Olde Silver Tavern Kitchen Prices and Locations

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Steaks & Chicken From The Grill
subject to change due to market conditions.
Delmonico Steak$13.95
Rib Eye$10.95 - $16.95
London Broil$14.95
Porter House 24 Oz. T-Bone Steak$20.95
Bbq Baby Back Ribs$13.95
Sizzling Skirt Steak$15.95
Ostrich Steak$14.95low carbs & Fat
New York Strip Steak$18.95
Grilled Chicken Breast$11.95
Ost Pizza - Bar Pies - Thin Crust & Gourmet Pizza
Bar Pie$3.95each extra topping $1.25
Large Pie$6.95Each Extra Topping $1.75
Captain Silver$8.95
Deacon Mark & Lou$8.95
Vodha Pizza$8.95
Fresh Mozzarella Pizza$8.95
Burgers, Dogs & Fajitas
Pure Angus 10 Oz. Burger & Fries$6.45
Bacon Burger & Fries$7.45
The Big Dog & Fries$4.95
Tommy Hicks Tailgate Burger & Fries$7.45
Pizza Burger & Fries$7.45
California Burger & Fries$7.45
Fajitas Fantasticas$9.99 - $12.99
Junior Meals - Your Choice
Spaghetti & Meatballs 
Mozzarella Sticks W/ Fries 
Macaroni & Cheese 
Chicken Fingers & Fries 
Grilled Cheese & Fries 
Burger & Fries 
Hot Dog & Fries 

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