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Tinga de Pollo$9.00chile - braised chicken tostada, black bean refritos, cotija, cilantro cream
Jamon$10.00serrano ham, manchego cheese, grilled asparagus, swan creed farms fried egg, sherry vinaigrette
Ensalada$7.00mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, marcona almonds, roasted garlic and cilantro vinaigrette
Empanada$8.00wild mushroom, goat cheese and walnut empanada, frisee, balsamic reduction
Tacos$10.00tuna, papaya, rosemary and Dijon salsa, flour tortillas
Arepa$10.00spiced fried shrimp, Colombian com cake, beberete salsa
Conejo$11.00braised rabbit, Spanish chorizo and saffron risotto, manchego
Costillas$10.00grilled beef short ribs and green onions, cilantro 'pesto'
Remolacha$8.00salad of beets, watercress, 'drunken' goat cheese, winter truffle vinaigrette
Ceviche Del Dia$11.00
Sopade Machos$28.00Honduran seafood stew with fish, shrimp, mussels and scallops
Pescado$24.00pan - roasted tilapia, sweet pea mashed potatoes, olive and caper ensalada, saffron nage
Raya$24.00sauteed skatewing with fingerlings, bacon, and mushrooms, piquillo butter
Churrasco Atun$28.00scared rare yellowfin tuna, chimichurri, yuca frites
Legumbre$19.00acorn and butternut squash, wild mushrooms, truffled squash risotto, pumpkin seed oil
Pato$25.00seared duck breast and leg confit, camote, braised brussels sprouts, fig - balsamic reduction
Lombo$24.00chile - cured pork tenderloin, white beans, truffle scented jus
Venado$28.00pan - roasted venison, argentine reggiano gratin, haricot verts, aji Amarillo - mustard
Came$29.00New York strip, cabrales butter, tobacco onions, chipotle mash

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