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Vietnamese Eggroll (4)$3.50
Pot Stickers (8) Steamed Or Fried$4.50
Egg Rolls (2)$2.50
Vegetable Egg Roll (2)$2.50
Fried Shrimp (6)$4.75
Crab Stick Roll With Cheese (2)$3.00
Fried Crab Gagoom (5)$3.00
Fried Wonton Meat (5)$3.00
Fried Chicken Wings$2.75
Fried Shrimp Ball (4 Balls)$3.25
Shrimp Toast (4)$3.50
Satee Chicken w/Peanut Sauce$3.25
B.B.Q. Pork$4.50
Fried Cantonese Chicken Strips (Nuggets)$4.50
Combination Fried$6.502 eggroll, 2 fried shrimp, 2 fried wonton 2 fried crab gagoom
Spring Rol with Vegetable or Chicken or Shrimp (2 Not Fried)$4.00
Vietnamese Bobia Roll with Jicama Chinese Sausages and Egg (2)$4.50
Fried Tofu$4.00
Fried Mix Vegetables$6.50 - $15.00
Wonton Soup$2.00 - $4.00
Egg Drop Soup$2.00 - $3.50
Vegetable Soup$2.00 - $3.50
Hot And Sour Soup$2.25 - $4.00
Crab Meat Soup$2.25 - $4.00
Chicken Noodle Soup$2.00 - $3.50
Chicken Rice Soup$2.00 - $3.50
Shrimp Yellow Noodle Soup$2.75 - $5.00
Shrimp Vegetable Soup$2.75 - $5.00
Chicken Vegetable Soup$2.75 - $5.00
Tofu Vegetable Soup$2.75 - $4.50
Sea Weed Soup with Chicken$3.00 - $5.00
Sea Weed Soup with Tofu$3.00 - $5.00
Chicken Corn Soup$5.00
Shrimp Sour Soup (Hot)$7.50
Wonton Noodle Soup with BBQ Pork$5.00
BBQ Pork Noodle Soup$4.50
Beef Basil Leaves Soup with Noodles$7.00
Fried Rice
Vegetable Fried Rice$3.00 - $9.50
Pork Fried Rice$3.00 - $10.00
Chicken Fried Rice$3.00 - $10.00
Beef Fried Rice$3.00 - $10.00
Ham Fried Rice$3.00 - $10.00
Shrimp Fried Rice$3.25 - $11.00
Combo Fried Rice$4.00 - $12.00Chicken, beef, pork and shrimp
Curry Fried Rice (Hot)$3.50 - $12.00W/chicken, beef, pork or shrimp
B.B.Q. Pork Fried Rice$3.50 - $10.00
Curry Combo Fried Rice (Hot)$4.00 - $13.50Chicken, beef, pork and shrimp
Crab Meat Fried Rice$4.00 - $12.00
Mushroom Fried Rice$3.00 - $10.00
Egg Fried Rice$2.50 - $9.00
Steamed Rice W/ Gravy$2.00 - $4.50
Steamed Rice$1.50 - $4.00
Big Shrimp Fried Rice$5.00 - $18.00
Seafood Fried Rice$11.00 - $22.00Squid, crab meat, shrimp and scallops
Steamed Rice with Fried Chicken Wings$4.50
Steamed Rice with Pan Fried Egg and Shrimp and Chicken$4.50
Kung Pao (Hot) With Rice
Kung Pao Chicken$5.00 - $16.00
Kung Pao Beef$5.00 - $16.00
Kung Pao Pork$5.00 - $16.00
Kung Pao Shrimp$6.00 - $18.00
Kung Pao Combo$6.50 - $18.00Chicken, beef, pork, and shrimp
Kung Pao Tofu$5.00 - $16.00
Kung Pao W/ Mix Vegetable$5.00 - $16.00
Kung Pao Crab Meat$6.00 - $18.00
Kung Pao B.B.Q. Pork$5.00 - $16.00
Kung Pao Scallops$12.00 - $24.00
Kung Pao Sea Food$12.00 - $24.00Squid, shrimp, crab meat and scallops
Kung Pao Squid$12.00 - $24.00
Sweet Basil Squid$8.00 - $16.00Stir fried squid with chili basil leaves and caarrots, bell peppers and onions
Curry (Hot) With Rice
Curry Beef$5.00 - $16.00
