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(1) $2.50 / (2) $4.50 / (3) $6.50.
Espuma De Mar * pineapple salsa with a touch of habanero pepper.
Robo De Dante ** roasted pumpkin seed salsa with serrano & bell peppers.
Pico De Gallo ** fresh diced tomatillo, chile morita, red onion, lime juice.
Castigo Azteca ** charred chile de arbol & peanut salsa.
Lagrimas De Lucifer (Habanero Tatemado) *** beets and roasted habanero peppers.
Escabeches * assorted pickled veggies & jalapeño peppers.
(1) $8 / (2) $11 / (3) $13. Add Fresh Veggie Chips $3.
Tradicional ripe avocados, diced onion, tomatoes, cilantro, serrano peppers, lime juice
Chicharron ripe avocados with crispy pork rinds, roasted habanero & pineapple, red onion, cilantro, lime juice
Seasonal fresh ripe avocados with chef’s selection of seasonal ingredients
Kokopelli Salad$8.00grilled beets, candied nuts, gorgonzola cheese, tossed in an agave balsamic vinaigrette
Seasonal Salad$7.00mixed greens, quinoa, butternut squash tossed in a manchego dressing
(1) $11 / (2) $15 / (3) $18.
Black Harder catch of the day, calamari ink, lemon juice, avocado, pickled onion, espuma de mar & castigo azteca salsas
Sun-Lime Ceviche shrimp, roasted corn, red onion, jicama, tomatoes, mint, black sesame seeds, toasted in a passion fruit-citrus juice
Pulpo fresh octopus, red onion, tomatoes, roasted habanero peppers, avocado, lemon meyer juice
Mini Tortas $9
(Order Of 2).
Milanesa breaded chicken breast, chipotle mayo, roasted bell peppers, crispy bacon, robo de dante salsa
Pibil adobo marinated grilled swordfish, monterrey cheese, baby spinach, pickled onions, sour cream, espuma de mar salsa
Chicano (v). portobello mushrooms, chipotle-mayo, pickled onions, avocado, baby spinach, radishes
Tacos $12
(Orders Of 3). All Tacos Served With Monterrey Jack Cheese
Pibil marinated swordfish, stewed with fresh vegetables, pickled onions, espuma de mar salsa
Poblano marinated swordfish, poblano cream, charred corn, robo de dante salsa
Gringo En Vacaciones sautéed, adobo marinated shrimp, grilled pineapple, pickled onions, castigo azteca salsa
Rasta chimichurri marinated shrimp, bell pepper tapenade, topped with pickled onions, robo de dante salsa
Kraken grilled octopus marinated in a mexican pesto, pickled onions, castigo azteca salsa
Chicano achiote marinated grilled octopus, avocado-cactus leaf salad
Italiano Con Machete (v). grilled portobello mushroom marinated in a mexican pesto, pickled onions, castigo azteca salsa
Funky (v). grilled portobello mushroom, baby spinach, goat cheese sauce, pickled onions, robo de dante salsa
Baja beer battered mahi-mahi glazed in a tamarind-pineapple sauce, chipotle coleslaw, chunky tomatillo salsa
Steak A Las Brasas grilled rib eye marinated in cilantro chimichurri, refried pinto beans, guacamole, cactus leaf salad, salsa verde
Chicken Mixteco grilled chicken marinated in adobo, baby spinach, poblano rajas, goat cheese sauce
Jicama Shrimp fresh sliced jicama shell, guajillo marinated shrimp, chunky tomatillo salsa, grilled pineapple, queso fresco
Quesadillas$9.00fresh hand-tossed corn masa filled with manchego cheese, epazote, sour cream, castigo azteca, queso fresco, chipotle slaw, salsa verde
Sopes$8.00fresh hand made guajillo sopes, refried black beans, sour cream, queso fresco, diced onions. funky (portobello) a vegetarian delight, steak, chicken mixteco.
Tostadas$6.00crispy corn tortilla served with avocado. kraken, poblano, mixteco, ceviche.
Cebollitas$3.00grilled spring onions seasoned with salt, pepper, lime juice
Sides$3.00mexican rice, beans (frijoles de la olla).
Postres $5
Flan Tradicional 
Sweet Chimichanga filled with seasonal baked fruit
Pan Dulce assorted mexican pastries
Chocolate Abuelita mexican style hot chocolate
* Spicy, ** Hot & Spicy, *** Very Hot & Spicy, (V). Vegetarian.
Café De Olla traditional cinnamon spiced coffee

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