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Grill - Starters
Edamame$6.00soy beans steamed with a pink hawaiian sea salt
Add Zest To Your Edamame:$7.00Sautéed in a tasty blend of soy sauce, garlic and butter OR Sautéed in sweet thai sauce with a touch of sriracha.
Miso Soup$3.00hon-dashi style; tofu, scallions and shiitake mushrooms
Ginger Salad$3.00mixed greens with a toasted sesame dressing
Seaweed Salad$6.00green seaweed with sesame seeds
Crab/Avocado Salad$7.00Osaki crab tossed in our toasted sesame dressing, served with fresh avocado slices and spinkled with sesame seeds.
Beef Tataki$11.00Lightly seared beef tenderloin, sliced thin, hand-flattened and covered with homemade ponzu sauce and scallions.
Grill - Tapas Grill
Toasted Goat Cheese$8.00with wonton chips and a pinch of tomato bruschetta
Saki-mari$9.00calamari dipped in buttermilk, rolled in seasoned flour and crispy fried. served with a sweet asian sauce for dipping
Drunken Shrimp$12.00beer battered shrimp, fried and tossed in a captain morgan spiced curry sauce. one of our best selling plates
Lettuce Wraps$10.00Chicken stir fried with mixed vegetables and sesame seeds. Served with iceberg lettuce leaves and a side of our Asian dipping sauce.
West Coast Spring Rolls$11.00tender beef sautéed in a spicy asian sauce with mixed greens, diced tomatoes and cream cheese. rolled, flash fried and served with wasabi aioli and sweet thai chili sauce
Bangkok Crabcakes$14.00lump blue crab, pan seared and served with balsamic glaze and japanese mayo
Lobster Wontons$14.00wontons filled with lobster and boursin cheese. flash fried and served with thai chili sauce and wasabi aioli
Grill - Sumo Grill
Tumi Seared Tuna$22.00our pride and joy. fresh cut #1 tuna, spiced, pan seared and placed on a bed of seaweed and mixed greens. garnished with wasabi aioli and ponzu sauce
Tacos! (2)$10.00 - $11.00Your choice of protein placed on two soft taco shells with tomato bruschetta, avocado, mixed greens, tempura flakes and parmesan cheese. Served with ginger sauce and seafood sauce.
Kobe Burger$14.001/2 lb Kobe ground beef on grilled flatbread with lettuce and tomato. served with fresh lotus root chips dusted with togarashi spice
Stir-crazy Hibachi$16.00 - $20.00one of our best sellers. stir-fried rice with egg, zucchini, squash, mushrooms and green onions
Filet & Lobster$22.00A delicious, tender beef filet lightly seasoned, drizzled with a teriyaki glaze and served beside a petit lobster tail that is lightly brushed with butter. Served with a side of sautéed vegetables.
Asiago Chicasta$16.00Grilled chicken breast, asiago cream sauce and orecchiette pasta mixed with shiitake mushrooms, bell peppers and finished with a touch of parmesan cheese. So good you may forget we also have amazing
Sushi - Classics
soy paper may be substituted on any roll for an additional $1.00
Cali Roll$6.00osaki crab, avocado and cucumber
Philly Roll$7.00smoked salmon, cream cheese and green onion
Veggie Futomaki Roll$7.00mixed greens, red bell pepper, green onion, cucumber, avocado, and shiitake mushrooms
Shrimp Tempura Roll$7.00shrimp, cream cheese, green onion, spicy mayo and eel sauce
Salmon Crunch Roll$7.00salmon, tempura flakes, green onion, spicy mayo and togarashi spice
Spicy Tuna Roll$8.00fresh 1 tuna, green onion, togarashi spice and japanese mayo
Sushi - Nigiri / Sashimi
nigiri: 1 piece with rice, sashimi: 4 pieces no rice
Maguro (tuna)$3.50 - $12.00
Sake (salmon)$3.00 - $11.00
Butterfish (escolar)$3.00 - $11.00
Hamachi (yellowtail)$3.00 - $11.00
Tako (octopus)$3.00 - $11.00
Unagi (eel)$4.00 - $14.00
Ebi (shrimp)$2.00
Sashimi Sampler$20.00Chef's choice of assorted sashimi.
Sushi - Sakitumi Specialties
Shrimp & Grits Roll!$10.00Columbia's own Adluh grits blended with parmesan cheese and bacon, prepared just like sushi rice, and wrapped in fresh collard greens around fried shrimp. Garnished with Japanese Mayo. A true South C
Oishii Sampler$13.00seared tuna on crispy wonton chips, small pieces of butterfish sashimi in our spicy ponzu sauce and four pieces of our popular fire island roll. this is a great way to try three mouth-watering items
Dynamite Roll$10.00osaki crab, avocado and cucumber with crab salad topping, lightly dusted with togarashi spice and covered with tempura flakes
King Kong Roll$12.00Large roll with crab salad mix, diced jalapenos cucumber, green onion, tempura fried and drizzled with japanese mayo
Spicy Tuna Tar Tar$15.00fresh diced tuna with our own citrus tar tar mix. presented with wonton chips and wasabi aioli
Kazimoto Roll$10.00tuna and cream cheese, flash fried and drizzled with spicy ponzu sauce
Gamecock Roll$12.00Tempura fried chicken, cream cheese and red bell pepper wrapped in rice and garnished with red tobikko and black sesame seeds
Sunset Blvd Roll [soy paper]$13.00Crab, avocado, cucumber and temp flakes on the inside, wrapped in soy paper with alternating tuna and shrimp on top. Drizzled with a sweet Thai sauce.
