mein De Carne$5.50 - $9.50beef lo mein
46. Lo Mein De Camarones$5.95 - $9.95shrimp lo mein
47. Lo Mein De Langosta lobster lo mein
48. Lo Mein De La Casa$5.95 - $9.95house special lo mein
Chop Suey
Sm / Lg.
49. Chop Suey De Vegetable$3.95 - $7.50vegetable chop suey
50. Chop Suey De Pollo$4.95 - $8.50chicken chop suey
51. Chop Suey De Carne Ahumade$4.95 - $8.50roast pork chop suey
52. Chop Suey De Carne$5.95 - $9.50beef chop suey
53. Chop Suey De Camarones$5.95 - $9.95shrimp chop suey
54. Chop Suey De Langosta lobster chop suey
55. Chop Suey De La Casa$5.95 - $9.95house special chop suey
Sm / Lg.
56. Broccoli Con Salsa Ostra$3.95 - $7.50broccoli with oyster sauce
57. Broccoli De Pollo$4.95 - $8.50chicken with broccoli
58. Broccoli De Carne Ahumade$4.95 - $9.50roast pork with broccoli
59. Broccoli De Carne$5.95 - $9.50beef with broccoli
60. Broccoli De Camarones$9.95 - $5.95shrimp with broccoli
61. Broccoli De Langosta lobster with broccoli
62. Broccoli De La Casa$9.95 - $5.95house special broccoli
Egg Foo Young
63. Egg Foo Young De Vegetable$6.50vegetable egg foo young
64. Egg Foo Young De Pollo$7.95chicken egg foo young
65. Egg Foo Young De Carne Ahumade$7.95roast pork egg foo young
66. Egg Foo Young De Jamon$7.95ham egg foo young
67. Egg Foo Young De Camarones$8.95shrimp egg foo young
68. Egg Foo Young De Langosta lobster egg foo young
69. Egg Foo Young De Casa$8.95house special egg foo young
Agria Dulce
Sweet & Sour. Sm / Lg.
70. Camarones Agria Dulce$9.95 - $5.95sweet & sour shrimp
71. Puerco Agria Dulce$8.95 - $5.50sweet & sour pork
72. Pollo Agria Dulce$8.95 - $5.50sweet & sour chicken
Platos Seleccionados
Choice Dishes. Sm / Lg.
73. Langosta A La Cantonesa lobster cantonese
74. Camarones A La Mariposa$8.95butterfly shrimp
75. Camarones En Salsa Langosta$5.95 - $9.95shrimp with lobster sauce
76. Camarones Con Vegetable China$5.95 - $9.95shrimp with chinese vegetable
77. Camarones Con Frijolitos$5.95 - $9.95shrimp with bean sprouts
78. Carne De Res Con Pimiento$5.95 - $9.50green pepper steak
79. Carne De Res Con Salsa Ostra$5.95 - $9.50beef with oyster sauce
80. Carne De Res Con Tomate$5.95 - $9.50beef with tomato
81. Carne De Res Con Veg. China$5.95 - $9.50beef with chinese vegetable
82. Pollo O Carne De Res Con Salsa Negra$8.95 - $5.50chicken or beef with black bean sauce
83. Carne Ahumada Con Salsa Negra$5.50 - $8.95roasted pork with chinese veg
84. Pollo En Salsa Curry$5.50 - $8.95curry chicken
Comidas Criolla
Spanish Dishes. Served With French Fries Or Fried Plantains Or White Rice.