Curry Pork$5.00 - $16.00
Curry Chicken$5.00 - $16.00
Curry Shrimp$6.00 - $18.00
Curry Combo$6.50 - $18.00Chicken, beef, pork and shrimp
Curry Tofu$5.00 - $16.00Bean cake
Curry w/Mixed Vegetables$5.00 - $16.00
Curry Crab Meat$6.00 - $18.00
Curry Eggplant$5.00 - $16.00
Basil Chicken$5.00 - $16.00Stir fried chicken with basil leaves, bell pepper, mushrooms and carrots in a spicy sauce
Curry Scallops$12.00 - $24.00
Curry Sea Food$12.00 - $24.00
Curry Squid$12.00 - $24.00
Sweet And Sour
Sweet And Sour Pork$5.00 - $16.00
Sweet And Sour Chicken$5.00 - $16.00
Sweet And Sour Shrimp$6.00 - $18.00
Sweet And Sour Combo$7.00 - $20.00Chicken, pork and shrimp
Sweet & Sour Deef Fried Red Snapper Whole Fish 
Sweet and Sour Catfish$10.95
Sweet and Sour Squid$15.00
Chop Suey or Kow
Chicken Chop Suey$5.00 - $16.00
Beef Chop Suey$5.00 - $16.00
Shrimp Chop Suey$5.00 - $18.00
Pork Chop Suey$5.00 - $16.00
Combo Chop Suey$6.00 - $19.00Chicken, beef, and shrimp
Vegetable Chop Suey$5.00 - $15.00
BBQ Pork Chop Suey$5.00 - $16.00
Tofu Chop Suey$5.00 - $16.00
Crab Meat Chop Suey$5.00 - $17.00
Eggplant Chop Suey$5.00 - $16.00
Scallops Chop Suey$12.00 - $24.00
Seafood Chop Suey$12.00 - $24.00Shrimp, squid, crab meat and scallops
Squid Chop Suey$12.00 - $24.00
Egg Foo Young
With rice
Ham Egg Foo Young$4.75 - $8.00
Pork Egg Foo Young$4.75 - $8.00
Chicken Egg Foo Young$4.75 - $8.00
Beef Egg Foo Young$4.75 - $8.00
Shrimp Egg Foo Young$5.00 - $8.50
Combo Egg Foo Young$5.00 - $9.00Chicken, beef, and shrimp
Crab Meat Egg Foo Young$5.00 - $9.00
Vegetable Egg Foo Young$4.75 - $8.00
BBQ Pork Egg Foo Young$4.75 - $8.00
Eggplant Egg Foo Young$4.75 - $8.00
Squid Egg Foo Young$12.00
Scallops Egg Foo Young$12.00
Seafood Egg Foo Young$12.00
Pad Thai
Thin rice noodle: egg, bean sprout, green onion, carrot with crushed peanuts
Chicken$7.50 - $15.00
Beef$7.50 - $15.00
Shrimp$8.00 - $16.00
Combo$8.50 - $17.00Chicken, shrimp and beef
Tofu$7.50 - $15.00
Vegetable$7.50 - $15.00
Vietnamese Special Dishes
Rice Vermicelli with Beef or Chicken$8.00
Catfish Simmered in Clay Pot$10.95
Pork and Shrimp Simmered Caramel in Clay Pot$14.95
Fried Catfish Served with Hot Fish Sauce$10.95
Hot and Spicy Sour Catfifh Soup$10.95
Hot and Spicy Sour Squid Soup$12.95
Hot and Spicy Sour Mussels Soup$14.95
Lotus Root Salad with Shrimp or Chicken$14.95
Squid Sala Served with Hot Fish Sauce$14.95
Fried Whole Shrimp with Salteen Sauce$15.00
Hong Sue or General Tao's
All meat is deep fried and mixed with vegetables
Hong Sue Pork$5.00 - $16.00
Hong Sue Chicken$5.00 - $16.00
Hong Sue Shrimp$6.00 - $18.00
Hong Sue Combo$7.50 - $20.00
Hong Sue Tofu$5.50 - $16.00
Hong Sue Catfish$10.95
Hong Sue Squid$15.00
Hong Sue Fried Red Snapper 
Szechwan with Rice
Szechwan Chicken$5.00 - $16.00
