The Vanderbilt Prices and Locations

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Shishito Peppers$8.00Malt vinegar salt, old bay salt
Snug Harbor Salad$10.00Lettuce, herbs, house vinaigrette
Roasted Beets$11.00Hazelnut, seasonal fruit
Crab and Corn$12.00Sweet pepper
Duck Wings$13.00Sweet chili, goat cheese
Fried Green Tomato$9.00Ranch dressing
Boiled Peanuts$3.00
Carrot Salami$3.00
Beer Bread Radish & Butter$4.00
Cottage Fries$5.00
Chips & Roe$5.00
Smoked Chicken Liver$6.00
Cheese Plate$15.00
Brooklyn Bangers Sausages
Served on a potato bun with fries
Cheddar Bratwurst$12.00
Beef Brisket Dog$12.00
Sausage Flight$25.00Kielbasa, cheddar bratwurst, weisswurst, merguez, chips, chow-chow, pickle
Main Dishes
General Tso’s Eggplant$17.00Edamame. sesame. chili
Farro Risotto$18.00Mushroom, zucchini, shaved egg
Half Fried Chicken$24.00Baked garbonzo beans, braised greens
Grilled Pork Chop$21.00Spinach, sorrel, pancetta
Steamed Clams$19.00Potato, corn, kale seaweed
Hanger Steak$23.00Grilled broccoli rabe, turnip, marrow
Hamburger$15.00Cottage fries, pickle
Vegetable Burger$15.00Whole wheat pita, watercress, onion jam add cheese $2.00
Lobster Roll$20.00Potato chips, new england style roll

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