85. Chicharrones De Pollo Sin Huevo$7.35boneless chicken crackling
86. Pollo Empanizado$6.95chicken strips
87. Pollo Frito$5.95fried half chicken
88. Pollo Guisado$6.50chicken stewed
88A. Filete De Pollo$7.50filet chicken
88B. Filete De Pollo Asado$8.50broiled filet chicken
Carne De Res
89. Bistec De Palomilla$8.95beef steak
91. Bistec Con Huevos$9.95steak with two eggs
92. Bistec A La Mariposa$9.95butterfly steak
93. Bistec Con-Champinion$9.95steak with mushrooms
94. Bistec A La Casa$9.95house special steak
95. Bistec De Higado$7.50liver steak
96. Bistec Salteado$8.50spanish pepper steak
97. Bistec De Sirloin$17.50t-bone steak
98. Mondongo Guisado$7.50tripe stewed
99. Ropa Vieja$8.50shredded beef
100. Higado A La Italiana$7.50sauteed liver with pepper & onion
Carne De Cerdo
102. Chuletas Frita$8.95fried pork chops
103. Chuletas Frita Especial A La Casa$9.95house special pork chops
104. Masita Frita$8.95fried pork meat
105. Bistec De Jamon$7.95ham steak
106. Camarones Empanizado$7.95breaded shrimps
107. Camarones Enchilada$9.95shrimp in devil sauce
108. Camarones Guisado$9.95stewed shrimp
109. Camarones Asado$9.95broiled shrimp with garlic sauce
110. Camarones Al Ajillo$9.95shrimp with onion garlic sauce
111. Langosta Enchilada lobster in devil sauce
112. Langosta Guisada stewed lobster
113. Langosta Asada broiled lobster tail with butter s.
116. Pescado Friot$7.95fried king fish
117. Pescado En Salsa$8.95fried king fish with pepper & onion s.
117A. Salmon Asado$11.50broiled salmon
118. Filete De Pescado Asado$11.50broiled sole filet fish
119. Bacalao Guisado$7.50stewed codfish
Arroz Amarillo
Spanish Yellow Rice.
120. Paella A La Valenciana paella (spanish rice)
121. Arroz Amarillo Con Chorizo$6.75yellow rice with sausages
123. Arroz Amarillo Con Pollo Especial$6.75special yellow rice with chicken
124. Arroz Amarillo Con Camarones$9.95yellow rice with shrimps
125. Arroz Amarillo Con Langosta yellow rice with lobster
126. Arroz Con Calamares$7.50squid with rice
127. Asopao De Pollo$6.50chicken gumbo
128. Asopao De Carne$7.50beef gumbo
129. Asopao De Camarones$9.95shrimp gumbo
130. Asopao De Langosta lobster gumbo
S1. General Tso's Chicken$9.50*
S2. Sesame Chicken$9.50
S3. Kung Pao Chicken$8.95*
S4. Chicken With Garlic Sauce$8.95*
S5. Chicken With Orange Flavor$8.95*
Seafood $9.95
S6. Sesame Shrimp 
S7. Shrimp With Spicy Garlic Sauce *
S8. Kung Pao Shrimp *
Beef & Pork
S9. Shredded Beef With Garlic Sauce$8.95*
S10. Beef With Orange Flavor$8.95*
S11. Beef With Bean Curd With Garlic Sauce$8.95*
S12. Shredded Pork With Garlic Sauce$8.95
S13. Roast Pork With Bean Curd$7.95
Vegetable $6.95
S14. Mixed Vegetables With Bean Curd 
S15. Broccoli With Garlic Sauce *
S16. Mixed Vegetables With Garlic Sauce *
With cheese $0.50 extra
1. Steak Sandwich$4.95
2. Pork Chop$4.95
3. Filet Chicken$4.50
4. Ham & Cheese$4.50
5. Ham & Eggs$4.50
6. Bacon & Cheese$4.50
7. Bacon & Eggs$4.50
8. Roast Pork$4.50
Lunch Specials $6.25
Monday-Friday: 12 Noon to 3pm. Choice of Pork Fried Rice or White Rice.
L 1. Pepper Steak 
L 2. Shrimp In Devil Sauce 
L 3. Shrimp Chow Mein 
L 4. Chicken Chow Mein 
L 5. Chicken With Broccoli 
L 6. Beef With Broccoli 
L 7. Shrimp With Broccoli 
L 8. Shrimp With Lobster Sauce 
L 9. Shrimp With Chinese Vegetables 
L10. Beef With Chinese Vegetables 
L 11. Sweet & Sour Pork or Chicken 
L13. Shrimp With Spicy Garlic Sauce *
L14. Chicken With Spicy Garlic Sauce *
L15. Beef With Spicy Garlic Sauce *
L16. Roast Pork Lo Mein 
L17. Curry Chicken or Beef *
L18. General Tso's Chicken *
Combination Specials - I $8.50
Served With A Choice Of Fried Rice Or White Rice & Sweet Plantains Or Egg Roll Or Salad.
C1. Chicken Or Pork Chow Mein 
C2. Shrimp Chow Mein 
C3. Green Pepper Steak 
C4. Shrimp With Lobster Sauce 
C5. Bar-B-Q Spareribs 
C6. Chicken Or Pork With Chinese Veg 
C7. Sweet & Sour Chicken Or Pork 
C8. Beef Or Chicken With Broccoli 
Combination Specials - II
Served With A Choice Of Fried Rice Or Yellow Rice Or White Rice & Salad. * Hot & Spicy
C 9. Fried Boneless Chicken$8.25
C10. Breaded Shrimp$8.50
C11. Beef Steak$9.95
C12. Fried Pork Chops$9.95
C13. Shrimp With Devil Sauce$8.50
C14. Fried Chicken$6.95
C15. General Tso's Chicken$8.95*
C16. Fried King Fish$8.95
C17. Fried Filet Chicken$8.25

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