Szechwan Beef$5.00 - $16.00
Szechwan Pork$5.00 - $16.00
Szechwan Shrimp$6.00 - $18.00
Szechwan Mushroom$5.00 - $15.00
Szechwan Vegetable$5.00 - $15.00
Szechwan Combo$6.50 - $18.00Chicken, beef and shrimp
Szechwan Crab Meat$6.00 - $18.00
Szechwan Tofu$5.00 - $14.50
Szechwan Eggplant$5.00 - $16.00
Szechwan Squid$12.00 - $24.00
Szechwan Scallops$12.00 - $24.00
Szechwan Seafood$12.00 - $24.00
Chow Mein
Shrimp Chow Mein$7.25
Beef Chow Mein$7.00
Pork Chow Mein$7.00
Chicken Chow Mein$7.00
Vegetable Chow Mein$6.75
Combo Chow Mein$7.50
Seafood Chow Mein$12.00
Scallops Chow Mein$12.00
Crab Meat Chow Mein$7.25
Tofu Chow Mein$7.00
Mushroom Chow Mein$7.00
Shrimp and Scallop Chow Mein$15.00
Eggplant Chow Mein$7.00
Warmein or Lomein
Soft white noodle
Vegetable Warmein$7.00
Beef Warmein$7.00
Chicken Warmein$7.00
Shrimp Warmein$7.50
BBQ Warmein$7.00
Combo Warmein$7.75Chicken, beef and shrimp
Scallop Warmein$12.00
Crab Meat Warmein$7.75
Seafood Warmein$12.00
Pork Warmein$7.00
Eggplant Warmein$7.00
Singapore Noodles$7.00
Basil Leaves with Beef or Chicken Warmein$8.00
Mooshu Pork (4)$8.00
Mooshu Chicken (4)$8.00
Mooshu Beef (4)$8.00
Mooshu Shrimp (4)$8.95
Mooshu Vegetable (4)$7.00
Mooshu Ham (4)$8.00
Mooshu BBQ Pork (4)$8.00
Mooshu Combo (4)$9.95Chicken, beef, pork and shrimp
Mooshu Seafood$12.00Shrimp, squid, crabmeat and scallops
Tofu Bean Cake Country Style$8.00 - $16.00
Broccoli Tofu$8.00 - $16.00Bean cake
Broccoli with Oyster Sauce with Rice$8.00 - $16.00
Broccoli Peapod with Garlic Sauce$8.00 - $16.00
Eggplant in Garlic Sauce$8.00 - $16.00
Eggplant Stif Fried with Mixed Vegetables$8.00 - $16.00
Eggplant with Egg$8.00 - $16.00
Eggplant with Curry Sauce$8.00 - $16.00
Eggplant with Broccoli$8.00 - $16.00
Eggplant with Tofu$8.00 - $16.00
Eggplant with Oyster Sauce$8.00 - $16.00
Eggplant with Mushroom$8.00 - $16.00
Main Menu
Beef Pepper Steak, Eggroll, White Rice$5.50
Shrimp Fried Rice, Shrimp Egg Foo Young$6.00
Egg Roll, Beef Fried Rice and Fried Cantonese Chicken$5.50
Chicken Fried Rice$7.002 fried crab gagoon and curry chicken
Chicken Broccoli$7.002 fried crab gagoon and chicken fried rice
2 Wings, Chicken Fried Rice and 2 Egg Rolls$6.00
1 Eggroll, Shrimp Fried Rice and Shrimp Mixed Vegetables$7.75
2 Fried Shrimp, Shrimp Lobster Sauce and Shrimp Fried Rice$7.75
1 Crab Meat Roll, Vegetable Fried Rice and Vietnamese Special Beef Cooked$7.75
Beef Fried Rice, and Beef Pepper Steak$7.002 fried crab gagoon
Chicken Fried Rice and Kung Pao$7.002 fried crab gagoon
Chicken Fried Rice, and Garlic Chicken$7.002 fried crab gagoon
House Specials
Orange Chicken, Pork$5.50 - $19.00
Orange Shrimp$7.25 - $24.00
Sesame Chicken, Pork$5.50 - $19.00
Sesame Shrimp$7.25 - $24.00
Chicken, Beef or Pork with Lemongrass$5.50 - $18.00
