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Ensalada Grande$12.00cumin-cheese crisp, green cardamon- balsamic, chilean olive oil, bolivian rose salt and crispy capers
Calabaza Y Pipian$9.00roasted acorn squash with whole grains and a pumpkin seed vinaigrette
Paletitas De Pollo$7.00frenched chicken wings, blue cheese- creamed potatoes
Hongos Y Huancaina$12.00exoctic mushrooms,cheese crusted country bread, toasted sesame and a aji amarillo sauce
Sopa De Calabaza$11.00butternut squash soup, spanish paprika and red onion
Ostras Juventino$15.00corn meal crusted oysters, lobster sauce, wilted greens and petit trout caviar
Sopa De Lentejas$11.00beluga lentil, aguasca herb and toast
Lengua Y Papas$9.00grass-fed beef tongue with a potato hash and chile ancho mole
Ajiaco De Pollo$12.00braised chicken and early autumn vegetables in a rich chicken broth
Pan Con Chorizo$8.00biscuit, adobo bechamel, ground berkshire pork shoulder
Ropa Vieja Sincronizada$13.00braised beef, sage-juniper pesto and smoked chipotle crema
Ensalada De Remolacha$11.00roasted beets, field greens, sesame-candied walnuts, country bread and a citrus dressing
Lechon Y Papas$27.00roasted milk-fed suckling pig with maple glazed potatoes, walnuts and a roasted garlic broth
Ciervo - Aguacate Y Setas$26.00venison loin with an avocado-pickled carrot salad and a mushroom sauce
Pollo Rostisado Con Papa Dulce Y Kaniwa$20.00roasted chicken with sous vide breast, sweet potato gratin, pickled carrots and white truffle honey
Pato Y Moros Y Cristianos$22.00roasted duck breast with black beans and rice and mojo de ajo
Bistek Encebollado Y Huitlacoche$28.00bison rib eye, cipollini onions, tortillas, corn truffle vinaigrette and a spicy tomato broth
Lomo De Cordero Con Huacatay$24.00loin of lamb, early autumn vegetable ‘risotto’, farmstead cheese and peruvian black mint sauce
Pescado Entomatado$19.00roasted northeast-coast fish with a chipotle-tomatillo stew and rice
Panza De Puerco$21.00braised pork belly with sweet yellow corn, corn tamal and salsa verde
Breakfasty Stuff
French Toast$13.00spiced creme anglaise, vanilla whipped cream and berries
House Granola$7.00yogurt, raw honey and fruit
Huevos Rancheros$12.00eggs over easy with mama’s real home-made tortillas, heirloom beans, 3 salsas
Egg & Soldiers$7.00with cheese crisp and half grapefruit
Cage-Free Truffled Eggs$11.00soft scrambled eggs with roasted potatoes
Chilaquiles$9.00crisped tortillas, guajillo mole, cotija cheese recommended: eggs on top
Buttermilk Pancakes$15.00maple syrup, fruit
Lengua Y Papas$14.00grass-fed beef tongue and potato hash with pumpkin seed mole and sunny-side up eggs
Egg Sandwich$8.00eggs over easy on sweet brioche, farmstead cheese and salad
Egg Sandwich$11.00add pork bacon
Egg Sandwich$11.50add chicken sausage
Steel Cut Oatmeal$9.50fruit, nuts, raisins and agave
French Omelette$11.00farmstead cheese, autumn herbs, toast, salad
Baked Eggs$13.00brioche, heirloom beans, tomato salsa, cheese
Steak & Eggs$19.00cage free eggs, peppery greens, grass-fed wagyu beef
Full English Breakfast$17.00baked beans, toast, sausage fried egg, mushrooms, ham and oven-roasted tomato
Tamales Y Mole Poblano$15.00with scrambled eggs and salad
The Mexican Egg Sandwich$16.00house-made berkshire chorizo, bean spread, avocado, queso and pickled jalapeños
Savory Tart$9.50daily filling served with arugala, olive-sesame salad with smoked chipotle and clabbered cream
Huarache thick corn tortilla layered with crushed beans, topped with arugala, goat cheese, oaxaca cheese, chipotle
Huarache$15.00with choice of: braised chicken, beef tongue, egg whites
Steak & Eggs$19.00cage free eggs, peppery greens, grass-fed wagyu beef
More Lunchy
Meatballs$14.006-hour tomato sauce, pork, veal and beef with sardo cheese
Chicken Sandwich$14.00braised chicken, pickled veggies, farmstead cheese, agave-beer mustard on a pretzel bun
Hamburger$15.00wagyu beef, salad, slow roasted potatoes on a parker roll
Turkey Burger$17.00toasted garam spices, gruyere cheese and potato chips
Lomo Entomatado$15.00pork tenderloin with tomatillo, chipolte, side of handmade tortillas
Scallops And Polenta$16.00pan-roasted diver scallops, farmstead cheese polenta with herbs and poached eggs
Pork Belly$15.00scalloped sweet potatoes, quinoa, truffle cream and yuzu marmalade
Seared Duck Breast$18.00maple-glazed potatoes, caramelized onions, walnuts and pickled carrot salad
Rustichella Spaghetti seasonal topping and really great cheese
Rustichella Spaghetti$9.00vegetarian
Rustichella Spaghetti$11.00meat option
Mac And Cheese$10.00sauce mornay, breadcrumbs, tomatoes, olive oil
Daily Soups And Salads 
French Press Coffee 
Hitachino Nest, Classic Ale$12.00japan
Duvel, Pale Ale$7.00belgium
Abita, SOS$13.00us
Würzburger Hofbrau, Pilsner$5.00germany
Green Flash, IPA$7.00us
Sunberry Point 
Cape Breton 
Rocky Shore 
Conway Royale 
Wallace Bay 
Cape Spear Salts 
Salutation Cove 
Coupes Des Anges 
Fire Lake 
Standish Shore duxbury bay
Marionport buzzards bay
Thatch Island barnstable
Katama Bay 
Turtle Cove 
Bee’s River 
Mayflower Point 
Rhode Island
East Beach Blonde 
Bristol Bay 
Wild Goose 
Ram Island 
Rome Point 
Salt Pond 
Little Island 
Taunton Bay 
Long Island
Connecticut Bluepoint 
Pine Island 
New Jersey
Cape Maysalts 
New York
Montauk Pearls 
Mid Atlantic
James River 
Chincoteague Salt 
Penn Cove 
Olympic Miyagi 
Mirada Bay 
Sister Point 
Deer Creek 
Quilcene Bay 
Dabob Bay 
Gold Creek 
Reach Island 
Pebble Beach 
Hammersley Inlet 
Fish Point 
Cranberry Creek 
Barron Point 
Totten Inlet Virginica 
British Columbia
Baynes Sound 
Fanny Bay 
Deep Bay 
Komo Gway 
Chef Creek 

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