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Ti Plat
Soup Joumou$6.00pumpkin soup
Akra$7.00malanga fritters with watercress dipping sauce
Taso Kabrit$9.00goat tidbits with creole dipping sauce
Lanbi Pike Nan Ji Sitwon$10.00spicy marinated conch ceviche
Plat Fritay$8.00fried platter, akra, sweet potato and plantain with ti malice and watercress sauce
Salad Zaboka Ak Tomat$7.00avocado and tomato salad with onions, house dressing
Salad Tap Tap$6.00mango, watercress, carrots and mixed greens
Salad Aranso/Chiktay$8.00avocado filled with herring
Side Dishes
Diri Kole$3.00mixed rice and beans
Diri Blan Ak Sos Pwa$4.00white rice with beans sauce
Mayi Moulen (Ak Sos Pwa Ou Kole)$3.00corn meal mixed with beans or bean sauce side
Banann Peze$3.00fried plantains
Zepina Nan Sos Kokoye$4.00spinach in coconut sauce
Manyok Fri Ou Bouyi$3.00fried or boiled yucca
Mayi Boukanen$4.00grilled corn
Kalalou$3.00stewed okra
Kabrit Nan Sos$18.00stewed goat
Poul Di$13.00stewed chicken
Griyo$15.00fried pork chunks
Lanbi Kreyol conch creole
Kribish Kreyol O Kokoye$15.00shrimp in creole or coconut sauce
Kribish Kreyol O Kokoye$1.00add
Pwason Gwosel, Boukanen, O Fwi whole fish in lime sauce, grilled, or fried
Pwason Neg$18.00grouper in lime sauce or blackened
Spageti Kreyol$8.00mix vegetable in creole sauce
Spageti Kreyol$17.00with aranso (herring add)
Spageti Kreyol$18.00with kribish (shrimp add)
Legim$12.00 - $9.00stewed vegetables
Ke Bef Nan Sos Kreyol$15.00stewed oxtail
Specialties From Our Charcoal Grill
Served With Rice And Fried Plantains. All Entree Dishes.
Lanbi Boukanen grilled conch
Poul Boukanen$18.00grilled chicken
Kabrit Boukanen$22.00grilled goat

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