Shrimp with Lemongrass$6.50 - $18.00
Shrimp Lobster Sauce$5.00 - $18.00
Chicken, Beef or Pork Lobster Sauce$5.00 - $16.00
Beef Pepper Steak$5.00 - $16.00Pork or chicken
Shrimp Pepper with Tomatoes$6.50 - $19.00
Mongolian Beef, Chicken or Pork$5.00 - $17.00
Mongolian Shrimp$6.50 - $19.00
Satee Beef (Hot)$5.00 - $17.00
Satee Shrimp (Hot)$6.50 - $19.00
Beef, Pork or Chicken Broccoli$5.00 - $19.00
Shrimp Broccoli$5.00 - $16.00
Chicken Cashew Nut$5.25 - $18.00Beef or pork
Shrimp Cashew Nut$6.00 - $20.00
Garlic Sauce with Chicken, Beef or Pork$5.00 - $17.00
Garlic Sauce with Shrimp$7.25 - $20.00
Beef, Pork or Chicken Peapods$5.00 - $17.00
Shrimp with Peapods$7.25 - $20.00
Vietnamese Beef Rice Dish$5.00 - $12.00
Twice Cooked Pork$5.00 - $18.00
Moo Goo Gai Pan with Chicken, Beef or Pork$5.00 - $17.00
Moo Goo Gai Pan with Shrimp$7.25 - $20.00
Vegetable Delight with Chicken, Beef or Pork$5.00 - $17.00
Vegetable Delight with Shrimp$7.25 - $20.00
Ginger with Chicken, Beef or Pork$5.00 - $17.00
Ginger with Shrimp$7.25 - $20.00
Hunan with Chicken, Beef or Pork$5.00 - $17.00
Hunan with Shrimp$7.25 - $20.00
Lunch Special
Choice of eggroll or 2 crab gagoon, with shrimp fried rice add $1.00
Sweet and Sour Chicken, Eggroll, White Rice$4.50
Shrimp, Beef or Chicken Fried Rice and Gagoon, Eggroll$4.50
Beef Pepper Steak, Eggroll, White Rice$4.50
Chicken, Beef or Shrimp Egg Foo Young Eggroll, White Rice$4.50
Shrimp Lobster Sauce, Eggroll, White Rice$4.50
Chicken Chop Suey, Eggroll, White Rice$4.50
Mongolian Beef, Eggroll, White Rice$4.50
Satee Beef, Eggroll, White Rice$4.50
Curry Chicken, Eggroll, White Rice$4.50
Chicken Broccoli, Eggroll, White Rice$4.50
Kung Pao Chicken, Eggroll, White Rice$4.50
Vietnamese Special Beef Cooked Rice Dish$4.50
Szechaun Chicken, Eggroll, White Rice$4.50
Vegetarian's Delight, Eggroll, White Rice$4.50
Pan Fried Egg with Shrimp or Chicken, White Rice$4.50
Dinner Specials
Dinner For Two$19.952 vegetable soup and 2 eggrolls, beef pepper steak, chicken broccoli and cookies
Dinner For Four$39.954 chicken noodle soup, 6 eggrolls, curry chicken, shrimp lobster sauce, beef broccoli, chicken fried rice, shrimp warmein and cookies, pop
Dinner For Six$55.956 chicken noodle soup, 6 eggrolls, curry chicken, shrimp lobster sauce, beef broccoli, chicken fried rice, shrimp warmein and cookies, pop
Dinner For Eight$65.958 chicken noodles soups and 8 eggrolls, szechuan chicken, scallops with broccoli, beef pepper steak, shrimp chop suey, sweet and sour fish re snapper, and cookies, pop
Soy Sauce or Sweet and Sour$0.10
Hot Sauce or Wing Sauce$0.50
Bottled Water$1.00
Can of Pop$0.75
Fortune Cookes (10)$1.00
Almond Cookies (6)$1.00

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