Hellfire Roll$12.00white tuna, green onion, spicy mayo and sriracha. Rice outside with Togarashi spice and topped with a diced jalapeno/cherry pepper/mango mix.
Fire Island Soy Roll (soy Paper)$14.00tempura shrimp and avocado topped with diced tuna pieces mixed with sriracha, japanese mayo and tempura flakes
Maui Roll$14.00Mango, avocado, red bell pepper and cucumber, wrapped in soy paper and topped with pulled BBQ pork and a sweet and spicy red sauce.
The Naked Roll$13.00fresh tuna slices outside, with rice, crab, togarashi, cream cheese and green onion on the inside. garnished with tempura crumbs and ponzu sauce. no seaweed; hence the word "naked."
Rainbow Roll$16.00inside: crab, cucumber and green onion. outside: salmon, tuna, eel, shrimp, avocado
Philly Cheese Steak Roll$12.00Sauteed beef tenderloin, red bell pepper, shiitake mushrooms, boursin cheese and green onion, wrapped in sushi rice and soy paper.
Giant Spider Roll$14.00soft shell crab tempura battered and fried with cucumber, green onion, tobikko and japanese mayo
The Samurai Roll$16.00shrimp tempura, crab, avocado, green onion and sriracha, with fresh tuna slices and eel sauce on top
Dragon Roll$18.00shrimp, crab and bell peppers, topped with avocado, eel and sweet eel sauce. complete with a fried shrimp head and ebi shrimp tail
Rio Roll (soy paper)$16.00Lump crab, spicy tuna, green onions, cucumber, sriracha and jalapenos with alternating avocado/salmon on top, with wasabi aioli and eel sauce.
Mochi Ice Cream balls$5.00Ice cream wrapped in rice paper and served with cinnamon wonton chips. Comes in a variety of flavors.
Dessert Special Ask your server for additional dessert specials that can change weekly.
Ice Tea (sweet Or Unsweet)$1.95
Diet Coke$1.95
Ginger Ale$1.95
Fiji Bottled Water$2.50
VOSS Premium Sparkling Water$5.00
Red Bull Energy Drink / Red Bull Sugarfree$3.50
Sake - Cold Saké
Hot Gekkeikan Saké$7.00 - $16.00add a flavor: apple, blue-raspberry or pomegranate ($1.00 small, $2.00 large)
Takara Sierra Cold Saké$12.00light, clean taste made with sierra water
Zipang Sparkling Saké$14.00naturally carbonated, sweet, refreshing flavor
Gekkeikan Nigori$14.00unfiltered and milky in color and preserves richness of wine
Gekkeikan Black & Gold$32.00sweet and smooth, complements sushi well
Hannah Peach Saké$16.00Amazing flavor and sweetness with a clean saké finish.
Hannah Apple Saké$16.00Amazing flavor and sweetness with a clean saké finish.
Sakitumi's Creative Cocktails
Sakitumi's Pomegranate/Ginger Martini Absolut Pears Vodka, Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka, fresh muddled ginger, splash of pomegranate syrup, cranberry and served with a lemon twist.
Ecstasy Martini Absolut vanilla with Pama Pomegranate Vodka and a touch of peach schnapps with cranberry juice and a splash of pineapple. served in a chocolate rimmed martini glass
Pear/Jalapeno Margarita Avion Silver Tequila, fresh jalapenos, pear puree, fresh squeezed limes, splash of O3 Orange Liqueur and agave nectar, served with a salt rim.
Blueberry Mojito fresh mint, blueberries, lime and sugar with Van Gogh Acai Blueberry Vodka and a splash of soda. one of our best sellers
Basil Smash Absolut Hibiskus and elderflower liqueur with fresh muddled basil and lemon slices, finished with a splash of Sprite, soda and agave nectar.
Bourbon Blues American Honey Bourbon, fresh muddled blueberries, lime juice and organic agave nectar with a splash of apple juice and sprite.
Sin Fusion Titos Hand-Made Vodka with muddled cucumber and jalapenos, splash of apple juice and served on the rocks.
Cucumber Lime-Aid Effen Cucumber Vodka and elderflower liqueur with fresh cucumber and lime slices, splash of soda, Sprite and agave nectar.
The Edisto van gogh pineapple vodka, cointreau, muddled cucumber slices and fresh squeezed lemon juice make this as refreshing as the sc coastline
Raspberry LemonDrop Tini Absolut Raspberri, Absolut Citron, fresh lemon juice, splash of sour, simple syrup and grenadine, served in a sugar rimmed glass.
Sushi Classes - Couples (two People)
every class includes: edamame, miso soup and ginger salad. information on rice cooking techniques. how to prepare your ingredients. direct training with our executive chef. make, cut and plate at least 2 of your own rolls. information booklet that you may take with you
Option 1$65.00includes food & class
Option 2$75.00includes food, class and a large hot sake or one bottle of wine.
Sushi Classes - Groups Of 4
every class includes: edamame, miso soup and ginger salad. information on rice cooking techniques. how to prepare your ingredients. direct training with our executive chef. make, cut and plate at least 2 of your own rolls. information booklet that you may take with you
Option 1$60.00includes food & class)
Option 2$65.00includes food, class and one large hot sake or one bottle of wine

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